Preventive x-ray shows breast cancer symptoms in vaccinated women

In Utah, a group of doctors made a troubling discovery during breast cancer screening. In Covid-vaccinated women, inflammatory changes in the lymph nodes in the breasts came to light, which normally allow conclusions to be drawn about cancer. The precautionary policy has changed.

This discovery was made by doctors at Intermountain Healthcare’s Breast Cancer Center in Salt Lake City. In the course of preventive mammography examinations, it became apparent that noticeable inflammation had developed in the breasts of women who had recently been given one of the experimental Covid vaccines . Radiologists from the National Society for Breast Imaging also noticed this increase in swollen lymph nodes.


Possible sign of cancer

“When you are vaccinated, there is an inflammatory reaction in your arm,” explains Dr. Brett Parkinson, the hospital’s medical director, according to FOX13 . “Whenever we see this on a normal screening mammogram, we call these patients back because it could either mean metastatic breast cancer migrating to the lymph nodes, or lymphoma or leukemia, ” says Parkinson .

More side effects after the second vaccination dose

With Moderna’s vaccine , this side effect would occur in 11 percent after the first vaccination and 16 percent after the second injection . For the Pfizer vaccine serum, one would assume comparable numbers, Parkinson notes. A but such swelling of the lymph nodes could also be triggered by other vaccines or illnesses .

Breast cancer screening guidelines changed

In response, the clinic’s guidelines for this preventive medical check-up have been changed without further ado. Women are now advised to have the check-up BEFORE the first vaccination . “We don’t want these patients to get a false positive [result] in order to set off such an alarm,” is Parkinson’s reasoning. “We have procedures to confirm whether swollen lymph nodes are actually cancer, but we don’t want a patient to go through the inappropriate stress and fear of follow-up examinations when they don’t have to,” explains the medical professional , also making it clear that if Patients notice abnormal changes and should make an appointment for a mammography without hesitation .

Video interview with Dr. Brett Parkinson

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