Think restrictions will end 21st June? Then why are “Covid Marshals” being recruited by the UK Gov. to start 1st July?

On Saturday the 24th April 2021 up to one million people descended on London because they can see what millions of others cannot. They can see that their freedoms are being eroded under the guise of preventing the spread of the alleged Covid-19. They took part in a march for your freedom and your children’s freedom which went unreported in the mainstream media because they are far too busy reporting on what kind of wallpaper the Prime Minister has put up in No.10 Downing Street.

Many have criticised those who attended the protest because they can now sit outside a pub in the cold and apparently by the 21st of June this year all the rights and freedoms which were enjoyed prior to March 2020 will be restored in full. They are gravely mistaken.

Although authorities may grant some form of freedom post 21st June, facial coverings and social distancing are going nowhere any time soon. You can also forget Summer holidays without restrictions. But it is without doubt that Brits new restricted “freedom” will be short lived because of the guaranteed shitstorm that is going to land on these shores once autumn returns.

Of course you won’t just take our word for it, so why not take the UK Governments? As they are currently advertising a contract for ‘Covid Marshals’ to the tune of £3 million with a start date of the 1st July 2021.

The contract for the provision of Covid marshals was published on the Governments contract finder site on the 26th April 2021 and has a closing date of 14th May. This specific contract is for Hertfordshire County Council and it states the value is from £0 – £3 million. That’s tax-payers money as well by the way.

The contract is due to begin on the 1st July and will run to at least the 31st January 2022.

Hertfordshire County Council state they are looking for a provider to supply 60 Covid marshals to ten districts through the county. Their vision for their Covid marshals is to “continue the service delivery to the residents of Hertfordshire”, that has been in place since November 2020. Why would they need to continue implementing it if life is to return to normal on the 21st June?

One of the responsibilities of the Covid marshals include “providing practical support to aid and encourage compliance”. Compliance with what? We’re going back to “normal” on the 21st June remember, Boris said so. The council say this can be done through an “intelligence led approach”. What they really mean is – “You will act upon intelligence received by those who have fallen for the narrative and turned into vile snitches”.

Free by 21st June? Pull the other one. This won’t end until we all say it does.
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3 Responses to “Think restrictions will end 21st June? Then why are “Covid Marshals” being recruited by the UK Gov. to start 1st July?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    One reason for the marshalls is that businesses will be sued for refusing to serve e.g. an exempted mask wearer, while a marshall is exempt from legal consequences for unreasonable refusal to allow a person to shop or consume.

  2. Mick says:

    The only way to deal with these Kapo’s is the old-fashioned way. A hand over the mouth, a knife between the ribs and a corpse in the street.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I faced my aggressor of last week in Costa this morning. Last time she walked off when I curtly said ‘No’ when she offered me a mask, with no niceties or explanation, exactly the same as the lady in the wine shop (Tanners). This time the Costa girl was all over me like a rash. ‘What would you like, Darlin’?’ and ‘Would you like some sprinkles, Darl?’ No mention of not serving me, or requesting I wear a lanyard. She’s had enough of it all. As I wrote last time, just say ‘No’. Let them find the words to continue the conversation. They can’t. They get all confused, and walk away. Nothing could be easier.