‘Venus’ brood mothers used to create experimental life forms

AMIENS CATHEDRAL is built – like many Templar buildings – on the site of a much older holy place…

…Much older… Like 28,000 years older…

28,000 years ago, Amiens in northern France was home to a prehistoric humanoid race – and here, yet again, we discover one of the curious ‘VENUS’ figurines, which are investigated in the Enigma Channel’s FALLEN ANGELS TV series…

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AMIENS CATHEDRAL is a cabalistic temple masquerading as a Christian church. It has an inverted pentagram in one of the stained glass windows.

Discovered just a few months ago, the Amiens Venus is typical of the other similar figures found in Morocco, Germany and Siberia.

Why did people thousands of miles apart sculpt the exact same weird figurines which usually have no face, no arms, no feet and in some cases no head? What are they?

The accented breasts and wide hips show the Venus statues to be linked to genetics, birthing and fertility.

Very often there is no actual head – but an EXPOSED BRAIN.

  • In our FALLEN ANGLES TV series, you can see our international investigation which reveals that these figurines are models of actual genetic ‘brood mothers’ which most probably were genetically engineered to breed humanoids… And some of these humanoids mixed amphibian, reptilian and human DNA…

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