No Coal, no Future

The mad global warming cultists are determined to stamp out coal mining. They want all coal mines to be shut. Banks and financiers are being urged (for which read pressured and threatened) to stop providing finance for coal miners.

What the cultists fail to understand is that without coal it is impossible to make steel.

And so when the coal supply runs out (which will happen quite soon) there will be no more steel made.

I wonder if the global warming cultists realise that steel is essential for:

Building houses and buildings of all types
Making cars (including electric ones)
Making wind turbines
Making central heating systems
Making solar farms
Making electrical appliances (fridges, cookers etc.)
Making machinery of all types
Making cutlery, toys, road signs
And pretty much everything else we need

Without steel (and, of course, without plastic) we will have to make everything we need out of wood and grass.

And to obtain wood we’ll have to cut down trees – which help the planet to `breathe’.

Besides, much of the world’s supply of wood has been redefined as `biomass’ and is being burnt to make electricity.

So, what a wonderful future we all face – thanks to the insane efforts of the mad global warming cultists – slaves to an even bigger hoax than the covid 19 hoax.

Please read Zina Cohen’s short book `Greta’s Homework’ for the evidence that the global warming myth is a pseudoscientific confidence trick.

And read my book `Endgame’ to see how the global warming con was deliberately created to justify the great reset, the new normal, the destruction of democracy and freedom and the end of humanity.

You will, I fear, discover that I am not exaggerating.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021