Passing Through COVID Medical Martial Law Checkpoints in Canada [VIDEO]

ER Editor:  Noncompliance is the theme of this video discussion between Vancouver BC’s independent journalist Dan Dicks and James Corbett. “Health jurisdictions” is the new name for carving up national and provincial territory and installing ‘health’ checkpoints. Dicks found himself at one of these manned by the RCMP; he refused to answer their questions about his movements. He was pulled aside, sent to be questioned by the superior officer to whom he gave precisely the same answers – and was let on his way!

We know this region of the world very well indeed, and what is striking about the culture from afar is how incredibly affirming and polite Canadians are to each other (check the start of the James Corbett video to see this) while engaging in the most totalitarian and dysfunctional of situations. It is truly surreal.

BC has been carved up into 4 (or is it 5?) ‘health zones’ (see image); nobody is allowed to travel for simply recreational purposes – travel must be deemed necessary, as for work or similar (so they say). Travel outside the province (or between provinces) is no longer possible, which is driving people crazy. Yet people are unaware that they can just say no. Dicks shows that these regulations and restrictions on travel are, in fact, NON-FUNCTIONING IF WE WISH TO MAKE THEM SO.

Dicks will try this again, as an experiment. The first time, the police probably ran his licence plates through the computer system to know that, in fact, he was telling the truth and going home. But what if he was heading AWAY from his area of residence? What would happen then? He’ll be posting another video about this.

Watch Dan’s original full-length (6 min) video on Bitchute (below) – and check out his site,

Just say no, and keep living your lives


Passing Through COVID Medical Martial Law Checkpoints in Canada


Residents around the world, specifically in ‘free’ western countries, have recently been confronted with a raft of totalitarian restrictions and on travel, not only internationally, but also domestically. More bizarrely, many of these measures are being ramped-up just as the ‘novel’ coronavirus has all but disappeared from the epidemiological radar. All that remains now is the constant fearmongering about alleged new coronavirus ‘variants’ which governments are now using as a justification to keep draconian restrictions on freedoms in place, indefinitely. 

Host James Corbett from #SolutionsWatch speaks with independent media producer Dan Dicks exploring aspects of noncompliance when interfacing with new authoritarian police state measures being imposed under the guise of ‘public health.’ Watch:

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