Fallen angels. On the trail of the evil ones.

FALLEN ANGELS – on the trail of the evil ones

In the Book of Genesis, there is a warning for mankind – that there is another species of humanoid which was genetically created when the so called SONS OF GOD had sex with earth women – they gave birth to the ‘Nephilim’ who were a strange race of noble kings and queens…

‘Nefilim’ in Hebrew, means literally ‘fallen ones.’ They were called this because they were the sons of the fallen angels. Some Hebrew texts call them TITANS – and Titan is the nickname used by Aleister Crowley amongst the initiates of his AA secret society…

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Lucifer is a fallen angel, and in Jewish & Arabian books of black magic called Grimoires, such as Le Dragon Rouge and the Book of the Magi AbraMelin, there are tens of thousands of these demonic fallen angels who live in a spiritual form – but some also walk the earth as physical beings… They want to DESTROY THE BIOSPHERE of planet earth, and these demons are described in the Koran and Jewish scripture as being able to trigger disease, lethargy, blindness and even poison crops…

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the CULTS which are operating today, in the modern world, which worship the spirits of these demonic FALLEN ANGELS… Fallen Angels is a TV series which penetrates the heart of the Judeo-Babylonian black magic network of Secret Societies… There has never been such an in-depth investigation as this…

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  1. Hey you says:

    There’s such an obsession with fallen angels, especially with some Christians out there. OK, some souls have lost their way and meandered far away in the wild blue yonder. But they can change and some have done so. They only need a bit of persuasion. You should read Shakuntala Modi’s Remarkable Healings to understand the mind set of these ‘fallen angels’ and how they got into that state. It’s not irreversible.

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