You’ve likely heard of IG Farben, bud have you ever heard of American IG and the follow up story?

Imagine that the brutal experiments at Auschwitz were better concealed and the prisoners were drugged and brainwashed to believe that’s the best world out there for them. Then find out that the management has never stopped winning, expanding and perfecting their business model, up to today’s Great Reset.

What’s Bayer been up to lately?
We find out from their website:


The life sciences have made great advances in the past years. Biology, life sciences and the megatrend of digitization are growing closer together, enabling new inventions that impact our daily lives in a scope that we speak of a Bio Revolution. This revolution is reinforced by rapid increases in computing power and the emergence of new capabilities in AI, automation, and data analytics. These trends are further accelerating the pace of innovation and the potential for higher R&D productivity in the life sciences.

All this has led to new ways to understand and explore biology. The range of life forms on earth is incredibly complex and diverse. However, the methods to analyze them can be remarkably similar. Technologies and methods are transcending disciplinary boundaries even faster.


For human health, for example, a deeper understanding of the relationship between genetics and disease has led to the emergence of precision medicine, which can potentially be more effective than the one-size-fits-all therapies of the past. In the future, new technologies could help the healthcare industry not only treat, but cure or even prevent diseases. New gene and cell therapies, for example, aim to cure genetic diseases, potentially enabling sustainable organ replacement or reversing autoimmune diseases.

The Bio Revolution has the potential to help address some of the most critical global challenges, from climate change to pandemics, chronic diseases, and worldwide food security. Experts estimate that a significant portion of the economic impact of biological applications will be in health care, agriculture, and consumer products.3 Already today, the Bio Revolution with its convergence of science and technology has created an explosion of research projects in science and business. Each year, the amount of Intellectual Property related to the Bio Revolution is increasing.4 This can be seen, for example, by the number of patents in CrispR or plant biotech. In short: the revolution is gaining momentum and holds a great promise for health and food alike.

Total number of CRISPR patent applications worldwide per year from 1984 to 2018.

Quote symbolFueled by digitalization, growing connectivity, and falling costs, important advances in biotechnology are intertwined with more systemic shift in how bio-innovation is undertaken and who is involved. Microbiome technologies, advanced genomics, gene editing and synthetic biology are among key enabling technologies that have the potential to change the face of bio-innovation. This broader redefinition of bio-innovation creates new prospects to help address important nutrition, environmental and development needs.

World Economic Forum, Bio-Innovation Dialogue Initiative

.At the Forefront of the Bio Revolution

As a leading life science company, Bayer is aligned with the long-term market trends in health and nutrition and offers innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle some of the key challenges for humanity. Bayer brings to the table an extensive knowledge of human and plant science, supported by its expertise in regulatory processes and an impressive global footprint to ultimately bring innovations from labs to market.

The Bio Revolution marks the beginning of a new era: Innovations enabled by the convergence of biology and technology have the potential to significantly improve our lives, our nutrition, and our health.


The Bio Revolution is expected to transform healthcare and agriculture over the next decades – but the revolution is already happening now. With its newly established cell and gene therapy platform in Pharmaceuticals and innovative gene-editing tools such as CRISPR, Bayer operates at the core of the Bio Revolution and has tremendous opportunities to improve health and nutrition.

In Pharma, Bayer’s new Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) platform steers our strategy in the area and orchestrates our activities along the value chain providing an innovation ecosystem for the companies – including BlueRock Therapeutics and Asklepios BioPharmaceutical (AskBio), which are fully owned by Bayer but operate autonomously. These therapies hold the potential to significantly impact patients’ lives by moving from treating symptoms to potentially curative approaches.

Bayer’s development portfolio of cell and gene therapies already comprises eight advanced assets in different stages of clinical development. These are applicable in multiple therapeutic areas with high unmet need, such as neurodegenerative, neuromuscular and cardiovascular indications, with programs in Pompe disease, Parkinson’s disease, hemophilia A, and congestive heart failure. With over 15 preclinical assets in the cell and gene therapy field, the pipeline is expected to grow steadily year by year.

