Covid-19 Vaccine officially listed as the underlying cause of death multiple times by Scotland Authorities

Authorities in Scotland have officially listed the Covid-19 vaccine as the underlying cause in multiple deaths according to official records.

National Records of Scotland (NRS), the equivalent of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England have listed three deaths occurring before the 30th April 2021 “with the underlying cause of death being due to adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines”. The official statistic can be viewed on table 12 of the downloadable excel document via the NRS website here.

This of course has not made headline news in the mainstream media as it would destroy the narrative that the authorities have built to persuade every adult to take an experimental, unnecessary jab via psychological warfare, propaganda, and ostrasisation of the ‘experimental vaccine hesitant’.

So what better way is there to counter the officially listed vaccine deaths than to continue the psychological warfare by rolling-out a behavioural scientist and dress them up as a “Public Health expert”? Because that is exactly what the Scottish Government have done.

Here’s BBC Scotland’s version of the authorities response to the listed vaccines deaths –

Public health expert Prof Linda Bauld said the “vast, vast majority” of Covid vaccine side effects were very mild.

The professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh told BBC Scotland that serious adverse effects from any vaccine were extremely unusual.

“The vast, vast majority of side effects from the Covid vaccines are very mild. You do have severe cases, but only very rarely,” she said.

“We have been aware of the rare blood clots that we think are linked to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine… but it’s not always possible to say the vaccine caused it. There may be other contributory factors.”

What qualifications does Professor Linda Bauld have to make her a “Public Health expert”? She has a PhD in ‘Social Policy’ and a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Political Science’. Why is a behavioural scientist considered as a “Public Health expert”? Because the past 14 months have had nothing to do with a virus, they’ve been entirely about control.

As for the vast majority of side effects from the Covid vaccine being mild, do you consider suffering a stroke mild? Do you consider going blind mild? Do you consider suffering a seizure mild? Do you consider being paralysed mild? Because these are the adverse reactions that are being reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, with a significant amount of strokes being reported as of the latest update at the time of writing which includes reports made to and officially recorded by the MHRA up to the 12th May 2021.

The data shows that 34 people have gone blind after having the Pfizer jab, however the AstraZeneca jab has performed significantly worse with 176 reporting that they have gone blind after having the experimental jab.

Why are people going blind? Most likely as a result of suffering a stroke, with a vast array of different types of stroke being suffered. As of the 12th May the number of cerebrovascular accidents had increased by 6272.73% in just 15 weeks to a total of 701, with 32 of these sadly resulting in death. The number of ischaemic strokes also went up, increasing by 8300% to a total of 84. There had also been 122 cerebral haemorrhages, 57 cerebral infarctions, 74 subarachnoid haemorrhages, and 40 intracranial haemorrhages, among many others.

The MHRA have also confirmed that they have received 56 reports of death out of 309 reports of thrombo-embolic events with concurrent thromocytopenia for the AstraZeneca vaccine, 7 of which occurred in people aged 18 -29. However they don’t go as far as to list the vaccine as the definitive cause, instead adding the caveat that “it is not clear if this is a coincidence or side effect from the vaccine”.

The fact that National Records of Scotland have officially listed the experimental Covid-19 vaccines as the cause of death is a game-changer, but it will of course be swept under the carpet. But the number of deaths is in fact significantly higher, with 1,180 deaths listed in the MHRA Yellow Card scheme report as of the 12th May 2021.

But we also can’t forget the freedom of information request made to Public Health Scotland back in February in which a person asked –

“Could you please provide the total number of deaths for any reason within 28 days of having a Covid vaccine from the start of the vaccination roll out date?”

To which Public Health Scotland confirmed –

“Using the latest mortality data available (Up to 26th February), 2,207 people have died within 28 days of vaccination (number of days between vaccine and death is 0-27 where 0 is the day of vaccination).”

Will you be having the experimental jab?