The Agenda to Cull and Control

The Agenda to Cull and Control

Max Igan – The Crowhouse Bitchute Apr 19, 2021




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3 Responses to “The Agenda to Cull and Control”

  1. Loccie says:

    Is this what we have become? laughing and crowing about this policeman’s terrible situation? I can not watch him suffering, where is the humanity? I know the police are going along with the lies of covid and some are them are evil, BUT if we fail to have any empathy for human suffering we become as bad as they are. We don’t know why he is in this situation, was he assaulted and fell trying to escape?

    This is what the PTB want they are only getting away with what they are doing because they are convincing everyone it is lawful, they know if we all stood up under common law they would be shown as the liars they are. They need to get rid of the ENTIRE system, including the police constable. They are making us hate then police so we will do their dirty work for them. Riots and violence allowing the roll out of military police and martial law.

    Don’t let them rob you of human empathy evil will never defeat evil.

    • ian says:

      Hi Loccie. The video seems to show an odd situation. I feel certain, that most police officers wouldn’t end up like that, nor would most members of the public behave like the one videoing it.
      Having said that, if the police, or even some of the police, behave themselves like henchmen for the corrupt puppets that relay the elite agenda, they will open themselves up to being treated as such. The days of Dixon of Dock Green are long gone.

  2. Luxeternal says:

    First, is it real about the Cop on the gate? Second, I think it’s actually illegal not to go to the assistance of a Police Officer who requires aid. Sure I heard that somewhere.