Medical ‘Green Pass’ Required for Travelling Within Italy

ER Editor: Notice in the Huffington Post Italy piece below, the Italian Green Pass is applicable to travel WITHIN Italy, not simply to foreign countries. So this is a restriction on freedom of movement for Italians within their own country. Notice also that while this pass doesn’t require vaccination, it requires frequent medical accountability to the state which is all centrally recorded. Using a mild virus is convenient as it will come and go seasonally, and therefore so too will the requirement to be ‘validated’ regularly on health grounds. That massive database containing us all – a data-mining source for Big Tech – will begin to be built.

As independent journalist Cesare Sacchetti aptly notes:

For Italy’s role in helping globalism and China, via its powerful deep state network, we recommend this recent piece by Sacchetti titled Italy-China Axis is Key to Covid Terrorist Operation and Electoral Fraud Against Trump.

Italy helped out with the industrial scale election fraud against Trump; it led the charge in the Covid narrative, locking its people down and helping to panic everyone in Europe following hard upon China’s lead; it had already opened up its ports and infrastructure to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Now it’s imposing travel restrictions and centralized medical accountability on its own citizens all for a mild virus.

The meme above is intended to show that leaders of all political stripes have been helping out this agenda despite their historical rhetoric. Salvini has always been a traitor, so too for Beppe Grillo (top right pictures).

‘The EU Dream is None Other Than a Huge Concentration Camp’


Italian Green Pass and European Green Pass: how they work and when they will be activated

The first one will be active from mid-May. For the European one we have to wait until mid-June


The Green Pass also arrives in Italy.

The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that “the Italian government has introduced a national green pass that will be in force from the second half of May”. It will not be an ad hoc certificate but a document that will attest to having received both doses of anti-Covid vaccine or to having tested negative to a rapid or molecular swab carried out in the 48 hours preceding the trip or to have contracted and been cured of Covid. It will also be essential for the entry of foreigners into our country and will precede the European Green Pass, for which we must wait until the second half of June.

Italy starts again, therefore, from tourism. At the press conference at the end of the ministerial meeting of the G20 on Tourism together with the Minister Massimo Garavaglia, Draghi pointed out that “if there is a country that lives on tourism is ours. The whole world wants to come here, but unfortunately the pandemic has forced us to close temporarily. We are ready to host the world again.”

How the national green pass works and from when it will be active

To recap, the national green pass will be activated before the European one, specifically in the second half of May. According to what the President of the Council has said, “it will allow people to move freely (ER: this is not a definition of ‘freely’) between the regions”. It won’t be anything too complicated: at the base of the restart there will be – promises the premier – “clear, simple rules to ensure that tourists can come to us safely”.

As explained in the FAQ of the Government, the green certification to move between regions is a paper or digital certificate useful to demonstrate that you are in possession of one of the following requirements: having received both doses of anti-Covid vaccine, being negative to a rapid or molecular swab carried out in the 48 hours preceding the trip, having contracted the virus and be healed. It is therefore a national version of the European Green Pass.

All three types of green pass (vaccine, negative swab, recovery with end of isolation) can be in paper or digital format. “The three green certifications COVID-19 – it is specified in the FAQ – have different validity times and mode of issue:
a) the certification of vaccination is valid for six months from the completion of the vaccination cycle and is issued, at the request of the interested party, in paper or digital format, by the health facility or the health care provider who performs the vaccination, at the same time of the last scheduled dose. The certification is also available in the electronic health record of the person concerned. Those who have already completed the vaccination cycle on the date of entry into force of Decree-Law No. 52 of 2021 may request the COVID-19 green certification from the facility that provided the health treatment or from the Region or Autonomous Province in which the facility is located;
b) the COVID-19 green certificate for recovery is valid for six months from the date of recovery and is issued, at the request of the interested party, in paper or digital format, by the facility where the hospitalization took place or, for non-hospitalized patients, by general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice, and is also made available in the electronic health record of the interested party. The certification ceases to be valid if, within the prescribed six months, the person is again identified as positive for SARS-CoV-2. Certifications of recovery issued prior to the effective date of Executive Order No. 52 of 2021 shall be valid for six months from the date indicated in the certification, unless the individual is again identified as a verified positive case;
c) the green COVID-19 certification for negative swab is valid for 48 hours from the execution of the test and is produced, at the request of the interested party, in paper or digital format, by public health facilities, authorized or accredited private facilities and pharmacies that perform the tests provided or by general practitioners or pediatricians of free choice.”

How the European Green Pass works and when it will be active

The European Green Pass, active since the second half of June, “will allow tourists to travel between different countries without having to undergo quarantine, provided they can prove that they have already received the vaccine, have contracted Covid and be healed, or have made the swab with negative results,” says Draghi.

This is a management system for the new Covid digital certificates designed by the European Union to allow people to move and travel safely within the EU. Third countries that intend to accept the system to allow entry into their territory will also be able to participate.

The certificate will attest, through an app with a Qr code or in paper format, the vaccination against Covid-19 and the number of doses received, the recovery from Covid in the previous six months and the presence of antibodies (by testing), or the negative result of a swab, molecular or rapid (the technical details on this will be negotiated by the co-legislators). It will be up to each Member State, then, to establish the requirements for entry into its territory: these are exclusively national competencies and the EU cannot impose anything in this field. It can only recommend.



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Medical ‘Green Pass’ Required for Travelling Within Italy

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