We are all being spied on


It’s no secret that all our browsing data and even the content of our emails and messages are being SOLD by BIG TECH without our permission.

Yes, everyone today knows that BIG TECH spies on its users…

But the NEXT STAGE has begun…

Now, we have Senators, Congressmen and House Representatives claiming that BIG TECH is CENSORING THEM… 

And small family businesses are now claiming their BANK PAYMENT SYSTEMS have been BLOCKED.

Many family businesses are experiencing weird anomalies with their PAYMENT GATEWAYS…

The UK government have been accused of targetting small family-owned PUBS and defrauding them with the errant ‘Furlough Pay’ scheme which has only given money to a small percentage of British pubs…

Estimates say that the UK government’s Coronavirus policy has caused FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND SMALL BUSINESSES to go BUST. 

This man invented a system which transforms RAIN into ELECTRICITY.  He died of malnutrition after being financially ripped-off by Wall Street financiers. BIG TECH has erased his name from the internet… Good job the ENIGMA CHANNEL team have saved and scanned all his patents.


People are reporting on blogs that their log-in passwords no longer work – especially following an update on their PC.

The solution is very simple.

Use the excellent OPERA BROWSER.

Do not delay.

Opera blocks ads and cures the log-in hassles which people have reported online since updating their OS / PC.

The ENIGMA CHANNEL produces informative documentary films about BIG TECH and how new technologies can allow us all to live and make money OFF GRID.



4 Responses to “We are all being spied on”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The main device spying on you is your cellphone. Even when switched off it has an active microphone which hears all your conversations. You can tell this by the ads that come onto your devices being prompted by your comments. Unless you believe in coincidence! If you keep a turned off phone in a Faraday bag/pouch, then it can’t signal and listen so easily. Switched off and nearby it still spies on you. Better still get rid of your phone as I have done. I find a landline is sufficient and you get massively less emf/emr exposure, to which I am sensitive affecting sleep and energy. Again the herd is locked into their cellphones and ‘could not live without them’. Yes you can.

    • ian says:

      I agree Tap. Even with battery removed, your phone has enough energy to allow a “ping”, which gives your position, and other phones present.

    • User says:

      I use a small biscuit tin. Don’t forget your credit cards or anything with a RFID chip. I’ve seen claims that there are satellites which track these but I have no idea if that’s true.

      The worst kind of spying is the interdimensional kind like when they assign some demon to monitor everything you do and said entity also reads all your thoughts and influences you into doing things which you would not normally do. That’s why it’s very unwise to challenge Satanists because they can summon all sorts of entities to make one’s life hell.

      • Tapestry says:

        That’s not entirely true User. The demons will run when confronted with the name of Jesus Christ. Don’t ask me how or why, but I’ve seen it. We cleared a demonic presence out of our house which was throwing things around, and had trapped souls who were communicating to us of their plight. The team that cleared the house took a week and spoke only in the name of Jesus Christ. The place is tranquil ever since, and the souls gone to rest.