The Enemy Within the Church Exposed: Vigano on the Vatican Vaccine Summit

Highlights from the Vigano Verities on the Vatican Vaccine Conference.

Enemies within the Church:

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Chelsea Clinton, a follower of the Church of Satan and a staunch abortion advocate; Deepak Chopra-New Age guru; and a whole slew of abortionists, Malthusians, and globalists known to the general public.


“The infamous Anthony Fauci, whose scandalous conflicts of interest did not prevent him from taking over the management of the pandemic in the United States.”

Archbishop Vigano packs a theological punch at the Bergoglio Vatican in his latest letter to the Catholic Church. Here’s some of the highlights:

+The Francis Vatican is a “sect of heretical and depraved Modernists.”

+Umpteenth scandalous conference.

+Bergoglio’s zeal for gene serum is motivated by economic reasons.

+the Conference logo and imagery is blasphemous and sacrilegious.

+The Holy See is making itself the Servant of the New World Order

+Don’t be a silent accomplice to this apostasy. Pray for Divine Providence to Intervene.

+In an effort as vain as it is unprecedented to transform the Bride of Christ into a philanthropic association enslaved to the Strong Powers.

+The result is the super-imposition over the true Church of a sect of heretical and depraved Modernists who are intent on legitimizing adultery, sodomy, abortion, euthanasia, idolatry, and any perversion of the intellect and will.

+The Conference will obviously take great care not to mention even indirectly the perennial teaching of the Magisterium on moral and doctrinal questions of the greatest importance.

+Conversely, the sycophantic praise of the worldly mentality and the prevailing ideology will be the only voice, along with the amorphous ecumenical repertoire inspired by the New Age.

+The true Church is now eclipsed, denied and discredited by her very Pastors, betrayed even by the one who occupies the highest Throne.

+At La Salette, Our Lady warned us: “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.”

+It will not be the Holy Church, indefectible by the promises of Christ, that will lose the Faith:

+It will be the sect that occupies the See of Most Blessed Peter and which today we see propagating the anti-gospel of the New World Order.

+It is no longer possible to remain silent, because today our silence would make us accomplices of the enemies of God and of the human race.

+Millions of faithful are disgusted by the countless scandals of the Pastors, by the betrayal of their mission, by the desertion of those who by Holy Orders are called to bear witness to the Holy Gospel and not to support the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist.