We are the Resistance and We Will Win this War

It isn’t a game, of course. It’s a war. It’s not an academic exercise, to be debated and discussed and argued over. It’s a war. It’s a fight to the death. And it’s a war being fought over perceptions rather than reality. Sadly, too many people are fighting the wrong war and some seem confused about which side they are on.

Like most wars, there are really only two sides.

The one side consists of people who want to take over the world and run it their way. These people are assisted by millions of doctors, nurses, teachers and administrators who have been tricked and persuaded into believing the Big Lies. Huge sums of money have been handed over to help encourage their misplaced enthusiasm. And the power-hungry conspiracy practitioners are also aided and abetted by the collaborators, who are naïve, complacent and unquestioning, who still believe that the authorities have their best interests at heart and who find it impossible to believe that people could tell lies as big as the lies these people have been telling. Hitler and the Nazis knew that if your lies were big enough, and offered with enough conviction, then people would believe them because they would find it impossible to believe that anyone would dare tell such huge lies and expect to get away with it.

The bad people have been planning their takeover for decades. And long ago they realised that this was going to be a propaganda war, won or lost through the media. They planned it as a war of perception rather than reality. They bought the mass market media and suppressed the truth. They closed down all avenues of debate. And they hired thousands of professional trolls to demonise those attempting to tell the truth, to supress the evidence and to snipe and exhaust us – their opposition.

The other side, our side, the side I’m on, consists of those of us who are resisting the take-over because we want to retain our humanity and our freedom and a way of life which, although not anywhere near to perfect, has evolved over thousands of years and was a damned sight better than the one on offer.

The war is being fought over the usual issues: power and money. The covid-19 hoax and the global warming fraud are just weapons which are being used to terrify us in order to take control. The end result, if we lose, will be a world in which the billionaires get richer and the rest of us die or become slaves in the new world order.

That’s what it’s all about. Those are the rules and the players.

It is, of course, an exhausting and frustrating war.

That’s how they planned it and that’s how it’s being managed.

They have many strengths and we have one: the truth.

Like most of those who are attempting to share truths, and publicly opposed to the big hoax, the covid-19 fear mongering, and the big fraud which stands behind everything, the global warming fraud, I have been attacked and demonised and persecuted mercilessly since this war began. I should be used to it.

I’ve been fighting drug companies and governments most of my life. My back story is easy to follow. Since my first book, fifty years ago, I’ve exposed drug company lies and deceits. I’ve fought many battles and I have, over the years, had several serious death threats – including one which kept Interpol busy for some months. I’ve had documents stolen and writs delivered too. One writ was so extensive the bloke from the court shoved yards of it through a cat flap.

I’ve had a number of victories but I’m afraid I’ve had more defeats. I’ve been battling vivisection since I was at medical school and that has won me many enemies and not much in the way of victories.

My website vernoncoleman.com has been constantly under attack for decades.

Every day there are around 30 attempts to hack into and destroy my new website www.vernoncoleman.org . Why? Probably because the last time I looked, the website was being looked at in 143 countries with huge numbers of people all over the world reading articles, watching videos and downloading the free books. The enemy can’t allow that to happen.

Everyone I admire who is battling for the truth suffers in the same way. The big TV and radio companies constantly besmirch and sneer. It’s exhausting and depressing. It’s supposed to be.

These days, I cope with it by trying to avoid the mainstream media.

However, the enemy know that the mainstream media is distrusted by those questioning the covid hoax. And they know that we rely on the internet and on websites and commentators we trust.

So they’ve appropriated the internet as a battle ground too.

For example, if you want to see how the enemy use Wikipedia to destroy reputations, take a look at my video entitled `Vernon Coleman’s Response to the Demonisation by Wikipedia’.

And they’ve developed another technique. They feed our developing and inevitable sense of paranoia by spreading lies and rumours and gossip which are designed to damage our trust in one another. They are very good at it. The people doing it are professional mischief makers. And they know that they can reach us in ways and places where we are especially vulnerable. They encourage us to lose faith and to succumb to despair. The aim is to silence all those of us who are speaking out and sharing truths.

The professional trolls work hard at spreading confusion and dissent. They want us to waste our energies fighting one another instead of them. They want to make us paranoid. They want to force us to distrust one another. It’s dirty fighting but it’s war and people do dirty things in wars.

