9 Responses to “Professor Dolores Cahill Warns The Globalists That Their Game is Up. Courtesy of Gordon.”

  1. Gordon says:

    I said it from the very beginning that the lockdowns were to discourage conversation and descent. What begs me is how they have got away with it for so long. Anyway, the people are awakening. Here’s a list of Freedom Marches over the weekend in the UK and abroad which were not reported on MSM. Note the maskless.

    Thousands Outside BBC Shout SHAME ON YOU!


    Thousands Outside the BBC time to stop the BS ! Defund the BBC

    United for Freedom March through CENTRAL LONDON MAY 15th 2021

    Manchester Freedom Protest 15th May 2021

    PROTEST! Paris Today 15/05/2021

    World Wide Walk for Freedom Netherlands 15-5-2021

    Sydney Australia freedom rally 15-5-2021

    Anti-Lockdown Protest Happening In Toronto Canada Today.

  2. ian says:

    I posted this this morning and have been thinking about it. What if the plan is the covid scamdemic, but the backup is the cyber attack. If mass awakening started and the PTB felt threatened. Crash fuel first. No fuel = no deliveries. Panic buying ensues, then crash the electricity grid, frozen food rots. No TV no radio or mobile networks, no way to contact the cops. No shops open, farmers would start losing stock, so would take cattle inside and sheep nearer home. 6 weeks? 8 weeks?, gangs breaking into houses stealing. People lying on the street dead from starvation. Think Holodomor, Bolshevik revolution. It’s a proven method. These bastards will be underground screwing kids, drinking Champagne, eating caviare.
    Failing all that, they could all move to one of the ghost cities in China, then start a war between Russia and the US. Perhaps Dolores Cahill is naive?

    • Gordon says:

      Make no mistake about it they will pull the grid which will shut everything down and blame it on a solar coronal mass just like the Carrington Event of 1859.
      Best advice, get prepared for it!

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      ‘Naïve’? She probably believes Trump and his ‘Q’ gang, working with another hero they’ve all invested their false hopes in: Dr Reiner Foolmich and his team of international lawyers will successfully and easily prosecute them all in the various UN member nations corrupt and biased courts; then send them all to Guantanamo for eternity, or, publicly execute them all.
      Or, as one or two alt-media sources have been suggesting lately: she (and several other well known ‘rebel’ doctors and scientists), are actually a ‘decoy’ or set-up, planted by the humanity loathing UN’s eugenicist cabal. Another deftly planned psy-op to lead us all up the garden path to something really sinister at the end.
      Based on what I know about this evil plot and those involved, I’m inclined not to dismiss either theory.

  3. ian says:

    I doubt they would have invested so much energy into blocking everything getting out if they were wanting it out Alan. I understand why you might think like that though. We are in a situation where we are second guessing everything. We don’t know what’s happening, just looking at the situation and trying to make sense of what’s happening. We can never be sure though of how complex the web of deceit really is. Whatever Alan, I don’t want the jag, and if not getting is a trick, it can’t really be much worse than being killed by the vaccine.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “I doubt they would have invested so much energy into blocking everything getting out if they were wanting it out Alan.”
      My thoughts exactly ian, but I also agree with the rest of what you said. They’re capable of every trick in the book and inventing even better new, sleight-of-hand ruses all the time, so God only knows what can be believed.
      Note also that I didn’t say these doctors / scientists are involved in some clever psy-op or ruse, this is just what I’ve been hearing & reading over the past few days, but kept an open mind about it, as I try to with everything else. I.e. the alt-media sources making those ridiculous accusations are probably more like what they accuse the doctors of! ALL of it designed to sow seeds of confusion and distrust everywhere in effort to divide us and set everyone against each other. We have to stay focussed on those we always trusted, so to me it means the doctors and those we’ve trusted from the beginning , i.e. Vernon Coleman, Delores, Computing Forever, James Corbett etc, and of course: Tapnewswire, are genuine.
      Anything else is most likely nothing more than a (feeble) attempt to throw a spanner into the works of our well oiled truth machinery.

      • ian says:

        I agree Alan, and to be honest, I think in a very similar way. After my previous comment, after more reflection, it could be even more complicated.

        They would expect some fightback and some Doctors speaking out, what better way than (a), limit their exposure, and (b) very likely “they”, will be involved in organising the reaction, ie going to court, which will end no-where, but beautifully stalls for time.
        I also, on thinking about it suspect, that though these Doctors, very medically competent though they are, might be very unsuspecting in the ways these arseholes roll. It will no doubt eventually come out, BUT, the perps still hold most of the cards. We’re gonna need luck and God on our side.

  4. Alan Vaughn says:

    “I also, on thinking about it suspect, that though these Doctors, very medically competent though they are, might be very unsuspecting in the ways these arseholes roll.

    Yep, in much the same way as their friends in the legal profession, fighting them in the corrupt and biased courts are unsuspecting in the ways they operate.
    ‘Know thy enemy’ and it’s quite clear to me that these people are rather naïve in that regard: The globalist cabal would have covered both of these quite obvious and fully anticipated scenarios, and planned for them, probably many years ago.

    Indeed our only hope is that God has reached the end of His tether and won’t allow anymore of the rampant unchallenged sin – the worst possible sin, but this time across the entire planet.
    The Bible says He has had enough of these false gods and their institutionalized hatred of humanity (which is the only life made in His image). We’re now living in the end times. Therefore, we should just sit back and see what happens.
    God will see that Klaus, Fraudci, Kill Gates et al, will all destroy themselves. There’s nothing more we can do. and trying (i.e. to wake up the sleepwalking, TV programmed sheep), only makes us more frustrated and angry and yet more powerless.
    My elder sister, a devout Christian, doesn’t care one way or the other. She thinks it’s a fraud but she just says, ‘Nothing we can do, so just let go and let God’.
    She used to infuriate me whenever she said things like that, but now I’m tending more and more to agree with her.