1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yeah as I always say, good luck with that one. Don’t hold your breath waiting for anything to change though.

    • Hey you says:

      While I sympathise with your sentiments, we should back those who are doing their best to protect our interests. I am praying for their success and I hope you will do so too. And I have asked God to intervene if necessary, to ensure that justice be done and seen to be done. While you might think this is merely blowing in the wind, I can assure you the black magic control system of this planet is being dismantled. This means the system of checks and balances which had been held in abeyance by the black magic grid, will be working as intended. Each fully ensouled human being is a fractal of God; is therefore divine. We are very powerful creators who have forgotten who we are and what we are capable of achieving. The collective human consciousness determines our reality and each of us has a vote on what happens in our shared reality. I am voting for justice. What will you vote for?

      Remember what Tanaath said:
      “It will be increasingly what you believe and feel, and what you strongly fear, will become real to you.
      My caution is that you be very, very careful what you invest your mental energy into.
      Try to avoid investing your mental energy into fear, doom saying and other negative outcomes, because there is a risk you could draw those into being.
      Instead, consciously focus your energies on maintaining the possibility of the highest possible outcome for all of us.
      Even if things look bad and presented to you as hopeless and awful.
      The cabal has a vested interest in shaping your perception to as negative outlook as possible.
      Because they already understand how this attraction works and hopes to capitalise on tricking you into attracting bad news……
      Maintain a positive outlook and consciously focus your energies into bringing in a good future.”

      • ian says:

        Whilst a positive attitude is good for your health, if it was so effective at achieving outcomes that you desire, then guns would be unnecessary. It would be nice if the case worked using the laws that don’t apply to these people, but I’m afraid I believe Alan has far more chance of being correct.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        But also be rest assured Hey you, that Alan would really LOVE to be incorrect this time.
        However, you only need to look back to recent similar attempts to have clear-cut cases of serious crimes dealt with by THEIR corrupt laws which they own and amend to suit themselves (i.e. move the goalposts), and their biased and treasonous judiciaries that are supposed to fairly adjudicate over people using those corrupt, so-called ‘laws’; i.e. Simon Dolan, or even Donald Trump and his futile attempt to charge the same ilk of despicable creatures with indisputable election tampering and fraud; you should realize the chances of me being wrong are very slim to nigh on impossible.

        Hence why I say good luck to them with this one. They’ll only succeed in making fools of themselves.
        They still don’t seem to ‘get it’: this is 2021, the era of the tyrannical and dystopian NWO. No law, no justice and no hope, at least not for us; and we only have ourselves to blame!
        The ONLY solution to ending this tyranny lies with US – the oppressed and subjugated masses, NOT the corrupt and openly biased judiciaries of various UN member nations.

        The ONLY solution is entirely in our hands and it relies on total non-compliance, disobedience, and a total disregard for ALL of the treasonous, lying government’s mandates and diktats; all restrictions on travel and movement within countries and most of all: a steadfast refusal to accept any of their communist style ‘immunity, health or vaccine passports’.
        No “normality” will ever be possible until en mass refusal to comply and individual rebellion against this tyranny, is the highest priority, central to our whole society.
        IOW: Everyone must STOP KOWTOWING! Grow a spine and REFUSE to OBEY the tiny minority who in reality cannot control us… Providing we REFUSE to OBEY them.

      • Hey you says:

        @ ian
        I understand the cynicism. We are coming up to a time when each and every prisoner will get to choose his destination. This place is closing down and the only question is where does each soul go. Choose wisely. I recommend the ascending timeline. How do we choose our destination? It is very simple. If you want to go to a place of beauty, love, joy, freedom and truth, you have to match that frequency. So live your life by those tenets.

        Take care what you choose for when the law of attraction comes back in full operation, those will be the energies you attract to yourself.

      • ian says:

        @Hey you says, No disrespect friend, we are on the same side, Tap’, Alan and some on here are into spiritual things, I tend not to be. I’m more of a George Carling “there’s an invisible man”etc type person. All the stuff you talk about are totally foreign to me. If I get a chance to fight then I will and take my chaces.

  2. NPP says:

    The People’s Union of Britain