Yet Bayer is not only using biotechnology to advance health – the promise for agriculture is just as inspiring. In the Crop Science Division, for example, tools like CRISPR can make changes to plant DNA with more precision than ever before and make plants more weather- or disease-resistant, enabling farmers to grow more or better-quality products under changing conditions.

Advancing genetic solutions for a sustainable future (1)PreviousNext


With Leaps by Bayer – our impact investment approach utilizing venture capital – we are constantly scanning for additional potential breakthroughs that hold promise to either cure or treat people from diseases or help feed a growing population with less impact on the environment.

$1 Billion

Since 2015, Leaps by Bayer has invested over $1 billion in ventures that tackle fundamental breakthroughs and shift core paradigms in our industries.

Leaps by Bayer has an investment focus on potentially disruptive solutions in the fields of healthcare and agriculture. The Leaps investment approach is remarkable: It aims to invest into or build up new innovative companies. Bayer supports those companies by enabling the exchange of proprietary assets, which can include sharing own patents or providing access to the Bayer network’s technical capabilities and 150 years of expertise. The companies remain autonomous with respect to decision making, while Leaps facilitates and supports them in a so-called active incubation process. Experienced team members actively engage in the young companies’ development by providing resources and helping them to steer the initial strategic direction. Today, the investment portfolio includes more than 35 companies advancing potential breakthrough technologies.

Quote symbolLeaps is our way of thinking big.

Werner Baumann, CEO of Bayer AG

Many Leaps ventures have made significant progress towards unlocking the potential of new technology platforms with a promising and transformative potential. BlueRock Therapeutics, for example, started as a Leaps investment and is now an integral part of Bayer’s CGT platform and just received clearance to proceed with a phase I trial in Parkinson’s disease.

Other companies, like the biopharmaceutical player Triumvira, are specialized on next generation immuno-oncology treatments. Triumvira focuses on novel T-cell therapies that aim to be safer and more efficacious than current cell therapy cancer treatments. Treating, curing and preventing cancer is one of the focus areas of Leaps by Bayer, since this group of diseases still represents one of today’s biggest health challenges with limited curative or preventative therapies available.

Quote symbolWe face a huge disease burden, and the way we produce food isn’t sustainable for the planet. I believe the Bio Revolution can help us overcome these issues.

Jürgen Eckhardt, Head of Leaps by Bayer

Leaps is also investing in the development of sustainable biotechnological solutions in the field of agriculture. One of the ventures in this field is Joyn Bio, a company that aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers through a technology that fixes nitrogen into the soil. Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients essential for every plant to grow, however, its use and production as a fertilizer is estimated to contribute 3-5% to all global greenhouse gas emissions. Joyn Bio is working on an engineered microbe that enables cereal crops like corn, wheat, and rice to convert nitrogen from the air into a form they can use to grow. This technology may have the potential to help farmers use nitrogen in new ways, and as a result, reduce agriculture’s environmental footprint.

Leaps portfolio

The Leaps by Bayer investment portfolio includes more than 35 companies.

At least that’s what Bayer says. All I know is that they’re still running the show.

Ex-Standard Oil

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Covid, Hitler, BLM, The Great Reset – Many Brands, One Cartel. Auschwitz Perfected and Globalized



  1. ihunt says:

    Daily Life in Auschwitz
    from British Intelligence decrypts, 1942.
    There were no references in the decrypts to gassings.”[1]

    The Auschwitz “Gas Chamber” Illusion
    by Nicholas Kollerstrom

    To lure Hitler into World War II, it was necessary to guarantee him adequate
    supplies of such necessities as ball bearings and oil. Jacob Wallenberg of the
    Swedish Enskilda Bank, which controlled the giant SKF ball bearing plant, furnished
    ball bearings to the Nazis throughout the war. The anti aircraft guns sending flak
    against American air crews turned on SKF ball bearings. Its American plant, SKF of
    Philadelphia, was repeatedly put on the Proclaimed List, and each time, Dean
    Acheson removed it.
    President William S. Farish of Standard Oil refueled Nazi ships and submarines
    through stations in Spain and Latin America. When Queen Elizabeth recently came
    to the U.S., the only family she visited was the Farishes. Throughout the war, the
    British paid royalty to Ethyl Standard Corp. on the gasoline used by German
    bombers who were destroying London.

