Schools to be bullied into vaccinating children of 12+ in September. STOP!!! It’s illegal.

Quick recap: following the press reports that “leaked government documents” have suggested schools will be administering the Covid vaccine to all children 12+ in September, I have prepared a comprehensive letter detailing why this is a legal, medical, and ethical quagmire, and schools must not be involved in administering this programme.

The letter was passed over to two legal teams to review last week, who very kindly offered their services in order to make it as legally bulletproof as possible. One team has returned with their amendments, and I’m just waiting to hear from the other, and then it will be made widely available and start going out to schools.

Thanks to the generosity of a very kind individual, we will have access to a database of all UK headteacher email addresses, so can target them all all at once with an email blast, and another friend has found a database of all the main contact addresses for UK schools, so all schools will get a second mail at that address. Therefore, the arduous task I had imagined of hundreds of people trawling through local schools’ websites looking for emails will no longer be necessary! Thank you to all those far more technical than I for alerting me to this alternative…

Those of you who’d like to get directly involved are still very welcome to do so, by sending the letter to your local school’s board of governors, members of the PTA, or anyone else you think might benefit from reading it. Like all my letters, it will be made available on my website (, and anyone who wants to use it in full or as a template for their own letter, is very welcome to do so.

I will let you know as soon as the letter is ready. Thanks for all your very kind and generous support for offering to get involved ?


2 Responses to “Schools to be bullied into vaccinating children of 12+ in September. STOP!!! It’s illegal.”

  1. ian says:

    Keep your kids off school. This is surely enough to wake the sleepers.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Schools are not permitted to make medical interventions without advising the risks first and then asking the ‘patient’ or the parents for permission. Parents must stand firm and start speaking. Or they will be overridden by the propaganda. I have corresponded with my children’s schools helped by Robin Tilbrook’s legal advice (English Democrats) about medical interventions. It seems that there has been some progress although the schools just want to talk about ‘following guidelines’. They imagine that if the government is providing guidelines they must be operating within the law by following them. They are not. The government is neatly sidestepping legal liability and responsibility by shovelling it onto schools. The guidelines are contradictory in many cases, and should be challenged as early as possible as regards mask-wearing, and testing. This gets you started for when the vaccines are rolled out and the schools already know parents are alert to illegal practices, and hopefully they start to realise that they are responsible and they can’t just ‘follow orders’ (Nuremberg anybody?).