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Hello Henry

Robin is a local solicitor and is the Chairman of the English Democrats. The English Democrats are the only campaigning English nationalist party, and are the foremost Party of Law and Order in England. We are also opposed to the British Establishment’s attempts to break England up into bogus “Regions”.

The British Government sends too much of our English taxes to Scotland and Wales, whilst asset-stripping England! Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own Governments who control their health regulations as we have seen during the Coronavirus crisis. None of them pay for Prescriptions, whereas in England ours have just gone up again!

Help end this madness! Tap here to support Robin

We aim to end Politically Correct policing. We want to stop statist multi-culturalists from using the police to globalise and divide up England. We will ensure that the Animal Welfare Laws are strictly enforced in Halal slaughter houses.

The English Constitution specifically allows us to defend ourselves and our property. We should make sure that our police respect our English rights and support victims of crime in defending themselves and their homes against criminals,
in accordance with the English Bill of Rights.

We will grant licences for carrying pepper sprays to allow people to protect themselves from attack. We will ensure firearms certificates are granted to people of good character who want to exercise their constitutional right to defend their homes. English Democrats will make sure that home owners are supported and not burglars.

Help keep our homes safe! Support Robin

If you want to see our police refocussed on protecting our people from criminals; on traditional English policing; on maintaining Law and Order; and on supporting the rights of victims to defend themselves, then support us and vote English Democrats on 6th May!



English Democrats Party · PO Box 1066, 
Norwich NR14 6ZJ, United Kingdom
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