COVID vaccine adverse effects, huge numbers. 100 X VAERS is a massive underestimate.

by Jon Rappoport
A long-standing private organization, the National Vaccine Information Center, has analyzed the US government’s database, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).
As of April 30, 2021, VAERS lists 157,277 adverse-event reports associated with COVID vaccines.
These events cover the spectrum from mild transient effects to death.
VAERS has always has multiple problems.
One: Doctors aren’t required by law to report adverse effects. Many of them wouldn’t risk blowback by doing so.
Two: There is no comprehensive effort to determine whether an adverse effect is actually caused by a vaccine.
Three: Patients can make adverse-effect reports—but are often hesitant to do so.
Four: By far the biggest problem is: most Americans aren’t even aware that VAERS exists.
Therefore, on balance, UNDER-REPORTING adverse effects is the primary defect of VAERS.
Many efforts have been made to estimate the degree of under-reporting. These estimates state the VAERS numbers should be multiplied by 10, all the way to 100, to obtain an accurate picture of adverse effects.
Ten times the current number of COVID vaccine adverse effects would equal 1,157,277. A hundred times the current number=11,157,277. Either way, the number is staggering.
The death reports are escalating by the day. As of April 30—3,837.
Here are other very troubling categories of VAERS adverse effects, as of April 30. Permanent disability=2,277. Doctor’s office visit=26,050. Emergency doctor/room=21,589. Hospitalized=10,684. Birth defect=103. Life-threatening=3,282.
Yet, public officials and news outlets continue to repeat the mantra, “safe and effective,” and urge everyone to take the shot.
Every person who receives the vaccine is supposed to be informed of the risks beforehand. I assure you NO ONE is being given these adverse effect numbers, plus the advice to multiply the numbers by 10 or 100.
Lack of informed consent runs contrary to every medical code.
I can also assure you the FDA, which is considering whether to give full approval to the current COVID vaccines, isn’t multiplying the adverse-effect numbers by 10 or 100.
Here is something else to consider. Even multiplying the VAERS numbers by 100 may not be sufficient, because the RNA COVID shots are employing a new technology which a) has never been used on the public before and b) isn’t a vaccine at all; it’s a genetic treatment.
As I’ve shown in recent articles, the entire field of genetic research is riddled with lies, pretense, and unpredictable ripple-effect consequences. The notion of inserting a single genetic change into a person and limiting its effects to an announced goal is a fiction. Unexpected changes occur. And their negative disruptive effects, long-term, are unknown.
Those effects will never be listed in any database.
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12 Responses to “COVID vaccine adverse effects, huge numbers. 100 X VAERS is a massive underestimate.”

  1. Hey you says:

    Wow! The plan is to turn us into zombies
    who will do whatever they want us to do. And he’s claiming that the massacres in Rwanda was an example of this power over people.

    Dr Pierre Gilbert – Le Gouvernement Mondial (Conférence 1996)

    Translation of the French transcript using Yandex:

    And finally in the biological destruction there is only the storms organized by the electromagnetic fields, there is also the pollution that we will put in the blood and in the veins of humanity by creating infections, and then, having created these infections voluntarily we will create laws that will force the population to be given vaccines and in these vaccines there is there all that is necessary for you to be controlled we will introduce in these vaccines liquid crystals, these crystals will lodge in the vaccines. cells in your brain, they will become micro receivers to electromagnetic fields sent by ultra – low frequency ultrasonic waves and with these ultra-low frequency waves we can prevent you from thinking, we can make you zombies. And do not believe that I am at the internship where it is hypothetical, what I tell you is done, remember Rwanda.

    And finally concentration camps built by the United Nations and in the United States, I have diagrams of photos that show concentration camps in the United States it is a North American territory and in these concentration camps will receive those among you who will not want to agree with the definition of the new citizen.

    There are nearly 25 small underground cities in the United States, some of which have underground tunnels that are 100 miles long.
    Do you know that below the building in Washington, the White House, there are 17 floors below and on the top floor there are links and it does not enter who wants that way. This is because Washington expects events, these events it can expect with certainty because they are the ones that will trigger them, that’s what you need to understand.

