The March in April: to everyone who took part: thank you for being there!


by Steve Cook, UKR Editor 25th April 2021

Yesterday’s march in London was HUGE.  To everyone who joined us I want to say,


I’ve been on a lot of protest marches in my time but this was the biggest one I’ve ever been to. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Unlike other marches in other times, this one spanned and embraced and united in common cause many generations and social backgrounds.

I’ve included videos below to celebrate this triumph of People Power but even these don’t do justice to the sheer size, power and good spirits of the thing.

It was an honour and privilege to walk with so many good people and true Patriots of Earth.

It was a wonderful invigorating lift to one’s morale to discover the tangible reality of so many like-minded people that proves beyond question that we are FAR from alone and that what we have here is as truly global grassroots movement of potentially awesome power.

It fired a considerable warning shot across the bows of the aspiring tyrants who have sought to supplant democracy with a thinly disguised dictatorship under the smoke screen of a fake pandemic composed of one outright, cynical lie upon another and another.

It was impossible to estimate accurately the size of the demo. People marched twenty abreast down Oxford Street and from my vantage point somewhere in the middle of it, it stretched ahead of  and behind me as far as I could see.

At one point I stood for ten or fifteen minutes outside M and S in Oxford Street and just enjoyed watching the people march by with their drums and banners and so forth. The people just kept on coming and when I rejoined the stream and looked back I STILL could not see the tail of the march. I would be very surprised if the march did not beat the million people we had hoped for.

It was uplifting, more so because it proved that we, The People, can lift one another

But consider this:

If, at as rough guess, for every person that made it to the march, there were five like-minded people who could not be there, then we now have a movement in the UK alone that is five million strong.

That is quite some movement and if we can truly unite behind shared goals and purposes we have something of unstoppable power.

So let’s unite and win!

This is only the beginning. As the lies and deceptions and injuries and homicides inflicted by the government upon the people continue, as the truth of it breaks through in more and more and more places, our numbers are going to grow.

Hopefully there will be another march soon and the numbers will be even greater. We will need to be unrelenting in our efforts and not stop until tyranny is dead and the present and future are clear of globalist oppression.

Take my advice, be at the next one if you possibly can, join the shoulder-to-shoulder effort to usher in benign governance and experience the sheer joy of being part of something very special.

My hope is that we can come up between us with a single central slogan that carries a coherent punch and communicates a core message, something that is common to all the various messages about lockdowns, vaxes, tyranny and so forth. And something simple that is at the same time real to and not too big a leap of agreement for just about everyone in the country.

Personally I think this core message fits that bill: “YOUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING”.

But be that as it may, I will definitely be going to the next one and I strongly recommend that ALL of you be there. Don’t miss out on something special.

Meanwhile, enjoy these videos



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