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Serious question, to people who believe there is a pandemic?

Serious question, to people who believe there is a pandemic. I want to know what you think:
This kit is available over-the-counter in India for £1.82. You start taking it when you have symptoms, a positive test, or are exposed to someone who is sick with covid.
Here in the UK the official NHS advice is rest, take honey and paracetamol – basically to do nothing while you get worse and worse until you either get better by luck or after 7-10 days you need a ventilator. If you go to hospital before you need a ventilator they send you home empty-handed.
Do you see why it is completely reasonable to ask if this “pandemic” is deliberately engineered? That seems like a perfectly logical explanation to me as to why India would treat covid from day 1 and we don’t. What is your explanation?