  2. ihunt says:


  3. ihunt says:

    ⁣On Jan. 4, 1933, Hitler met with the Dulles brothers at the Cologne home of
    Baron Kurt von Schroder to guarantee Hitler the funds needed to install him as
    Chancellor of Germany. The Dulles Bros, were there as legal representatives of
    Kuhn, Loeb Co., which had extended large short-term credits toGermany, and
    needed a guarantee of repayment. Allen Dulles was later esconced in Switzerland
    by the OSS during World War II. Still later, he became Director of the CIA. He had
    been a director of J. Henry Schroder Co. for many years.
    On June 11, 1934, Lord Norman and Schacht met secretly at Badenweiler in
    the Black Forest, and again in Oct. 1934, to guarantee loans to National Socialist
    Germany. The J.H. Stein Bank of Cologne and the London and New York branches
    of Schroder Bank were correspondent banks often involved in transactions
    throughout the Hitler regime. Baron Kurt von Schroder was a member of the
    Herrenklub, the most influential group in Germany, and the Thule Society, which
    had launched Hitler’s career in 1919. He was director of all of ITT’S German
    subsidiaries, SS Senior Group Leader, Deutsche Reichsbank, and many other highranking positions (listed by the Kilgore Committee, 1940).
    On Sept. 30, 1933, the financial editor of the London Daily Herald wrote about
    “Mr. Montagu Norman’s decision to give the Nazis the backing of the Bank of
    England.” Norman’s biographer, John Hargrave, writes, “It is quite certain that
    Norman did all he could to assist Hitlerism to gain and maintain political power,
    operating on the financial plane from his stronghold in Threadneedle Street.”
    Another Hitler supporter was Sir Henry Deterding, of Royal Dutch Shell, which
    had been founded by the Samuel family. In May, 1933, Alfred Rosenberg was a
    guest at Deterding’s large estate, Buckhurst Park, Ascot, one mile from Windsor
    Castle. Oswald Dutch writes that in 1931 Sir Henri Deterding and his backers, the
    Samuel family, gave Hitler 30 Million pounds. Deterding then divorced his wife, and
    married his secretary, an ardent Nazi and German.
    Otto Strasser wrote that Schroder agreed to “foot the bill” for the Nazi Party at a
    secret meeting, and guaranteed their debts, ending up collecting a generous
    amount of interest on his original capital. (Senate Hearings, Committee for Military
    Affairs, 1945).
    In England, journalist Claud Cockburn led the fight against the “Cliveden Set”,
    seemingly unaware that three of the Astors had founded the Royal Institute of
    International Affairs. He wrote indignantly, “The Astors and others clustered around
    Chamberlain were a set of appeasers who saw Hitler’s regime and their
    collaboration with it as necessary to maintain the social order they preferred.”
    The Cockburns are too self-limited to understand that the “appeasers”
    collaborated with Hitler only to obtain the world war which was essential to their
    world program. Hitler was duped into going into the Rhineland, duped into going
    into Czechoslovakia, and duped into attacking Poland. The advertised belief is that
    he was amazed at the weakness of the opposition to these moves; in fact, he had
    been promised there would be no opposition, until he went into Poland and
    discovered he had been duped.
    Once Hitler had served his purpose, these same bankers plotted to assassinate
    him. We know the names of Count von Stauffenberg and Fabian von
    Schlabrendorff, aristocrats who tried to kill Hitler, but on July 22, 1984,
    the Washington Post revealed the name of the mastermind, Axel von dem Bussche.
    He married the daughter of the Earl of Gosford, Baron Acheson, air attache at the
    Paris Embassy. Baron Acheson had married the daughter of John Ridgely Carter, a
    partner of J.P. Morgan Co., whose father, a Baltimore lawyer, had been legal
    counsel for the Pennsylvania Railroad and many other railroads. John Ridgely
    Carter married Alice Morgan, was secretary of the American Embassy, London,
    1894-1909, and was partner in J.P. Morgan Co. 1914, and also the Paris branch,
    Morgan Harjes Co. Dean Acheson, acousin of the Gosfords, also worked for J.P.
    Morgan Co. and later became Secretary of State. The 2nd Earl Gosford had been
    Gov. Gen. of Canada and governor-in-chief of all British North America. Richard
    Davis notes in ‘The English Rothschilds” that the Earl of Gosford was a frequent
    house guest of the Rothschild family.

