The biggest financial scam in the world

The biggest financial scam in the world

The Founding Fathers are venerated today as pious, prim and proper gentlemen.

The painting of George Washington called the APOTHEOSIS OF WASHINGTON sees good old George being elevated into heaven as a GOD…

But George Washington was no god – he was a SLAVE OWNER.

CHRIS EVERARD how the Founding Fathers are paraded as paragons of virtue. The mainstream media whitewash three important facts:

FACT 1: Most Founding Fathers kept slaves even though they supposedly campaigned against slavery – in fact BENJAMIN FRANKLIN was a major mover and shaker in the buying and selling of millions of enslaved men, women and, yes, even children and slave babies. George Washington’s home at MOUNT VERNON remained a SLAVE PLANTATION even after slavery had supposedly been abolished.

FACT 2: Many Founding Fathers were from European Hebrew families, steeped in the occult – such as kabbalah – and freemasonry. African saves aboard slave ships witnessed masonic and satanic and kabbalaistic rituals. Some slaves amalgamated the Sigils and Symbols from Kabbala, European witchcraft and Freemasonry with African shamanism – and today we call it VOODOO.FACT 3: The Founding Fathers were imposters who duped the public into thinking a REVOLUTION against the British crown had happened – When in actual fact, the British crown continued to tax – and still taxes Americans to this day.

  • Trillions of dollars of taxes are hidden deep in the Federal Reserve and IRS paperwork, labelling these hidden taxes as a so called ‘NATIONAL DEBT’.

The reason the deficit never goes away is so that secret taxes paid to the British Crown can continue every day. Most Senators and most congress people know something is very very wrong with the US economy and national deficit.

BUT WAIT – the Pentagon has officially announced that is has ‘lost’ 32 TRILLION DOLLARS – that’s 14 times the current national debt. In fact the Pentagon have lost more money than there exists officially in the whole of the US economy….

And down the street at the Federal Reserve, another staggering NINE TRILLION DOLLARS has gone missing!


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TAP – The JFK scene looks like a movie set with few people looking bored as if it was take 6.  Kennedys owned RKO Studios.



2 Responses to “The biggest financial scam in the world”

  1. Gordon says:


    0.4% of the worlds atmosphere is made up of CO2
    Of that 97% is caused by nature meaning humans are responsible for only 3% of the worlds CO2.
    Yet the Globalists are still saying man is responsible for global warming when the actual truth is we are heading towards a global cooling. You only have to go back in history to see they have been predicting rising sea levels since the 1960’s, that never happened! The polar ice caps should have already melted in their entirety by 2010, as we know, that never happened! These predictions are as reliable, trustworthy and scientific as all of Neil Fergusons pandemic prediction models. In other words, total garbage not worthy of the paper there printed on!
    The same emergency powers introduced to combat convid will soon be used against the public to combat climate change. They will do this because climate change has been categorised a “Global health emergency”

  2. Hey you says:

    $9 trillion? £32 trillion? I thought they were talking about $40 trillion and that’s on the low side. The real fraud is money.

    Did you know that money is imbued with black magic? The magician even put his mark on the US dollar bill. If you roll the note up, look at the eagle crest and darken certain areas, you ‘ll see him. Some claim he’s an ET but I see him as a Fu Manchu figure wearing a skull cap.