    • Hey you says:

      I found that website from watching the video in this tweet

    • Hey you says:

      So we can expect a zombie apocalypse coming to a neighbourhood near us. Yikes! I’m surrounded by OAPs who would have taken both shots. Meh!

      • Aldous says:

        Hey you! I’m nearly as old as God Himself – but far more wrinkly – and wouldn’t go anywhere near the damn mRNA jab (it’s NOT a vaccine but a messenger Ribo-Nucleic Acid ‘shot’) or ANY other Big Pharma jab or product.
        Tomorrow is promised to no one but I expect/hope/pray to still be around this time next year when I know those far younger than I will have been ‘planted’ because they chose foolishly and took the jab.

    • Hey you says:

      Somebody should go speak with the funeral directors and undertakers. Those guys have said that COVID deaths were nothing like the numbers being implied in the media. I wonder what they would say now about deaths post vaccine. Mind you, the government will only claim that there’s a new deadly variant which is killing lots of people so go and get your jab now.

      Some stories are horrific. This guy has only been put off having the 2nd jab. I think he’s never considered suing anyone for the loss of his leg. If the truth comes out for public consumption, those people who have been giving the jabs may start fearing for their lives.
      “Dave’s flu-like symptoms started within hours of having the AstaZeneca vaccination against Covid-19 on March 4. His symptoms got progressively worse over the following month….

      He said: “It started with a horrendous fever. I was admitted to hospital on the 10th and on the 12th my foot just exploded. There was blood everywhere.

      “At first they said I might lose a couple of toes, but then it was half my leg.

      “The doctors say it’s hard to prove that it’s linked to the covid jab and that the infection could have been there for some time, but it’s strange that I became ill for weeks on the night of the vaccine.

      “I think it has got to be linked. It has put me off having the second one.”

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    I ran the US Vaers report myself today using this link:

    which gives the CDC link and a full set of instructions on how to run the data for the number of DEATHS [about 2/3 down the piece]
    The latest CDC data is up to 7th May 21. The database gave me a message along the lines of there is only space for 10,000 lines on this report and your criteria generate ~11,500 lines so you need to run a smaller selection. I ran it twice just to make sure it wasn’t an error, same result

    So this imples that there have been over 7,000 deaths there in a week! Wow! Anyone care to check for themself?

    • Hey you says:

      No point wasting time over figuring out statistics like that. Deaths will be much, much higher soon enough.

      More importantly, they should be pulling the ‘vax’ from the market when deaths hit 50, according to this doctor:
      “In normal circumstances, 50 deaths reported to VAERS would result in a drug being taken off market immediately.”

      • pete fairhurst says:

        So 7000 deaths in a week are insignificant are they? When that is twice as many as they’ve admitted in the past 5 months or so. We can only go on the info that we’ve got can’t we. Do you realise how callous that reads?

        Your Mystic Meg crystal ball might be correct but only time will tell us that. You are probably correct, but I certainly hope that you are wrong

        Yes the vax should have been pulled months ago. All of them. But that was never going to happen was it

  3. Aldous says:

    I’m at a total loss as to why perfectly healthy people are lining up to get the ‘kill shot’ for an imaginary virus that – even if it existed – doesn’t kill anyone who hasn’t got other serious comorbidity (often age related) issues and have one foot in the grave anyway. The whole thing is totally absurd and inexplicable.
    That picture of Fauci is donkey’s years out of date. I’ve seen corpses look more alive than how he/it looks today.
    A pity its mother was ever born to spawn it.

  4. Aldous says:

    I hate to ‘nitpick’ but the correct medical terminology for adverse reactions to vaccine(sic) injections is adverse EVENTS and not adverse effects.
    There is a subtle but important difference.

  5. Aldous says:

    Apologies, I’ve just read the article more thoroughly and see that ‘event’ is used in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) intro.
    I think the point I’m trying to make is that ‘effect’ implies (or infers) something that is long-lasting or permanent, whereas ‘event’ is far more appropriate in medical jargon as being a possibly significant occurrence that, even if it appears to be be momentary or temporary, should not be dismissed as such.