And, unfortunately for us, a good many people who are on our side fall for these tricks and deceptions and they spread the lies and the deceits and help build up the paranoia.

The results can be very effective.

About a week ago I succumbed to the sense of despair and depression which they are working so hard to encourage.

I have, of course, had far worse than the farrago of scurrilous gossip which appeared on someone’s Twitter account. It was sneery, gossipy, school-kid nonsense.

But it was the one thousandth tiny cut and it wasn’t so much the words as the fact that someone apparently on our side would do such a vicious thing.

The school-kid innuendo on Twitter was just the straw that gave an overladen camel a bit of a backache. It’s nearly always Twitter, of course. I’ve never been allowed on (like Facebook they banned me before I could start) so I don’t know how it works but I suspect that Twitter is a real danger. Too many sanctimonious and disingenuous Twitter users are often either too cowardly to give their real names or too careless and eager for a cheap, sniggery laugh to do any research. Life is very easy when you don’t bother yourself with annoying trinkets such as facts but just offer up malignant, gratuitous abuse and then, if confronted, just delete the libels but don’t have the courage or decency to apologise.

The gossipmongers don’t know this but if they ever take on the drug companies, as I do, then they will need to get their facts right or they’ll be sitting in court wondering how many million they’ll have to pay out in damages.

As far as I am concerned, the only safe conclusion is that anyone who trades in unsubstantiated gossip and innuendo is a troll or a shill and should be regarded as part of the enemy.

If all those who snipe and broadcast innuendo joined our side with honest enthusiasm and put their efforts into attacking drug companies and their products, we would be in a much stronger position. It’s dangerous work but it’s the only side to be on. Those who persevere with snide mischief-making are helping Schwab, Gates and Charles to turn us into slaves. Anyone who thinks I am exaggerating clearly has no idea what is planned.

I’ve believed for months that it’s this sort of cheap, nasty gossip and unjustifiable innuendo that will destroy us in the end. Those on our side who dish it out have clearly never read Marshall McLuhan, Vance Packard and so on; they have no idea how the media works and don’t understand the nature of the war we are fighting. In search of hits and instant infamy they lick the sewers clean and regurgitate the results as tweets.

The enemy don’t do any of this.

You don’t see Gates accusing Whitty of being a freemason, or Matt Hancock complaining that Mr Fauci has a disreputable non-existent brother. These people are quietly and firmly devoted to the destruction of humanity, freedom and democracy. They have created a war built on perception, not reality; a war of smoke and mirrors built on manufactured fear and the suppression of facts, hard evidence and all debate. Nothing is as it seems. We live in a fantasy world, Charles Dodgson meets J .M. Barrie, where there are more answers than questions and where the lies have to stand on one another’s shoulders to attract attention.

The absurdity is so complete, the deceits so well-established, that the perception has actually become the reality.

In future, we have to regard all the snipers and the wicked, fake gossip merchants as being in the same camp as the conspiracy practitioners – to be ignored as irrelevant and unsavoury and part of the enemy.

We can still win this war. We can and I believe we will. The alternative is not worth contemplating.

But we won’t win it if the selfish, self-promoting, Twitterati keep stabbing us all in the back.

We need facts and truths not childish name calling.

The truth is that when I made my last video I was exhausted, depressed and drained. I’ve never worked as hard as I have for the last year. My style of writing tends to be passionate, and passion creates vulnerability. I believe in what I write and I care about the people who read it or watch it.

When I announced that I was going to stop making these videos, I was tired and frustrated.

A little more than a year ago I put aside half of a fifth novel about Mrs Caldicot – the star of the film Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War. And I also abandoned plans for my 16th book about the village of Bilbury. It would have been a hell of a lot easier, and infinitely more profitable, to carry on with writing those books instead of putting my head on the line, waiting for the train to come. I confess I felt a little sorry for myself and wished I’d just carried on writing those books.

But this war is genuinely about our freedom and our humanity. Our world is full of real dangers, wars, hatred, prejudice, bigotry and Extinction Rebellion but politicians prefer to cry wolf and turn the annual flu into a spectacularly and wickedly misconceived pandemic.