    • Serdar73 says:

      This pandemic is planned to ELIMINATE all NOT VACCINATED people and ALSO to ELIMINATE all African, S.American and most of Asian and Middle Eastern people, AND to KEEP ALIVE only mrna code injected, vaccinated MOSTLY younger, healtier, white people from 36 countries! As we know, A group of globalist thinks the World population needs to be reduced down to a few hundred millions of people that they wish to select to remain! QUESTION we MUST ASK,  these satanic people behind all, would they like to kill the vaccinated ones and remain with anti vaccine, anti system people or would they prefer to kill everybody else and remain with vaccine lover, obedient ones? Here are some facts which indicate how Moderna mrna vaccine is the tool to CHOOSE TO KEEP ALIVE WHO TO SURVIVE and ELIMINATE EVERYBODYELSE plan!
      Moderna’s vaccine contains mrna which is a code/program but also nanoparticules and Darpa’s hydrogel! This mrna code/program is copied and stored in moderna vaccinated people’s cells waiting to be activated by a certain electromagnetic frequency or 5g wave or starlink internet signal in the FUTURE. Only after the signal received,  the code/program will be UNWRAPPED and the cell will do whatever is necesarry for that person to survive against a deadly danger which will be released even in further time (by producing a new spike protein of a future deadly virus or by a GENETICAL MODIFICATION in the cell to RESIST against a deadly technological danger). So first they will emit the Right trigger signal to activate mrna to do programmed change for the survival of the cells in the future. And when the deadly virus or any other danger will be released, EVERYBODY (NOT Vaccinated and vaccinated with other brands, everybody) would die EXCEPT Moderna vaccinated people! With this way scientist can not see anything suspicious after the inoculation  because the real change (protection) through that code, will  happen in the FUTURE after a trigger activates the stored information!
      So the mrna code is programmed in 2 levels to do 2 jobs at 2 different times; first at the beginning to pass the covid19 immunisation tests. And second to be activated in the future! 
      The proof is in the code of moderna that’s whythey still KEEPING AS SECRET, unpublished! Juridical authorities must be INFORMED to attack  and stop vaccinations LEGALLY as using this REASON that ‘By Mrna code injections people can be immunised or genetically modified even in the FUTURE REMOTELY which can be used as BIOLOGICAL WEAPON’ as explained!
      Possible steps of this malefic plan;
      1-finding a way to kill a person (by biologicall way through a disease or by technologicall way through an electromagnetic waves or …),
      2- finding a way to protect a person from the Same deadly danger (by injecting a mrna code to produce antibodies against that deadly future disease or to modify the cells for the survival of the person against a technological deadly danger),
      3- creating a reason(covid19) JUST to inject this code by mrna vaccines to people. And with the same reason, placing people into AGE (under 65), HEALTH (without cronic disease) GROUPS to inject the special mrna code MOSTLY to their desired YOUNGER, HEALTHIER, white people!
      4- After injecting THE CODE to target number of people from selected countries,  to RELEASE that deadly danger in the FUTURE! Survivors would be MOSTLY the age, health qualified people who received the Moderna vaccines from the countries where they sell that vaccine! World population would go down approximately to the number of doses used!
      That’s why Moderna vaccines are not given to none of African, South American or Asian (except Japan, S.Korea, Singapore) countries. Survivers will be ONLY moderna vaccinated people FROM America, EU, Israel, Qatar…(36 countries out of World’s 196 countries). And with DELAYED deliveries to each country , Moderna vaccine reaches to mostly younger population with less chronic diseases, handicaps (because of cov19 vaccination program priorities; most of old, sick, handicaps would ALREADY been vaccinated with Pfizer or Astra Zeneca before the  Moderna vaccines would arrive) Just coincidence?

