Kenya’s Dr. Stephen Karanja Calls ‘Them’ Out, Dies of C

ER Editor: In a recent video interview (see below) with a German channel, Dr. Stephen Karanja of the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association calls out:

  • Melinda Gates and her prediction of many deaths on the streets from Covid before the disease had even arrived;
  • vaccines vs. how medicine is really practiced – vaccination has NEVER been part of primary care for a disease;
  • the weird origin (bats in China) and ‘relentless’ spread of the Covid virus around the world when natural health problems don’t develop like that;
  • why these RUSHED ‘vaccines’ are really gene therapy – is it all a money-making empire? Because you still have to practice distancing measures after vaccination! So how does the vaccine help US other than helping the manufacturer make money?
  • why preventative treatments aren’t being used with ANY of the mutations out there, which would be a successful strategy with any mutation;
  • why is Germany, an advanced and successful country, or any European country, allowing the Gates to block the use of other useful medications?

‘Doesn’t Germany have the authority to tell Bill Gates to go to hell?’

This segment lasts for 10 minutes starting around 30:37.

We’ve cued the video to some concluding comments by colleague Dr. Wahome Ngare, who says the whole virus problem could be dealt with overnight by widespread prophylactic and treatment use of ivermectin, and that commercial interests are being put above those of humanity. It begins at 27 minutes where he talks about an ‘agenda’ for the virus having been set, which has programmed us through alarming death statistics for hopelessness and the vaccine.

Dr. Karanja and his very recent death around May 1, 2021 ‘of Covid’ according to the MSM was brought to our attention overnight by Dr. Mike Yeadon on Telegram. Here is what he has to say:

This is a sample of the MSM coverage of his death. This appalling BBC report, picked up by Yahoo, makes it seem that he made a fatal error of judgement and that vaccines were the right call: Stephen Karanja: Kenyan anti-vaccine doctor dies from Covid-19. This slightly better Australian report (Doctor dies after publicly declaring COVID-19 vaccine ‘unnecessary’) explains how Karanja had been a thorn in the side of Big Pharma:

Dr Karanja had a history of controversy over his opinions on public health issues and vaccination campaigns, publicly opposing the vaccination of schoolgirls against cervical cancer in 2019.

Dr Karanja said the jab against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) was unnecessary because it affected those “whose lifestyle involves irresponsible sexual behaviours”.

He was also a strong anti-abortion campaigner, appearing in court to testify against the government changing of abortion guidelines in 2018.

In 2014, he gained attention after declaring a nationwide rollout of a tetanus vaccination, claiming it was a sterilising campaign against women.

The HPV vaccine has indeed had a bad, controversial history for girls, and vaccines explicitly aimed to sterilize people, or which sterilize as a by-product, are well-known, especially in African countries. We only have to look at what is happening with the mRNA and DNA vaccines right now to know that human reproduction is currently being put under threat.





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