This war is also about experimental injections that are so bloody useless and dangerous that I feel they should be sold exclusively on something like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gloop site – recommended perhaps as pointless remedies for cellulite or excess ear hair. Most of the public seem unconcerned about the real dangers of these injections and far more worried about the cost of testing which is likely to make foreign travel unacceptably expensive.

And it is a war about masks, traditionally symbols of enslavement, which stop viruses as effectively as chain-link fences stop mosquitoes, but are guaranteed to kill your brain cells and cause an epidemic of pneumonia.

Have you noticed by the way that Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon now wears ‘fashionable’ masks which have her initials on them – presumably so that if the mask-induced dementia gets out of hand she can simply slip down her mask and take a peep to remind her who she is. (Am I the only one who thinks it odd that she wants Scotland to leave the UK so that, utterly impoverished, it can join the EU and stop being a country at all. It seems to me that the woman flirts shamelessly with insanity.) Turning masks into fashion statements is part of normalising them. It’s dangerous.

And the war is about digital health passports which will segue into digital ID cards, which will eventually contain every item of information about you and before long end up implanted under your skin, and it’s about the introduction of a social credit scheme which will result in the end of all our freedom.

The health passports have been promoted as inevitable in order to persuade the gullible, the naïve and the dim-witted to accept the jabs, regardless of the very real risks associated with untried mRNA products, and to accept them so that they can go on holiday abroad or visit relatives out of the country. That’s rubbish. The brain dead zombies actually believed that if they had the injection they’d be able to jump on a plane and jet off to the destination of their choice.

Incidentally, there’s been a good deal of fuss recently about blood clots and similar problems with the injections. I forecast exactly that problem last year here on Brand New Tube. Take a look at my video entitled Covid-19 Vaccine – Possible Side Effects which was published on 8th December 2020.

But the blood clots are a red herring; a distraction to focus public attention on one problem and one type of injection while distracting attention from other problems. While the left hand produces a rabbit from a hat the right hand removes your watch from your pocket. While the media and the politicians worry about blood clots, the other vaccine induced deaths and serious injuries mount up and are ignored. Every Friday, my websites detail the latest death and injury figures – though politicians everywhere insist that all the deaths which occur immediately after vaccination are just coincidences. Never before, in the history of mankind, have so many people died of coincidence. Prince Philip was alleged to have had a covid-19 vaccination and then died of a complication associated both with vaccines and mask wearing. Just another coincidence. Having used him as part of the pro-vaccine propaganda they can hardly say he died of covid-19, can they? I bet they’re miffed they used him as a vaccine promotion. Worth remembering that Philip, father of four, said, years ago, that when he died he wanted to come back as a virus to kill billions of us.

The appropriate word is gullible, Mr Hitchens. I’ve got a slightly burst balloon I can let you have very cheaply. Still, I bet the Mail’s editor is pleased with you.

The health or digital passports are the first step towards total control. The passports they are planning will contain every piece of information about you – including access to your money. You won’t have to worry about paying your taxes or your utility bills. The money they think you owe will simply be taken out of your account – for your convenience.

This war is about an absurdly expensive and inefficient testing programme which exists to oppress and to train the simple-minded to be compliant. Around the world hundreds of millions of dollars has been wasted on an entirely unnecessary, useless and dangerous testing programme. The PCR test is as reliable and as useful as the BBC. In the UK and other countries, WHO guidelines are ignored and the tests are deliberately fiddled to maximise the number testing positive. It’s the equivalent of a second-hand car dealer turning back the clock on an old banger. Who would buy a second-hand car from Hancock, Vallance or Whitty, I wonder.

In the UK they want everyone to be tested at least twice a week and when entering or leaving any public place. There is no scientific reason for this. It’s just to provide an excuse for more laws and more lockdowns and to make testing and control part of our lives. The young, trained to obey, will accept the testing because they are naïve and ignorant and think it will give them back their freedom. Oh boy do they have a big surprise coming. If you haven’t watched it then please watch my video entitled `Shocking News Regarding the PCR Test’. The transcript is on my websites.

And few know that people have died being tested. Or that the testing can be used to vaccinate. The medical evidence is in my video entitled `The PCR Test Can Kill You and Can Be Used to Vaccinate You’. The transcript of that is on my websites and contains the scientific evidence.

