Secrets of a NAZI Prince

THE THIRD WORLD WAR has already started. This is not a war of Nation vs. Nation. The Third World War is where the Royal Super-wealthy Elite wage war upon the Poor…

One of their most important ring-leaders died today.

This current war is a continuation of the previous two world wars of the Twentieth Century – in nearly every case, it is the Poor who die, and the Royal Elite Families who profit from the Death, Destruction and Chaos…

I am very proud to be British. But over the years, my research has revealed that we have TRAITORS in our midst. I was brought up thinking that the Royal Family were quintessentially British and that they loved all British people.

Unfortunately, I have come to realise that nearly every government minister, nearly every barrister, diplomat and chief of Defense Staff has been hand-picked for their loyalty to the Royal Family – not to the British people.

In 2009, I was one of the first journalists to publish the official NAZI documents which listed the two-hundred aristocrats, Princes, Dukes and Princesses who had joined the NAZI Party of Germany.

Many of these Nazis are direct relations – through her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh – of Queen Elizabeth II.

The First World War was stage-managed and triggered by ‘British’ members of the Royal Family.

The millions of crushed, stabbed, raped, tortured, starved and blasted bodies which littered Europe between 1914 and 1945 were very much caused by a secret plan – a plan hatched in the Royal Palaces and Stately Homes of England, and in Bavaria – by Royal Families who had no shame, no honour and no empathy for the common Working Classes.

This plan was designed to bomb, gas and obliterate huge areas of cities in Europe where Working Class families lived – and replace these bombed wastelands with a Concrete Tower Block New World Order and a European SuperState which would amass the collective foreign currencies and overseas colonies of all the European ancient nations and bring them to heel under the banner of a ‘Common Market’.

The idea of the European Economic Community – the EEC – was supported by Buckingham Palace who read out one treaty after another after another at subsequent Openings of Parliament, and this has led us down a path of almost losing our Britishness and ancient identity as the Kingdoms of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England.

They called this German Nazi – whose sisters had all married senior Nazi SS officers – the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’. The mainstream media dressed him up as a wildlife conservationist when in actual fact he was promoting DEPOPULATION.

The two most senior members of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Germanic-Danish family – whose real family name is Schleswig-Holstein Sondersburg-Glucksburg became members of the NAZI party a full two years before the invasion of Poland.

In fact, of the Two Hundred and Seventy German Royals who signed up and became members/managers of the NAZI regime, almost eighty of them had signed up before Hitler had even become chancellor of Germany. This is surefire proof that Hitler, and his lover, Heinrich Himmler, were actually the puppets to the royal puppet-masters.

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6 Responses to “Secrets of a NAZI Prince”

  1. Gordon says:

    Whatever happened to Covid.

    Seems that yesterday all TV channels were for some reason preoccupied with the death of an elderly ninety-nine year old gentleman that they forgot to make any mention of the virus gripping the world and killing millions.

    Oh well! I suppose for the next month we’ll hear nothing else but condolences’, funeral arrangements and eulogies which makes a change from listening to CV19 twenty-four hours a day. However, it does bring to mind that on account of the death of one man the death, loss and bereavement of many others are forgotten.

  2. Tapestry says:

    News management requires dates of death of media assets to be altered. COVID needs a rest in the media and this is one they prepared earlier. They need to keep talk of vaccine injuries and deaths from circulating as long as they can, while they sink the needle a second time into the supposedly 30,000,000 plus UK victims. Same in USA.

  3. danceaway says:

    Yes, planned diversion……

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    According to British Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, George V insisted on going to war in 1914. His main concern was breaking Germany’s economic superiority, which was finally accomplished 1919 at Versailles by imposing massive reparations, which led to the rise of Hitler and the Second World War.

  5. Gordon Logan says:

    The main force behind the Third World War is Jacob Rothschild who, with George Soros, almost succeeded in causing a nuclear war in March 2015. Not many people have an inkling of the danger we are in. Britain’s nuclear ‘deterrent’ is ironically a guarantee of our annihilation.The idiocy of the ‘brass’ in the MoD is incomprehensible

  6. Gordon Logan says:

    Most of my Italian grandfathers’s family wer killed in their home in Naples by a British bomb in January 1942. This was two months before Churchill’s official adoption of Lindemann’s ‘dehousing’ policy. Lindemann argued that bombing densely populated urban areas killed the most people. So, yes, civilians sustain the most casualties in modern wars. Even the terrorists used by the American and British governments are civilians. Not many people know that Trump and Johnson nuked Yemen. The use of nuclear weapons in the third world was advocated in 1993 by my old schoolmate Malcolm Rifkind. He signed off on the ‘Rifkind Doctrine’. Another bloodthirsty Yid!