15 Responses to “Sick Bags at the Ready. courtesy of Mick.”

  1. ian says:

    Sarah Vine calls us stupid. A bit rich from a Fleet street Hack. Andrew Lloyd Webber, is either on board with the elite, or stupid, possibly both. They however are pulling out the stops to gaslight anyone awake enough to trust them as much as you’d trust a black mamba. They’re blaming the people from the END THE LOCKDOWNS marches, for the lockdowns, instead of accepting that it was the corrupt and stupid government and the presstitutes themselves.

    • ian says:

      Of course being married to Gove, what do you expect. She may as well be married to Edward Bernays.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Don’t bother reading the ridiculous and pathetically desperate story, go straight to the reader’s comments, where you’ll find the cold hard, undeniable reality of public opinion. If you were to use the comments as a yardstick you’d be forgiven for believing the whole planned-demic agenda is finished and heads are about to roll. NOBODY wants their highly dubious, toxic concoction, nor anything else related to this blatant, and demonstrably fake ‘deadly pandemic’ scam. Even those who believe it’s real.
    As Dr Vernon Coleman says at the end of every video: “Although you may not believe it, more and more people are waking up…”
    This pathetic attempt to gaslight the sheople definitely confirms that most of them are at the end of their tether with the constant stream of hysterically propagated lies, and a major revolt could be just over the horizon.
    It surprises me that the Daily Mail allowed many of those dissenting comments. When I opened the link I expected to see ‘comments are disablled’.

  3. Aldous says:

    I think such DM articles and comment threads are used by the ‘spooks’ to gauge public opinion and response to their incessant Covidhoax propaganda. it’s a win-win situation – or so they think – for TPTB to analyse the effect of the lies they are endlessly spewing and plan the next phase of their fiction factory exercise.
    If they moderate or delete most comments (some of which are undoubtedly deleted) then commenters would be onto the DM and other such-like msm rags and not bother to comment further.
    That awful Lloyd-Webber creature needs ‘planting’ by Father time/Mother Nature for comparing jab refuseniks to drink drivers. What a shocking comparison.
    When I was born, the MO was to slap the new-born’s ass to get it to cry and take its first breath in the outside world. It looks like the nurse or doctor slapped L-W’s face by mistake after mistaking his unbelievably ugly mush for his rear-end.
    No wonder Sarah Brightman didn’t just walk away from her marriage with him but apparently ran.

    • CharlieChap says:

      There was a similarly disgusting Telegraph article also very recently.
      I thought exactly the same Aldous.
      A ‘Spooks’ psychological exercise to gauge peoples response and to gauge the arguments with most traction in order to focus on distorting & lying about those in future.
      The hostility to the article is encouraging.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi CharlieChap.

        Nutjob Sarah BoVine manages to slip this into her vomitas writing – if it can be called writing:

        “I know that football is fundamentally a tribal sport, but the FA is wrong to allow the display of political flags during games.

        Two Leicester City players displayed a Palestinian flag after their club’s victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup Final last Saturday.

        This is a war we’re talking about here, and any expression of solidarity with either side will ramp up tensions. Keep such gestures off the field.”

        Now you just know that if that had been an Israeli flag, the BoVine cowbag and cowpat all round silly moo would have said bupkis about it.

  4. ian says:

    The hostility will need to create fear in journalists as they have created fear in us.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Ian. I know what you mean but have only recently started to fear the very real prospect of losing friends and family who refused to listen to common sense and took the jab. I used several analogies like (for example) telling them mRNA is not a vaccine as such and like losing one’s virginity or jumping out of a plane without a parachute, there was no going back – ever.
      It usually fell on deaf ears and I now have to deal with the ‘zombie jabbed stare’ and minds and bodies damaged beyond repair of previously healthy people.
      From day one of this historical scamdemic and mass murder, I have only felt anger like never before.
      The elites directing it really are righteous trash.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        If ‘the elites’ continue on their current trajectory, a major revolt will surely erupt where they’ll be lynched and hanged in the town’s squares. It’s surprising such a revolt hasn’t already erupted, but the sheep are starting to consider they might be following the wrong leaders and are waking up.
        So, let’s hope the elites bring in even tougher, more bizarre non-safety and non-health related diktats in an effort to subjugate and break us, while they think we’re all so powerless and totally defenceless.
        Individually, we are indeed totally defenceless sitting ducks. They would need to bear in mind though, that we VASTLY outnumber them and their entire armies of braindead, moronic police and military goons, and, we’re very close to breaking point. We’ve had ENOUGH.
        So yes, please bring it on – GO FOR IT Boris, and go for it Matt. Just keep pushing us ever closer to our collective breaking point. We just love being told we’re totally stupid and being told to wear dehumanizing shame muzzles in public, told what we’re allowed to do in the privacy of our homes and what we must inject into our own God-given bodies, and how we’re to live what you and your humanity loathing cohorts see as our hopeless and enslaved lives.
        Well, we might have other ideas, and because you never consult or communicate, nor even listen to any of us, you wouldn’t know what we’re planning in response to your utopian, green ‘new normal’.

  5. danceaway says:

    Aldous, I suspect we have no choice but to accept that they have free will, and perhaps it is their soul contract to leave this earthly plane in this way.

    I read a comment on another site recently which the writer was stating that when her sister and BIL sent her lots of info and begged her not to take the jab, she felt insulted and judged; she did not see it as coming out of love and concern, but instead as criticism.
    I was astonished that this would be a person’s response. She then went ahead and chose to have the jab. It certainly gave me pause for thought. How many feel this way when one tries to help? Do they feel we are questioning or doubting their judgement? If they are ignorant of the agenda behind all this, do they only view it as a personal matter, and that it is no business of ours to intervene and offer advice? I honestly don’t know.

    • ian says:

      Good point d’. I’ve also posted before of an experiment carried out on a troop of chimps. Long story short, no matter how real the alarm call from sub dominant troop members they tended to be ignored. Alarm calls from dominant members were acted upon immediately. Politicians on TV are the bominant chimps of the masses.

  6. Alan Vaughn says:

    “Do they feel we are questioning or doubting their judgement? If they are ignorant of the agenda behind all this, do they only view it as a personal matter, and that it is no business of ours to intervene and offer advice? I honestly don’t know.”

    They’re being told (assured) that taking the jab will save their lives, by numerous sources which they’ve been TV programmed to accept as reliable sources. By stark contrast, we are are a tiny outspoken minority, therefore why would they listen to any of our so-called ‘dangerous misinformation’, especially when the only reliable information source as far as they are concerned – their TVs, radios and the BBC especially, are constantly warning them not to take any of us seriously and to even consider reporting us (‘deluded, deranged misfits’) to the police?
    It’s hopeless danceaway.
    Best thing we can do is just shut-up and ‘live and let live’. Or as my sister says: ‘Let go, Let God’.

  7. ian says:

    Another thing to remember is, they have the monopoly on violence, and access to many options. If people started violent marches/demmos, they could up the anti in stages from rubber bullets water cannons and tear gas, to real bullets and hand grenades. They could FF attack the power grid, and when no phones were working, carry out mass arrests.

    Our only real option seems to be non compliance, which is pretty tame really.