Self-Spreading Vaccines Are No Myth…It’s Hard Science Johns Hopkins Confirmed Them – Covid Genocide Is Here
Jeff,Self spreading vaccines are no myth. Johns Hopkins University confirms it. See attached page down below. I have their original document.

You’ll get the vaccine whether you like it or not.

Self propagating vaccines were conceived by Australian Nobel Virologist Sir Macfarlane Burnet. You know about him. As you know, my interest arose when I bought his former house in 2013 and strange things happened. I looked into his life. I was so shocked, I proposed getting a priest in to do an exorcism the house. No joke.

Burnet with his protégé Sir Gustav Nossal, and the CSIRO, developed the Myxomatosis virus. First used in Australia on rabbit plagues. It was the world’s first self-propagating virus that recognized – self, and acted as a vaccine which caused immune suppression. AIDS for rabbits!

Australia is ground zero for the unfolding Covid genocide.



Burnet and William Gates were friends.

William Gates started the William Gates foundation, later renamed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Burnet’s protégé, Gustav Nossal went on to work for the foundation and WHO after Burnet died in 1985. He carried forth the Burnet-Gates Senior plan for genocide.

Gates, Sr. and Burnet conceived and financed the genocidal message on the Georgia Guide stones. Think about that.

The two were friends with the eugenists William Shockley who engaged a friend Dr Herman Kermet to undertake the works incognito. I trust you watched the doco, Dark Clouds over Elberton.

The US bio weapons lab at Fort Detrick commissioned Burnet who proposed unleashing an Influenza Carona Virus on China in 1947. The technology of the time couldn’t guarantee no virus blowback, so it was shelved. He was also working for the British equivalent. Burnet was seriously connected


In the late 1970s, the Australian government CSIRO developed CRISPR gene editing for Myrtleford, Victoria tobacco farmers. They originally called it Gene Shears. The science minister of the time, Barry Jones, stated the technology would change the world. It has. We’ve seen none of the full horrors yet of chimera humans and ethic DNA targets bioweapons which was Burnet’s dream.

The CRISPR biotech is being used for the Covid Myxoma self-spreading ‘vaccine’ bioweapon.

Melbourne, Australia is ground zero for Covid technology and the Gates family plan. It was also ground zero for curfews, lockdowns, freedom of movement denial and mask wearing. The techniques spread around the globe.

Both Burnet and Gates were eugenists connected to the London Eugenics society (rebranded the Gaulton institute to drop the term ‘eugenics’). Bill Gates has been marinated in this stuff from his childhood. He is executing the plans of his father and the maniacal Sir Macfarlane Burnet.

In 1967, Burnet wrote ‘Endurance of Life’ (1978). It received a critical reception for his eugenicist and sociobiological views. It provoked great controversy. Those views included, capital punishment to rid society of undesirables and mentally unfit, abortion for population selection and euthanasia for the unworthy. This particularly included killing the disabled and elderly when they were no longer productive. This is despite he, himself, being 79 when he wrote that book. Burnet’s other 13 books he wrote in retirement include almost word for word what we read on the Georgia Guidestones. He wrote the Guidestones tenets with lawyer pal William Gates, who was a close friend of David Rockefeller – see attached photo.


Do you get the picture, Jeff? We are watching a genocidal transgenerational plan unfolding. Bill Gates is executing it on behalf of dead men and others who shared their goals.

This is diabolical. Satanic. Civilization in facing a hugely clear and present danger.

– Vince


3 Responses to “Self-Spreading Vaccines Are No Myth…It’s Hard Science Johns Hopkins Confirmed Them – Covid Genocide Is Here”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Only thing is they won’t endanger their own loved ones. This could be a subtle distraction/confusion story to mask over the simpler facts – the main one of those being that the jab will kill its victims. So will nasal swabs. So will masks containing lung worms deliberately seeded. Medical interventions are like wars. They kill millions. Yet they make money, and exactly as with wars that’s the only reason they happen.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Another ‘theory’ regarding the push for vaccines and the negative publicity about ‘anti-vaxxers’ I’ve been hearing lately, is that it’s yet another psy-op: Where most of the reported deaths / vaccine injuries such as those found on the VAERS site, are not real. They’re mostly fake reports – ‘seeds’ they’ve planted for our benefit, possibly by 77th Brigade bots.
      They know we’ll use this as ‘reliable’ and indisputable evidence, owing to its ‘reliable source’, to present to what they call ‘vaccine hesitant’ people; but in fact hardly anyone is dying or suffering any adverse reactions, so we’ll effectively end up with egg on our faces. Looking like even bigger dangerous misinformation spreading conspiracy theorists than what most already see us as…
      I think it’s unlikely to be true, but on the other hand, wouldn’t be too quick to totally dismiss the theory, as it’s the kind of tactic the lying, humanity loathing cabal and their complicit treasonous governments and the establishment media they control; would typically engage in.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Well after reading that I don’t care what the mockers say anymore (most people, including those in our ranks who know what the covid and climate crisis hoax is all about). The Christians, i.e. my elder sister are right. There is no escape other than to repent now and follow Jesus whatever you perceive Him to be. There is nothing to lose by at least believing that.
    She’s been telling me that for years. She also insists that we’re now living in what the bible calls ‘the end times’, but owing to her strong faith she’s not in least bit worried. She says ‘let go and let Christ do what will be done’. Truth always triumphs over LIES she says, so just let them destroy themselves with their hatred, as all tyrants in past times did.
    God by any other name is NOT Jesus and is only a manifestation of Satan – the same evil god the freemasons worship and obey. She says Satan is the most accomplished and successful deceiver and has deceived most Christians into believing that he is dead. But he’s alive and well and is now the god they worship (without knowing it) and is in full control of the evil creatures, the likes of which this article exposes.
    The Bible even warns about that in detail. I.e. verses to the effect of ‘Beware of false gods and false prophets’ and their false prophecies.