Ontario: Dictatorial, fascist, 4th Reich, police state, martial law

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati responds to latest Ontario Restrictions Announcement

Edited transcript

Rajie: The Stay-a-Home orders will be in effect until May 20th. It goes on to say that police now have the authority to stop a vehicle or person to enquire about an individual’s reason for leaving their residence. It’s quoted that police will have the authority to require any individual who is not in a place of residence to first provide their purpose for not being at home and provide their address. Toronto police just tweeted. I’ll read the Tweet now.
Rocco Galati: The Tweet says: Regulation 58/16 pursuant to the Police Services Act. If you recall the carding provisions, does not allow police to just arbitrarily collect information about people in public. Second of all
1:08 you have no duty to answer a police officer’s question if he’s investigating you for a purported crime, even if it’s a provincial offense violation under health regulations. If you’re stopped on the street
1:22 he can’t just cross examine you as if he or she is acting under the Catholic inquisition. There is no duty to give information to police, and if they then say you gonna get a ticket, say go ahead. If they ask for your address you have no duty to give them your address. You don’t have to answer their questions.

Rajie: You have the right to remain silent.   Rocco: Right. That’s the whole point, and if they threaten to arrest you, ask why? If I’m facing this situation, which I probably will, what’s your reason for arresting me? Under the Charter of Rights and Freedom you have to tell me.

Rajie: They may say obstruction.

Rocco Galati: Well, if they say obstruction, under the Criminal Code, this is Supreme Court of Canada decision 1993 called Regina vs. Sharma it says the police can’t use the provisions of the Criminal Code with such provisions in enforcing a provincial bylaw or provincial regulation. This is just dictatorial, fascist, 4th Reich, police state, martial law.

Rajie: It’s interesting that the police actually Tweeted this as well. Right? The feeling I get is they want people to know their rights. They put hashtag #knowyourrights for a reason. Perhaps they feel they don’t want to be putting these illegal orders in place. Do you get that sense or not?

Rocco Galati: I don’t know what sense I get but you can be sure we’re poised to file the police action next week, and this provision the lawsuit will be included when we issue early next week. The members of Police On Guard For Thee are going to court to challenge and clarify these provisions and that application is being filed next week.

Under martial law civil rights are suspended – Canada

Martial law is where normal (civil) rules are replaced with military authority. Civil liberties are suspended, so anyone can be searched or thrown in prison.


How aware are your family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, health care providers of existing police states across Canada? Perhaps sharing the 3 min video will help them see another perspective about the covid scamdemic. Thank you.

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