Dear School, please don’t kill my child. Thank you.

Forwarded from Lawyers of Light

(letter to a school withdrawing consent for covid jab of children)

Dear Mr/Mrs

I am writing to you with to expressly forbid my child/children from being vaccinated for COVID 19 in the event that the Government implements a policy of doing so.

In the absence of parental consent, should the Government, vaccinator and/or school seek to apply the ‘Gillick Competency Test’ then I will submit the following:

1. As of 18 May 2021, 33 Children between the ages of 10 and 19 have sadly died with COVID (*1). However, as of 13 May 2021 there have been 374 reported deaths following the Pfizer Vaccine, 786 from the Oxford/Astra Zeneca (AZ) Vaccine and 4 from the Moderna Vaccine (*2). It cannot therefore be argued that the benefits of COVID vaccines for children outweigh the risks. Of course, clinical trials regarding the efficacy the AZ Vaccine on children were paused following concerns relating to fatal blood clotting (*3).

2. Participants of the Phase Ill trial will be monitored for a further 2 years (*4). As such the phase Ill trial is not yet complete and accordingly, the long-term side effects are unknown. The Gillick Competency test requires that a child is advised on the potential risks and implications arising from ‘treatment'(*5). It is not therefore possible to advise any lay person; let alone a child as to the potential side effects. As such the Gillick Test cannot be satisfied.

3. Given the fact that the long-term side effects are unknown, children must be advised as to the potential long terms side effects such as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) (*6) and Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED) (*7). These complex vaccine induced conditions are not easily comprehendible, particularly for children.

4. Side effects from coronavirus vaccination are not without precedent. In 2009 6 million [mostly] children were vaccinated against the swine flu, many of whom suffered brain injury. As a result, the government were ordered to pay £60m in compensation.(*8)

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This is not an exhaustive list but I trust that you understand my concerns regarding the ethical issues regarding consent and the potential unknown side effects. I fear that children will be killed and/or seriously injured by these vaccines and the benefit does not outweigh the potential harm. It should be borne in mind that the manufacturers of the vaccines have been granted immunity from liability for any harm caused by their vaccines (*9) Therefore any liability could fall on the government, the vaccinator or the school.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing and returning the attached copy.

Kind regards.



received via English Democrats Daily Update