Government’s War on Democracy sparks new broad-spectrum grassroots movement


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When staunch traditional conservatives are saying this about the leadership of their own party, then it is becoming clear that the party has been infiltrated and hijacked by globalist proxies inimical to the ideals of true Conservatism.

It is also becoming evident that the criminal activities of the government in pushing the globalist psychological War on Democracy agenda through the strategy of the Covid hoax have attracted opposition and warning cries from across the political spectrum, even to the heart of true Conservatism itself.

There is the makings here of a truly unifying grass roots movement that finds common cause and agreement across the political and apolitical spectrum.


The stooge in Number Ten

by Daniel Miller May 7, 2021

SOURCE: The Conservative Woman

Johnson’s hysterical ‘bodies piled high’ quote is said to have been yelled in impotent rage, at no one in particular, following a psychological attack by Michael Gove, the death dwarf of British politics.

According to the Daily Mail

‘The tipping point reportedly came [at the end of October 2020] after a passionate speech by Mr Gove at a meeting with Mr Johnson and senior ministers. “Michael said that if he didn’t impose a second lockdown there would be a catastrophe,” a source close to Mr Gove said. “Hospitals would be overrun, people would be turned away from A&E and people would be dying in hospital corridors and hospital car parks. He told the PM he would have to send soldiers into hospitals to keep people out. TV film of that would be beamed around the globe. Was that the image of his post-Brexit Britain he wanted the world to see? It was devastating. The PM had no answer”.’

Insiders say that from that point Mr Johnson ‘gave in to the inevitable’ and agreed to a second lockdown. But he also made it clear that it was to be the last, and that under no circumstances would he agree to a third.

The idea of Netanyahu or Putin being addressed in this way by a minister, and receiving this kind of reaction, is unthinkable.

Gove appears to have Johnson surrounded. As Katy Balls reported in the Spectator: ‘Johnson’s new circle is largely made up of friends of Michael Gove. The Prime Minister’s “three musketeers” – Henry Newman, Henry Cook and Meg Powell-Chandler – are Goveites. Newman is also a close friend of Carrie Symonds, Johnson’s fiancée, and a long-standing ally of Simone Finn, who dated Gove after university, and who in February was parachuted in to be deputy chief of staff.’ 

Gove also has control over the Behavioural Insights Team, or the ‘Nudge Unit’,  one of dozens of psychological warfare units operating across the world, as well as the key strategic brief of implementing the vaccine passport: phase one of the social control matrix being brought online as the new paradigm of global government.

Gove’s eagerness to prostrate himself before global power was made clear by his 2013 declaration that he saw himself as the heir to Anthony Blair. His 2019 genuflection before Davos puppet Greta Thunberg appears to have sealed the deal and earned him the position of regional manager of Airstrip One.

Blair’s own role is to liaise between Gove and global manager Bill Gates; for this purpose Blair has received millions in grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation over the last few years for ‘Global Health and Development Public Awareness and Analysis’. In line with his master’s political and corporate requests, Blair has demanded vaccine passports from the beginning, and is now arguing that the slow-walked reopening should be pushed back for another month to increase the rate of vaccination, despite data showing the clear absence of any medical necessity.

But genuine concern for public health was never a real factor in anything the government has done. The point was to create a situation of political and psychological repression in order to stimulate demand for medically unnecessary vaccinations, and consequently engineer consent for vaccine passports.

Thus the push to vaccinate children, who are at zero risk from SARS‑CoV‑2. Children must be put in the matrix too.

Once the vaccine passport is adopted, liberty will be not be restored: it will continue to be liquidated. The purpose of the new system is not simply to augment state corporate and power generally, but permanently to entrench the power of the global oligarchy.

Once the system is established, further possibilities become available, including population control plans, which Gates explicitly stated as a goal in February 2010.

Johnson’s recent declaration that lockdowns represent the primary weapon against the engineered pandemic throws into sharper focus the next stage in the plan.

Evidently lockdowns and related interventions of social distancing and mask mandates were never necessary or justified and have been completely ineffective medically. Where they are useful is as a weapon of political and economic war. The aim is to destroy specific parts of the economy, especially hospitality, for the benefit of the global corporations whom Johnson and his Cabinet serve, and to neutralise independent economic and political activity.

When restaurants turn into kitchens linked to delivery services, profit and power flow to the global delivery companies, which is then shared with governments. Under the pretext of hitting emission reduction targets, further attacks can be launched in the future.

In the meantime the government bets the sector will beg for the boot of the state to be removed from its throat by agreeing to impose a vaccine passport on customers as a condition of reopening, or staying open in the autumn, when (supposing they remain in power) the government is likely to impose a lockdown once again.

