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How the CDC is manipulating data to prop up vaccine effectiveness.

It dawned on me too, the claim that the “vaccine” only “lessens” symptoms could be false. How do you measure “lessened” symptoms. Most people get mild symptoms anyway. What if it’s false, and the “vaccine”, has nothing at all to do with the virus in any way shape or form. The virus is the excuse for the Jab, nothing else. Just a thought ian.




2 Responses to “How the CDC is manipulating data to prop up vaccine effectiveness.”

  1. Hey you says:

    I was listening to Clif High’s latest video, He said this:
    “There’s people now in Britain that’s saying 60 to 70% of the vaxxed people will become extremely ill or debilitated and/or die this coming winter…”

    He didn’t quote the source but I’m pretty sure it’s true because he mines data off the internet