Don’t vaccinate kids against COVID says a panel of experts

Brilliant, thoughtful and educated discussion between retired Consultant Paediatrician, retired Consultant in Public Health and retired Pharmaceutical Research and Development scientist about their grave concerns about giving Covid-19 Vaccines to children.

Great to share with friends, family and head teachers.


8 Responses to “Don’t vaccinate kids against COVID says a panel of experts”

  1. ravemaster says:

    The first child that dies from any of these injections the person that gave it to them should be prosecuted for manslaughter

  2. ravemaster says:

    the mrha only collects about 1% of all adverse reactions so you can treble the amount of to ten times the amount

  3. ravemaster says:

    the biggest experiment on humans ever never been done on humans ever if we wait 2 to 3 years for the outcomes of these trials every one will have had a jab and then its to late when its in you its in you there is no going back the worst time to vaxx anyone is during a pandemic because anyone can get away with murder and blame it on some viras

  4. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yawn ?
    This, as with all previous similar conferences, open forums and webinars will achieve nothing, but scorn and ridicule from the dumbed- down fools they’re genuinely trying to help, thanks to the humanity loathing governments, big tech and the LYING mainstream media.
    It’s becoming pretty tiresome watching and listening to these videos and podcasts and reading the numerous articles about legitimate and highly qualified experts being censored, totally ignored and/or scapegoated as dangerous misinformation spreaders or conspiracy theorists.
    When are WE: the primary targets of this utter genocide: going to grow a pair, stop cowering and stop complying with the mandates imposed by the tyrants that hate us and are trying to exterminate us, and STAND UP beside these virtual angels to support them and help them to save us from certain death?

    The total inaction of the public (including most ‘truthers’), in these situations, is nothing less than shameful!
    Everyone just sits back and expects them to save the world, but when they see their efforts are totally futile and are publicly ridiculed, defamed and scapegoated by the despicable, LYING mainstream media, just sit back and report on it in blog posts such as this, but do NOTHING to support them.

    Its not up to people like them to save us anyway, the ONLY viable solution to this dilemma is entirely up to us, via en mass civil disobedience and total non compliance to any and ALL of their dehumanizing mandates, at all times.

  5. Hey you says:

    There’s at least one group that is keeping records of those who are aiding and abetting these murderers. When the trials get going, such a list will be useful when rounding up the collaborators for trial and subsequent execution (if they don’t get lynched first)