Oh the Indian Government is NOT happy. You mean our Government and Media are spreading fake news?!

Do you know what we have a right to?!
Not that it made any sense that we had an Indian variant since anyone coming has to have a neg PCR test prior, quarantine for 10 days and two more tests on arrival so either those measures work and it was a lie or they don’t and they were lying about them working or maybe both are a lie.
Plus Pakistan which shares a border with India apparently has our Kent version in some sort of virus exchange program.
Anyway, good on India, so glad we made it there before travel stopped.
Government of India
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex, New Delhi – 110003
Website: www.meity.gov.in
No. 16(1) /2020–CLES – 3 21.05.2021
All Social media platforms:
This invites reference to the advisory dated 20.03.2020 and
07.05.2021 issued by the Ministry of Electronics & Information
Technology, Government of India regarding curbing of false news
/ misinformation concerning corona virus on social media
2. It has come to our knowledge that a statement is being
circulated online which implies that an ‘Indian variant’ of corona
virus is spreading across the countries. This is completely
FALSE. There is no such variant of Covid-19 scientifically cited as
such by the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO has not
associated the term “Indian Variant” with the B.1.617 variant of
the coronavirus in any of its reports.
3. This has already been clarified by the Ministry of Health and
Family Welfare on 12th May., 2021 through a press release
available at
4. Therefore, you are requested to remove all the content that
names, refers to, or implies ‘Indian variant’ of corona virus from
your platform immediately.
(Rakesh Maheshwari)
Group Coordinator (Cyber Laws and E-Security)
e-mail : gccyberlaw@meity.gov.in / cyberlaw@meity.gov.in
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