Back on 2nd June 2020 I suggested that testing was being done to collect DNA samples. Curiously, YouTube recently reinstated that video. I have no idea why.

The other popular test, holding a temperature gun to a suspect’s forehead, is laughably pointless. Holding up a doughnut or an old pair of socks would be just as useful.

The only known truth is that we can’t trust anyone in any government. Everything is about control and compliance and power and money. Medical and scientific advisors have been bought.

It’s about power and money.

If it isn’t all a fraud why do they lie, demonise, suppress the truth and refuse to debate? Why did the media hide the fact that covid-19 is officially acknowledged to be no more dangerous than the flu?

The Daily Telegraph ran a headline the other day which said `When people are this desperate to silence and discredit you, you must be saying something that’s true.’

At first, I thought they were talking about those of us fighting for the truth. But the headline was, inevitably, about racism not the biggest health fraud of all time.

The lies are all about power and money but it’s a war of perception, not reality. Deception not facts.

In the UK, they now claim that covid-19 has killed 120,000 people in two winters. They’re rolling up the figures, year after year, to make it seem more significant than it is. The same thing is happening everywhere.

It’s all a lie, of course. Every doctor in the country who still has a brain knows that’s a lie. The real figure is a fraction of that. Most of the 120,000 died of the flu or long-standing chronic illnesses deliberately misdiagnosed as covid-19. The total number of deaths is much the same as it always is. The only thing that has changed is the way the deaths are recorded.

But let us, for a moment, imagine that the figure of 120,000 in two winters is accurate. The deaths were, of course, nearly all elderly people. Not even the BBC, surely now the most ruthlessly corrupt and dishonest media organisation in world history, will dispute that.

That sounds a lot, doesn’t it? It’s 60,000 people dying every winter.

And that is roughly the same as the number of old people in the UK who die prematurely each winter because of the cold. They die because the old aged pension in the UK is one of the most miserable in the world and they can’t afford to keep warm and to eat. So they freeze to death.

Think of that. In the UK, people live in a developed country which can afford to spend £100 billion building a new railway line that doesn’t seem to go anywhere and that virtually no one wants and yet 60,000 people in Britain die of the cold each year and no one says anything. They don’t close down the country to save them.

If the Government used a tenth of the money wasted on its stupid testing programme to provide cheaper heating for the elderly those 60,000 lives would be saved each year. The truth is that the Government wants to kill old people because they are seen as a financial drain – they’ve already boasted that the elderly deaths in care homes has resulted in the Government saving billions of pounds.

Moreover, the UK Government is allowing heating costs to rise and is banning gas boilers and log fires. They know that the demand for electricity, to operate electric cars and the nation’s homes and businesses, will be so huge that there will be electricity cuts. They’ll use smart meters to cut off your electricity supply. If you have a smart meter my advice is to get rid of it as soon as you can.

Worse still, to satisfy the insane global warming cultists, governments are cutting the temperature at which they allow boilers to operate. They’re cutting temperatures by ten degrees so that your government can fit in with the absurd Agenda 21 energy saving plan – all for the cultish global warming hoax; a massive unscientific global fraud thought up 30 years ago by those who planned the Great Reset and the new normal, and now fiercely promoted by an ungodly coalition of eco fascist vandals and corporate virtue signallers.

Incidentally, I hear that some of the most toxic global warming cultists now want the Glasgow conference on global warming to be delayed because of covid. I can only assume that the string-pullers realise there is much mileage left in the covid hoax – and see a chance to push the experimental jabs harder and faster.

These temperature cuts, and the inevitably higher energy costs, will push up the number of UK deaths caused by the cold to 100,000 to 150,000 a year. But the people dying will be the elderly and no one gives a damn about them. Remember too that Bill Gates is funding work to block out the sun. His workers are dumping tons of calcium carbonate and so on high in the sky. The aim is to ensure that the earth gets colder, thereby sustaining the global warming cult, destroying traditional farming and forcing us to eat lab made food.

Ridiculous? Check it out? I don’t do ridiculous.

In the end millions of people will be so cold and hungry that they’ll be happy to move into the smart cities they’ve got planned for us – and to eat the artificial food they’re making to replace natural stuff. It was Schwab of the World Economic Forum who said that after the Global Reset we will own nothing and be happy.

In the autumn there will be more deaths.

