The Perpetuation of Face Mask Requirements is Occult Enslavement by New Underworld Order

PHOTO: East Bay Times

Rites of initiation, in occult practice, are intended to transform a person from a previous state to a new state. The wearing of a mask occludes the wearer’s true and God-given persona, then forces the assumption of a new persona. This is a key part of most occult initiation rituals. This initiation involves the symbolic killing of the initiate and bringing him to life again. The prior individual having undergone the process, is gone.

Masks were among the instruments of torture, control and dehumanization that were used by the criminal class to abduct and enslave those they attempted to lord over. Mask have also long had a darker role in schemes of sacrifice, transformation and social control.

Philip Zimbardo’s 1971 Stanford prison experiment, among other studies, showed how face coverings and masks can facilitate cruel dehumanization of one’s peers. One can today feel it where the majority of people are masked in public. Combined with hall-monitor types everywhere, this has a depressive effect. That’s very much the intention of the New Underworld Order scamsters who are running the Covid-1984 perp.

Read “Fear and Loathing in California: The Covid-1984 Lockdowns and the Stanford Prison Experiment”

Another study by anthropologist John Watson noted similar observations:

Developing infants and children learn social skills and empathy by studying human faces. Discordians looking to invert and damage society use masking to annihilate this social navigation skill. This leads to psychosis and asocial reactions. Meanwhile, total mortality or serious illness resulting from Wuhan virus infection in children is minuscule.

Lydia Densworth writes in her book “Friendship” about the importance of children’s human interaction with faces. Being subjected to masks often leads to sociopathy due to poor brain development.

Children are being trained for penal colony mentality, submission and passive servitude.

Read “Jeremy Bentham: British-Elitist Agent and Weird Pseudo-Intellectual Godfather of Utilitarianism and the Panopticon”

Socially distanced children during school recess.

Even before this latest mask and spacing onslaught, the younger generation was already demonstrating less empathy and more narcissism engendered by technology — hence the The Selfie Generation moniker for millennials.

Layered on top of this twisted psychological and mind control operation comes Clown World claims that treating animals humanely is a trait or in shadow language an act of white supremacy — something whites are more inclined to engage in than other races — and somehow that’s a bad thing.


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    Select images then search for

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