If hospitality concedes, the government effectively takes control over the entire sector. In surrendering to vaccine passports they will be permanently surrounding the power to control who enters their business, to determine their hours, and they will be giving the government the ability to monitor everything that happens in their space.

Henceforth ultimate control over their businesses and therefore their lives will rest with a new global government modelled on Communist China, which over the last twelve months has demonstrated a clear capacity and willingness to terrorise, repress, deceive and kill.

Johnson has sociopathic tendencies. He is unkempt and disorderly. He is amongst the least suitable individuals ever to occupy his office. But he is not deciding policy, or even managing its execution: he is managing only ‘Boris’, who is not a coherent personality, but the construct of the darker ‘Johnson’ personality directing it.

Johnson’s gluttony and amorality make him easy to control, while his capacity to lie, and his strange ability to monopolise attention offer strategic possibilities to anyone who wants to rent ‘Boris’ out.

In the meantime, with the partial easing of restrictions and the sunny weather, the British people are being lulled into a false sense of security, and encouraged to believe that things are getting back to normal. But we have not been released from prison. The torturer has only exited the cell.

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7 Responses to “Government’s War on Democracy sparks new broad-spectrum grassroots movement”

  1. ian says:

    An odd article. Seems to say very little other than point out that the scam is not Boris’s idea. I don’t think anyone ever imagined it was. His Mam still ties his shoe laces.

  2. Mick says:

    Hoping one conservative group can save us from the dominant conservative group is like hoping to catch pleurisy to save us from pneumonia.

  3. Tapestry says:

    CW wouldn’t have a platform on Conservativehome if they were serious opposition. The only party doing anything that might be called political opposition are The English Democrats. Follow them and see if you agree.

    • Aldous says:

      Evening Tap and Tappers.
      Forgive me for getting straight to the point but are you seriously suggesting that the English Democrats have a hope in hell of stopping the Zionist killing, mass murdering, genocidal machine?
      As if a cross on a ballot paper would stop such a heinous monster.
      God Himself is still trying to figure out what exactly to do with this ‘thing’ spawned from Hell itself.
      It won’t die without an enormous fight and certainly not by any phoney ballot box that they control anyway. Blood, sweat and tears is what it’s going to take – and lots of each.
      They’ve shown their true colours these last 15 months or so of lockdown crap and nonsense and there is no going back for them – ever. They’ve staked everything they have stolen from mankind on this ‘all or nothing’ gambit and they are not going to give up quietly.

      • Tapestry says:

        Robin Tilbrook says we do nothing or we do what we can. His approach and understanding I find most refreshing after the falsity of Farage. The ED daily updates read like Tap News posts on many issues. These are kindred spirits. Whether the political or legal systems can be leveraged, I don’t know. Police Commissioners have the power to sack chief constables. Robin would sack any chief constable that adopts Politically Correct policing. That I would agree with. Small beginnings yes. But what else is on offer, Aldous?

  4. Aldous says:

    @ Tap 9:55 pm
    The Zionist ‘bar stewards’ we’re talking about don’t play by any rules which are meant for us and certainly not for them. They mercilessly kill perceived threats at the drop of a hat if necessary.
    The ballot box is an absolute dead end – as it’s meant to be.
    ‘If Voting Changed Anything They Would Make It Illegal.’ ~ Mark Twain

    I’m not suggesting that Robin Tilbrook and the English Democrats aren’t good guys and far from it; but they are doing exactly what the Zionist killing machine wants in giving the people false hope.

    • Tapestry says:

      I know where you are coming from, Aldous. Yet assisted by Robin Tilbrook, many small shops were able to open during the lockdown, once he explained the rulebook – click and collect etc. Many schools made mask wearing voluntary, and backed down from excluding pupils who refused medical interventions at school, testing, masks etc. Tilbrook offered support by sending out the guideline which schools were working to, which showed that the guidelines were against excluding pupils. Supermarkets were forced to serve exempt mask wearers or face £7000 fines. If you won’t hope, you will be crushed. You have to hope, and act or just give in and die. The law is still alive just and we have to use what’s left of it. It’s better that we work through a political organisation much though we fear it could later be taken over from the inside and turned to dust like UKIP, Farage and the rest. Tilbrook is campaigning against politically correct policing by standing for Police Commissioner in Essex and standing in Mayoral elections. The fools still believe the main parties care about them. Tilbrook might be stopped, but at this stage he runs exactly the party we all need. Hope or die, Aldous. The party has more chance of surviving as a force for democracy if you get involved. Don’t wait for the Police to come knocking on your door to cart you off to a concentration camp. Get into defending yourself and other people now.