      Except USA, In every country, moderna delivery times corelates with that country vaccinating rate/level of old,sick people (moderna is not delivering or delivering less than agreed numbers of vaccines to the countries which are far from starting to vaccinate younger,healtier people) As in Germany, moderna delivers small amounts and they are usally not being used from the beginning, or used very small numbers! You will see when Germany is about to finish vaccinating most of old, sick people then Moderna vaccines will be used more widely at higher numbers! Same happened in England. They received on 13 april first time. And in the same days they decided to use them for under 30 years old people (giving the reason that Astra Zeneca makes blood clothing on YOUNG people!)(lets not forget all big pharma companies owned,partnered by the same people who are with depopulation dreams).A report by Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network Ltd (AFTINET) points out the involvement of Gates through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation towards the partnership of the University of Oxford with AstraZeneca!

      And thats why moderna vaccines has 100micrograms of mrna while pfizer has only 30mcrgrm (both were produced against the same covid 19! What is the extra instruction in moderna’s code, program for?)

      Why a failing, small company like Moderna was chosen to produce the special vaccine was to have an answer/reason for slow and small amounts of vaccines delivery to the countries at the first months (not to be there at the time of vaccination of old, sick, handicaps people. In some countries as in Romania also political, juridical, defence authorities were given priorities and vaccinated with other brands before Moderna came). You will see that, When the vaccination time of younger populations will come, Moderna will open new factories around the World and start producing and delivering more!

      Romania has received 14.000 doses on 12 January 2021, but at that moment Romania was only starting the 2nd phase of vaccination for over 65’s, people with chronic diseases and all authorities,  and 21.600 doses at 29 January 2021, but the country did not start using Moderna vaccines until 04 February 2021. On the 10th of March 2021, Romania started the 3rd vaccination stage with workers from extraction industries (oil, coal, gold, iron, copper etc.). IN THE SAME DAY, 73 New  Vaccination Centers were open around the country,  especially for Moderna inoculation. AND AFTER 2 DAYS, on March 12, 106.800 more Moderna doses were delivered in Romania! Another coincidence?

      Israel ordered 6 million doses of Moderna on 5th of January. The majority of  Moderna vaccines received have still not been used on the large population. According to what is mentioned in this informational message, Israel government will start using Moderna vaccines on its young population soon! When you see this happening, remember that Everything mentioned in this informational message is true!

      Many of us think the REASON for this mass vaccination is to DAMAGE vaccinated people’s health and, at the same time, to make MONEY! Then why Moderna has refused these countries authorities’ vaccines requirements? The 1 billion doses already acquired for African countries by AVATT will come from four major suppliers: the COVAX Facility, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson but NOT FROM Moderna! Why Moderna is sold only to a few selected countries like EU, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Qatar?  To ensure no remaining survivors from South America, Africa and most of Asia? Another coincidence?

      Germany, which is still vaccinating the old and sick people, authorities complained that Moderna doses, received weeks before, that could have been used for those in need waiting to be vaccinated, are instead being stored (maybe kept for younger population’s turn to come). German experts like Karl Lauterbach (SPD) was irritated by the vaccination process. He told Business Insider, “I don’t understand why the Moderna vaccine is not being used immediately. Because its efficacy is particularly high and it has few side effects, it is especially helpful in nursing homes and when vaccinating people in need of care who have to be visited. No vaccine should be stored unnecessarily.”  To be kept for younger population’s turn to come? Another coincidence?

      Moderna agreed to send 1.2 million more doses to Canada in April, but that shipment has been cut back to just 650,000 shots. Is it because Canada’s still vaccinating their over 80 years old?  Another coincidence?