The deaths will be caused by the experimental vaccines but they’ll blame the third wave and the covid mutations. And they’ll promote more experimental injections. Drug companies and doctors will make fortunes.

Everything they have introduced will be permanent – including our loss of freedom. What sort of bizarre upside down world is it where drug companies, members of an industry which make Pablo Escobar and the Columbian cartels look like a church choir, are suddenly treated as reliable, saviours and drug company executives are feted as heroes? Look at some of my old videos and articles describing the number of crimes, frauds and so on, which have been committed by drug company executives.

We have been conned into thinking that we should be grateful to the big drug companies for making experimental gene products, sold as vaccines, to protect us from a disease which governments and the WHO know is no more deadly than the flu. These damned things are officially so experimental that insurance companies won’t cover anyone who has one and falls ill or dies. Oh, and by the way, although Gates negotiated indemnity for the drug companies the indemnity was for vaccines. These aren’t vaccines, unless the compliant dictionary editors are allowed to define medical practice, so will the drug companies still be immune?

Many, many months ago I suggested that a simple, cheap way to assess the value of the experimental injections would be to conduct an old-fashioned, but reliable, long-term trial. You inject 20,000 people and find a cohort of 20,000 comparable individuals who aren’t injected. You then watch to see how many deaths and illnesses there are in each group over periods of 3, 6, 12 and 24 months. Governments could do this even if they insisted on continuing with the mass roll out of an untried, experimental product. But no one in government and none of the hundreds of paid advisors has, to my knowledge, suggested conducting such a simple trial. Why? My only conclusion is that they know that they will find that death and illness among the vaccinated will far exceed death and illness among the unvaccinated.

The media still insists that the experimental injection stops people getting covid-19. For example, I saw an article in a magazine in which the writer celebrated delight at having been jabbed with the words but added `It will be some days before I develop my immunity.’

It certainly will be some days.

Try never.

The jabs don’t stop anyone getting covid-19 and they don’t stop you spreading it if you get it. But that’s what 99.999% of the population believe because that’s the Big Lie the suckers have been sold. I find it staggering that so many believe what they are told by politicians, who lie, drug companies, which lie, and journalists, who have been bought. Why don’t people think anymore? We all have to make sure everyone contemplating being jabbed knows that it won’t stop them getting or spreading covid.

Every day I find myself struggling with cognitive dissonance. The other day someone complained that some of the solidly based predictions in my new book Endgame, which is about the secret Agenda 21 and the future we now face, are absurd.

But my idea of what is `absurd’ has changed a good deal.

I wonder how many people would, eighteen months ago, have thought it absurd to think of healthy people being forced to wear masks which are known to do more harm than good, and then clamouring to be injected with a dangerous, experimental jab which doesn’t stop anyone getting anything so that they could leave their own homes and go to the shops and buy a new pair of socks.

How many would have thought it absurd to think of perfectly healthy people being locked in their homes for months on end – so that they don’t get a disease with a mortality rate of the flu.

How many would, eighteen months ago, have thought it crazy that the UK Government would fine healthy citizens, other than BBC staff, £5,000 if they tried to leave the country.

The fact is that the paradigm has changed. We have to loosen the boundaries of our imaginations. And it’s difficult these days to think of anything which can be described as ridiculous.

Logically, it would, of course, be madness, to suggest giving an experimental injection to young children – infants and children who are as likely to be killed by lightning as they are to be killed by covid-19. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

But, they’re planning to do exactly that. So, that’s not absurd.

Would you have described it as madness if I’d said that around the world, millions of children would be subjected to torture techniques developed by the CIA, that millions would die of starvation in Africa as a result of unnecessary lockdowns, that millions of patients with cancer would be denied essential treatment and that millions of elderly citizens would be murdered in cold blood as a result of the ruthless manufacture of a fake crisis? As a former GP I feel the pain and deceit involved in deliberately killing cancer patients with a special tenderness. And the last couple of years have given me a special awareness of the fears cancer patients endure while waiting for tests and treatment. For a year now many cancer patients have endured inhuman agonies because of the closure of hospital departments. Hospital administrators and the medical establishment have treated patients with unforgiveable barbarism and I devoutly hope that many if not all end up in court defending themselves against charges of manslaughter.

