Proof Big Pharma Knew COVID Jab Would Worsen Pandemic

ER Editor: We remind readers that India was following a home-kit strategy with its citizens, containing ivermectin, zinc and an antibiotic back in 2020, called the Ziverdo kit. (See India Develops Ivermectin Home Treatment CV Kit for Less than $3 Per Person) Then, it would seem, the strategy was deliberately changed under Big Pharma pressure to mass vaccinate. With predictable results.

It is linked to at the bottom of the article below, but we recommend visiting this link for one-stop shopping to see the by-country graphs of COVID DEATHS (not cases) increasing following mass vaccination. It is clear that deaths have been ramped up with the vaccination campaigns everywhere:



This recent article from GreatGameIndia, titled Did Mass Vaccination Cause Second Mutant COVID-19 Wave In India? tells us of the curious patterning of the uptick in cases and deaths. Of note:

India saw nearly 750% increase in COVID-19 cases in less than a month. Was this spike logical? Did the state or the city of Mumbai do something different to invite this sudden surge? The next stop for this mutant was Delhi, the national capital. Is this new double mutant very particular and choosy on where it strikes? It does appear it is; otherwise, why should it jump from Mumbai to Delhi and then Bengaluru bypassing many other states and cities en route? Did the mass vaccination drive in these metro cities cause the second COVID-19 wave in India? Or is there something else?

Is this new double mutant very particular and choosy about where it strikes? It does appear it is; otherwise, why should it jump from Mumbai to Delhi and then Bengaluru bypassing many other states and cities en route?

Does this not suggest a pattern where the new mutant first strikes the nation’s financial capital, then the political capital and next the soft power capital?

The only thing different that these capitals of India did different was mass vaccination.

It is really fascinating to see how an entire nation is led to believe in a wave where a virus was capable to selectively hit the nation where it hurts the most.

Yes, there is a correlation between mass vaccination and the wave of infections and side-effects that are being observed. The sooner the Indian government acknowledge this fact the better will be our mitigating response.

However, the fact that such mutations were not observed in other countries which also carried out mass vaccination leads to another set of uncomfortable questions.

Were these mutations also engineered in a lab, as was the COVID virus? Were these mutated viruses let loose in selective Indian capital cities by foreign actors? Are there more viruses than one, contrary to what we are led to believe?

Anyway you see it, India is in the midst of an active Biological war; and the sooner we realize it, the better we can combat it.


Health officials in India’s most populated state, Uttar Pradesh, have been reminded of the value of ivermectin. See this recent article from TrialSiteUttar Pradesh Health Officials on Record: Ivermectin as Prophylactic Has Lowered COVID-19 Infection Rate & Death Rates.


Proof Big Pharma Knew COVID Jab Would Worsen Pandemic


Hard data proves BIG PHARMA knew COVID vaccines would worsen and prolong the Pandemic. PLEASE! Everyone, send this crucial Covid death evidence to every attorney, physician and scientist who is building a case for GENOCIDE!

See each national graph below showing how Covid vaccines are increasing mortality rates and reversing downward death trends.

What the many graphs below clearly indicate are two crucial data points about the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

First, that virtually every country in the world was trending downward — precipitously — as the world community of nations started to approach natural herd immunity for COVID-19 at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021.

Secondly, that as soon as the various Covid vaccines were rolled out worldwide, virtually every country saw a sharp spike in SAR-COV-2 cases, and especially in Covid deaths.

The red line in each graph below shows the trending toward herd immunity.  The blue line indicates the extraordinary Covid death spikes which occurred shortly after each nation rolled out their vaccine programs.

Such an obvious genocidal outcome could only have occurred by highly purposeful design; and with the close coordination of numerous national, corporate, NGO and other institutional co-conspirators.

Let’s take a close look at India since their vaccine-rekindled Covid crisis has recently captured the attention of the whole world.  Here’s the relevant graph tracking India’s downward trend followed by an explosion of Covid deaths.

This completely avoidable mushrooming of Covid deaths across India occurred because of two critical developments, which were replayed around the globe with uncanny precision.

#1 — The WHO, Big Pharma, CDC, NIH, FDA and other agencies of the US Government ran a massive disinfo campaign to discourage every country to immediately discontinue the use of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, Clarithromycin, Zinc and/or any other effective treatments and successful protocols being used for COVID-19 patients.

#2 — These same genocidal co-conspirators ramped up the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda throughout the entire world community of nations to get everyone on the same vaccine game plan (aka the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda).  Only in this way could the perps prevent any particular nation from showing off their vaccineless success story.

Now, here’s another graph that reflects this exact sequence of events in India.  New Delhi was trumpeting the tremendous success Indians were experiencing with their very inexpensive Ivermectin kits.  And then look what happened in March of 2021 after millions were vaccinated and Ivermectin was stopped.


N.B. What follows are the graphs correlating the Covid vaccine rollouts with Covid death increases nation by nation which occurred late 2020 and early 2021.

See more here to see all the charts:



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  1. ihunt says:

    Michael O’Bernicia – Court Case against Hancock, Witty, Ferguson, Vallance – Latest update.

    • Hey you says:

      I listened to that and it does sound hopeful that the magistrate is not one of the bought-and-paid-for cabal minions.

      I was particularly impressed by what the interviewer said at the end. He told his audience to put their intention out into the universe for a successful outcome (or words to that effect). This is what all of us should do. It does matter and it does make a difference to our shared reality.

  2. Hey you says:

    You can import that Ziverdo kit from India. The postage cost makes it a bit more than $3 but it’s well worth it. Mind you, I doubt it gives any protection from the crap shed by the vaxxed sheep which is going to be far more important, or the vaxxidents they will cause.