      Last update 22.04.2021, in South Korea, Only About 2 million, 3.66% of South Korea’s population has been vaccinated. South Korea is still vaccinating the risk group of elders aged 75 and older! Another coincidence? You will see that, once they are close to finish vaccinating their old and sick people, Moderna vaccines will appear and will be given to younger, healthier people!

      Except for Switzerland and USA, Moderna vaccines are delivered always in less quantity (approx.10% of Pfizer)than any other brands in each country. As chart shows that even a company Curevac (partners: Bill & Melinda Gates, Bayer and other genome editing companies), which didn’t even get the authorisation for use yet, will sell to England 50 million doses. While Moderna only 17 millions. It is the same small numbers for every country!

      Moderna’s published production goal for 2021 is 1 billion doses! 2 doses per person, 1 billion doses  for 500 million people! This number is even written on the famous Georgia Guidestones: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature!

      On the 18th of October 2019, the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security hosted a pandemic simulation exercise called Event 201 with partners, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation! A Live simulation about a contagious virus, a pandemic exercise that was practised weeks before Covid 19 ever appeared in Wuhan! This event planned and sponsored by the same person, who openly said in his TEDx speech in 2015, that the population must be reduced through vaccination in order to solve the World’s biggest problems!  Just a coincidence?

      World Economic Forum’s last agenda, Great Reset is about using the Pandemic as an Opportunity to reset all existing systems! WEF’s founder, Klaus Schwab, recently talks about Upgrading human organic body by digitalization and it is time for the 4th industrial revolution! Is this what is waiting for the survivors, becoming transhuman slaves?

      Our future depends on finding the right experts, SCIENTISTS! Tests on cells of Moderna vaccinated people must be done to see under different triggers, signals ( as different milimiter waves or other range of electromagnetic waves) if those cells’ code is being activated and producing anything new or changing the cells in a way! We need to reach people at these domains. If it is explained, that ‘Moderna mrna vaccine might have in its code(mrna) beside protection against cov19, an EXTRA protection which will protect the vaccinated person against a FUTURE deadly danger’! if this idea is given, they will know what to do! Otherwise this Plandemic will end as the end of humanity!
      We must inform all the Juridical authorities to attack and stop vaccinations LEGALLY as using this REASON that ‘By Mrna code injections people can be immunised or genetically modified even in the FUTURE REMOTELY which can be used as BIOLOGICAL WEAPON’ as explained!
      Any help is a help to yourselves and human kind’s future!
      Please check yourselves everything written here and contact us for more details and related links!

  4. ihunt says:

    ⁣The Facts Come Out
    So Lola was telling the truth. But, she wasn’t telling the whole truth. Lola had told me the people in her prison were German soldiers. And yes, twenty of them were German soldiers, men who worked as painters, carpenters, and such. But there were a thousand other prisoners there, and they were German civilians: German men, German women, German children.
    One prisoner was a fourteen-year-old boy. He had been out in Gleiwitz wearing his boy scout pants. A man cried out, “You’re wearing black pants! You’re a fascist!,” and he chased the boy and tackled him at the Church of Saint Peter and Paul, and then took him to Lola’s prison. Now, the boy was completely innocent. So were most of the people in Lola’s prison. They weren’t Gestapo. They weren’t SS. They weren’t even Nazis. Out of a thousand prisoners, just twenty were ever even accused of it.
    But the Germans in Lola’s prison were slapped and whipped. And I’m so sorry to have to say it, but they were also tortured. The boy scout: the guards poured gasoline on his curly black hair and set it on fire. The boy went insane. The men: they were beaten with a Totschläger, a “beater-to-death.” It’s a long steel spring with a big lead ball at the end. You use it like a racketball racket. Your arm, your wrist, the spring: they deliver a triple hit to a German’s face.
    Lola didn’t tell me, but the Germans in her prison were dying. I found their death certificates in Gleiwitz city hall. One of Lola’s guards told me, “Yeah, the Germans would die.” He told me, “I’d put the bodies in a horse-drawn cart. I’d cover them with potato peels so no one would see. I’d ride to the outskirts and, after I threw the potato peels out, I’d take the Germans to the Catholic cemetery. To the mass grave.”