Brian Gerrish – An Update on The Alternative View

From John:

Your readers might like to listen to an update on The Alternative View
that new custodian Brian Gerrish has just recorded:

Brian and The AV Team have some exciting ideas in the pipeline to build
on the fantastic foundation that Ian R Crane laid. Brian outlines some
of these in his update. Hopefully it won’t be too long before The
Alternative View puts out some new content under Brian Gerrish and Mike
Robinson’s new leadership.

These are exciting times indeed.


2 Responses to “Brian Gerrish – An Update on The Alternative View”

  1. ihunt says:

    Excellent Interview-BRIAN GERRISH ( transmissions Mon,Wed,Fri 1pm GMT.) interviewed by REINER FUELLMICH

  2. danceaway says:

    ihunt, thank you, thank you for posting this interview with the wonderful Brian! Fantastic to see him getting the acknowledgement he so deserves!
    IMO, one of the positive unintended consequences of Brian standing in for the very ill Ian in AV11, was that so many more were able to discover for themselves the magnificence that is Brian!