Lawsuits Being Filed Against Forced Vaccinations [VIDEO]

ER Editor: US lawyer Robert Barnes appeared recently on Alex Jones to make an announcement. The points below cover the gist of the first 30 minutes, after which callers’ questions are answered.

  • Robert Barnes, working with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,  will be filing suits against 3 groups in the US over the next 2 weeks: government, employers and educational institutions, which are trying to force vaccines on people. Anybody obliging others to take a vaccine is breaking the law. EUA (emergency use authorization) requires informed consent on the part of recipients. Further, forcing these vaccines violates core constitutional rights. Already people are being fired over their refusal. A further aspect is that people are being required to divulge personal medical information which is not permitted under the law. The goal is to bring back medical privacy and bring back informed consent.
  • Under Emergency Use Authorization approval, which is how these ‘vaccines’ are being permitted, nobody can be compelled to take that drug. So no injections can be compelled.
  • This is the first attempt to mandate drugs on people since the Nuremberg Code of 1947 (which instituted informed consent as a major principle) without them understanding it and consenting to it, forcing it on people through coercion of employment, travel, education, etc. The Nuremberg Code is recognized in US. Further, the vaccines, approved under Emergency Use Authorization, have not met the criteria to be considered regular pharmaceutical drugs. Put the two together: how can you have informed consent about a drug that hasn’t met the required medical testing criteria, that we don’t have all the information on?
  • From 9 years ago, studies showed that vaccines against the original SARS-CoV were damaging to the human body. There is no successful history against coronavirus vaccines.
  • Package inserts for the Janssen vaccine (Johnson and Johnson) are BLANK (see video demo of pharmacist).
  • It’s now widely accepted that the virus came out of a lab, timed to attack the Trump presidency.
  • Is it just coincidence that China created these lockdown policy approaches and the technological surveillance? For all the initial virus hype in China, it didn’t end up having many deaths. What if China did this to produce pure theatre? Now China and India have banned the mRNA vaccines. They won’t take the Gates’ vaccines while the West must?? China has benefitted the most from this on all levels, including getting rid of Donald Trump while exporting its surveillance systems around the globe. And China isn’t enforcing vaccines on anyone.
  • Gates’ quantum tattoo will contain your medical information; it can be controlled from the outside. Gates Foundation sponsored Event 201 in October 2019 which mapped out all of this, including creating strategies against ‘anti-vaxxers’. They knew that pandemics only run for a couple of months, so they needed a strategy to extend it all so as to be able to get the vaccines out.

‘We’re basically living guinea pigs!’


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Lawsuits Being Filed Against Forced Vaccinations [VIDEO]