UK Column News – 7th April 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News. 00:26

The EMA Acknowledges Vaccine Thrombosis Risks Sources: ***********

IM Article: –

Mike Yeadon Delingpod Interview: – 08:20

Media Spin And Political & Health Service Denial of Vaccine ADR’s Sources: *********** MHRA ADR Statistics: –

Mail Article: –

NHSuk Tweet: –…

BMJ Letter Responses: –

Dutch Announcement: – 19:00

COVID 19 Mortality Statistics Sources: ************ UK column Article: –

ONS Statement: – 20:15

Stutgart Acknowledges that Possible COVID 19 Vaccine Death Post Mortems Are Banned Sources: ************* Article: –

EMA Data: – 25:24

Is There Any Need For Vaccines And What Does Training The Immune System Achieve? Sources: *********** Paper: –…

BC Article: –

Science Article: –

T-Cell Paper: –

Telegraph Article (Bell and Gilbert statements): – 29:38

BBC decides what “disinformation” it will tackle, calling science “conspiracy theory.” Sources: *********** BBC VitD Article: –

PMC Paper: –

ScienceDirect Paper: –

TP Article: –

Scientific American Article: –

Ms Society Article: –

Science Daily Article: –

ISCD Article: –

Guardian Article: –

AofA Article: – 34:29

Northern Exposure Interview With Murdo Fraser – 36:14

Emails from UKC viewers experiencing vaccine side effects 37:13

MP Ben Wallace Ignores Public Concerns And Regurgitates Meaningless Soundbites 39:38

Email Suggests Why University Halts Key Research Sources: ************* GR Article: – 40:37

The MSM Acknowledges Psychological Manipulation Sources: ************ Telegraph Article: –

Express Article: –

Mail Article: –

SAGE Minutes: –

UK Column News May 11th 2020 (go to 12:25): –

Mindspace Document: – 44:23

Test, Test, Test Even If There Is No Reason To Do So Sources: ************ Johnson Urges Asymptomatic Testing: –

Asymptomatic Testing Job Profile: – 46:38

COVID 19 Passports / Certificates (Same thing) Leads The Dictatorship Sources: ************ Telegraph Gove Article: –

Sir Graham Brady Article: –

Dr Rath’s Article: – 52:29

Fusion Doctrine: UK Social Mobility Commission Comes Under Centralised Control of the Cabinet Office Sources: ************ UK Social Mobility Commission Announcement: – UKHSA Announcement: –

UKHSA Hancock Statement: –…

Dr Jenny Harries Appointment: –

Dr Jenny Harries Marks First Day: –

Dr Jenny Harries Profile: –… 57:00

European Courts Symbolically Challenge Government COVID Policy Sources: ********** Le Soir Article: –

Brussels Times Article 001: –

Brussels Times Article 002: – 58:28

Serbs Decline COVID 19 Vaccines Sources: ************ AFP Article: – 01:00:43

I Refuse To Comply For The Sake of My Son Sources *********** UKC Article: –…

Eastern Approaches video: –… 01:05:21

Sonia Poulton Hounded Out of Campaigning Against Child Abuse 01:07:20

Digital Markets Will Save Us From Online Harms Which Means Disinformation Is the Same As Child Grooming Sources: *********** Digital Markets Unit Announcement: –

Oliver Dowden Statement: –

Matt Hancock Future of the Media Statement: –

Justiz – Online: –

UK Column Censored Timeline: –

Twitter Safety Tweet: –…


5 Responses to “UK Column News – 7th April 2021”

  1. Aldous says:

    Is it really true that this truly hateful Etonian Bullingdon Club Brat sonofabitch has fathered SIX children out of wedlock by SIX different women?
    I BLUSH for the GB (Gulag Britain) People!

  2. Aldous says:

    I hear on the internet jungle drums that millions upon millions of Gulag Britons have willingly and voluntarily subjected themselves to the terminator toxic jab? Catastrophe? No! A weeding out!

  3. Aldous says:

    I’m honestly hacked off with out and out wankers who shout to me that they’ve had their first or second ‘jab’. Moronic isn’t the word. Are these tossers even worth worrying about? Perhaps they are better off dead.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Are these tossers even worth worrying about? Perhaps they are better off dead
      No, they’re not and YES definitely.
      Therefore, we must encourage them to roll up their sleeves for the infamous ‘jab’.
      Teach them how to ‘cheat’ the system so they can get in earlier and how to get DOUBLE doses of Kill Gates’s miracle ‘vaccine’, that doesn’t stop the spread, doesn’t stop any sheople being infected by the non-existent pathogen, but does reduce slightly the symptoms that no-one even had, even if they’re a ‘superspreader’, because they’re asymptomatic.

      Brainless, zombified morons. F*** em!

      • Tapestry says:

        I understand the frustration, but not the logic. BTW Michael Aspel fathered 25 children with 25 different women and organised annual gatherings for his offspring. The elites have a different view of life to the rest of us. I prefer to raise my children myself. Herd instinct is the biggest problem with people rushing to be jabbed. The first step with thinking for yourself is to be ready to abandon the herd, yet that is where most people feel at their safest. The media plays on that all day from dawn til dusk. As if saying – keep in with us, and we’ll keep you safe. At least concentration camp guards walked around with whips so you knew where you stood. At the vaccine centres people report being treated like royalty – never felt so important in their lives. It’s like a honey trap. Feels so lovely. Remember. Your enemy works on your weaknesses, not your strengths. The essence of warfare is to dismantle your enemy’s defences and then take his property, his life and these days his soul too, as the killing of humanity is aimed at stopping our spirit from being powerful, both here and in the afterlife. All that you are is targeted. The trap does not stop here, but reaches beyond your death, where the demonically controlled governments want you distressed, not at peace. While I understand the frustration at seeing so many rush to be genetically altered, it is a loss to the human spirit that so many will not have such good lives from hereon and also will be less likely to die in contentment and fulfilment of their earthly ives.