Would you have described it as absurd if, a year ago, I’d suggested that governments would use sophisticated psy-op techniques to terrify and control innocent citizens and that, as a direct result, the incidence of depression, alcoholism and suicide would soar to unprecedented levels?

Would you, a little over a year ago, have thought it ridiculous to suggest that thousands of members of the British army would be employed, full-time, on suppressing the truth and helping to ensure that their fellow countrymen were denied access to the truth?

Would you, eighteen months ago, have thought it madness to suggest that well-qualified doctors and scientists would be demonised for airing truths and opinions? And would you have thought it far-fetched to suggest that all debate be suppressed and that the mainstream media around the world would turn themselves into propaganda units in return for massive, taxpayer funded advertising expenditure?

And yet all this, and much more, has come to pass.

The day after I’d decided not to make any more videos, because I could not deal with the personal pain, I discovered something that filled my heart with renewed hope and with the strength to fight on.

Many months ago it was clear that YouTube wasn’t going to allow me to talk about covid, lockdowns, masks, social distancing or vaccines. If I mentioned any of those words they removed my videos – sometimes within ten or fifteen minutes of them appearing. I was banned several times and threatened with expulsion. Others were allowed to mention those subjects – especially if they repeated government lies.

Everything I had recorded was based on the truth but the truth was no defence against the authorities.

Never before has the medical profession allowed politicians and the media to ban the truth and suppress debate.

This alone is proof that these are dark and desperate days.

The medical establishment’s main aim these days is to please the drug companies and the governments. They don’t look for truths. The medical establishment has been corrupt for decades but it’s got worse in the last year.

The BMA and the royal colleges have always put drug companies first and patients a distant last but today the needs of patients aren’t considered at all. And politicians, of course, are now even more corrupt than they have always been. What is happening in the world today is just as bad as what happened in Europe in the 1940s. The evil ones haven’t yet killed as many – but they are planning to kill billions. The medical establishment has approved the mass murder of the elderly and the abandonment of cancer patients. And doctors are now preparing to inject babies and children with an experimental vaccine for a disease which is, to healthy children, about as dangerous as a lightning flash. Mengele would have been proud to be running this experiment.

So I moved to Brand New Tube – BNT.

When I joined BNT, I warned Muhammad Butt, the senior founder, that he would probably find himself under pressure to ban me or to censor my videos. This wasn’t paranoia. I had already been refused accounts with Facebook, Twitter and several publishing platforms because as a doctor and a writer I was considered a threat to the conspiracy. Scores of my YouTube videos had been banned. And, of course, my Wikipedia page had been savaged. Newspapers around the world were attacking me as a dangerous threat to the new world order.

Muhammad Butt said that he would not allow anyone to force them to dump me and that rather than allow that to happen he would close the platform.

Well, exactly what I predicted would happen duly came to pass.

And Muhammad Butt proved himself to be a man of his word, a man of honour.

BNT has not made a penny out of hosting my videos but the loyalty and friendship has warmed my heart. I have worked for many publishing and broadcasting companies which made a good deal of money out of me – none of them, none, has ever treated me with such kindness and respect.

Since I joined BNT the senior founder has been threatened with many things, including attempted blackmail. He has been accused of being a murderer and a terrorist and there have been attempts to have him arrested. The BNT platform has been constantly under attack from hackers and trolls. There have been attempts to stop the app store working and to close the site.

Recently BNT was given an ultimatum that if they did not remove my videos, their data centre would not deal with them and BNT would have to close or find a new home.

With incredible loyalty and friendship Muhammad Butt and BNT chose to stand by me. At great expense and inconvenience they moved the whole of BNT to a new home where, hopefully, it will be safer. I gather Muhammad is now looking at servers on the moon if Earth becomes too unbearably hot.

Please do everything you can to support BNT. The platform is introducing a plan so that content creators can monetise their work. There’s an app in the box below that explains how it works. In addition the platform is selling merchandise. BNT deserves our support.

It annoys me enormously when people complain that BNT isn’t as fast as You Tube – partly because BNT gets blocked and suppressed. But remember this: if I point out, for example, that governments around the world know that covid-19 is no more deadly than the flu – and that I can prove that they know that – YouTube will remove my words within minutes.

Muhammad Butt has built and run BNT for nearly 12 months now, and I know it has cost close to half a million pounds to build and maintain. Running the site will continue to cost big money over the years ahead. As always I won’t be monetising my videos and they will always be free to view but it costs a good deal to run the site, and BNT needs and deserves support. (I have no financial links with BNT, by the way.)

I am also back here because of all the kind and generous souls who sent messages of support which gave me the strength to carry on making videos.

Massive thanks to those on Facebook (which Mr Zuckerberg does not allow me to look at) and, indeed, on Twitter. And enormous, galactic sized thanks to Rachel Reenstra for a wonderful and amazing video. If you haven’t seen it, please do. I have no idea how she made my chair race around like that. It’s on BNT and it’s called `Dr Vernon Coleman Dedication’. It’s magic and it made me smile. And thanks to London Lady, Nicole Hudson and everyone else.

Thanks to all those who were kind enough to speak out. Thanks to Bitchute for carrying copies of my videos. Oh and a big thank you to Piers Corbyn, the next mayor of London.

The bottom line is the fight must go on.

There’s a protest walk being held in London on 24th April. I’m told it starts in Hyde Park at 1 p.m. on Saturday 24th April.

It could be the biggest protest march in history.

Marchers are told, of course, that they must stick to the six feet apart social distancing rule – a piece of non- scientific nonsense of course – and so every 880 people will require a mile of road. If those who are marching walk two abreast then they can get 1760 people to a mile. The average road is only 15 feet wide so two people will be all they can manage.

If 100,000 people turn up and they walk two abreast the march will be 56 miles long. If they walk in single file the march will be 113 miles long.

Since Wolverhampton is 113 miles from London that means the march will stretch from Hyde Park to Wolverhampton town hall.

If 250,000 people turn up and they walk in single file the protest will be 284 miles long – that will take them most of the way to Scotland.

And if a million people turn up then the protest will be 1,136 miles long.

The outer Hebrides are 692 miles from London and the Orkneys are 721 miles away, so if there are anywhere near a million people then a good many will need to bring boats to get across the water.

Many years ago, St Augustine told me he once saw a child trying to empty the sea with a seashell.

And that’s what it feels like today: unending frustration and disappointment.

But, as I’ve said before, if those of us who care fight together then we will win this war.

Millions of people around the world are currently being governed by a gang of greedy murderers. But we have right and truth on our side.

I’m going to continue to concentrate on the big, simple issues: the evil Agenda 21 plans, the vile digital passports, the experimental jabs and the criminal history of those profiting from them, the deadly masks and the millions of deaths which are being caused by the lockdowns. In his latest video, my friend Dr Colin Baron points out that more than 30 scientific papers show that lockdowns do more harm than good. The lockdowns are designed to turn us into prisoners, to make us feel guilty and to break our spirit. If you haven’t seen it do watch Colin’s latest video called, `Why People Love Lockdowns’. Most of his videos contain a surprise and this is no exception.

It’s vital to remember that this is a war. It’s not a rehearsal and it’s definitely not a game. The world is being run by evil, satanic bastards who want to kill us all. And if anyone thinks that’s an absurd claim then I’m afraid they’ve had their eyes shut and their ears closed for too long.

I now constantly remind myself that the shills and trolls, are gnats and fleas, a distraction from policy and strategy.

And I’m forever aware that we need to know how to weaponise information and we have to be constantly aware that this is a war of perception not reality.

Perception is their chosen battleground and we have no choice but to fight the war they’ve selected.

And, to preserve what is left of my sanity, I will never again look at social media of any kind. I’ll read scientific papers but most of the stuff I read will come in an envelope with a stamp on the top right hand corner.

If you haven’t read them yet, do please read my two free PDF books which are available on www.vernoncoleman.org

Remember: they want us to feel powerless, afraid and guilty. But we aren’t powerless, we’re not guilty and we don’t need to feel afraid.

They have a great deal of authority. But we have more. We have far more power than they think we have – as long as we fight on and fight together and use our power wisely. Let’s stand together against the tyranny of totalitarian governments everywhere.

And please share this video as widely as you can.

I’m normally a fast writer. The script for this video took me a week to write because it means so much.

We will win this war by sharing the truth in a world of propaganda, lies and deceit.

Remember, you are not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once they awaken they will stay awake.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies!

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021