Mask vigilantes losing the battle against non-wearers.

I went into the wine wholesaler again today, where they again asked me at the door if I had a mask with me.

Last time it was a young male, this time a youngish female. I couldn’t be bothered explaining all over again so this time I simply replied,’No’ and walked stern-faced into the shop without giving eye contact.  She had no further comment and walked away. If they simply would ask,’Are you able to wear a mask?’, it would be so much easier. As it is, they’re rubbing customers up the wrong way and acting dumb (Tanners Wines). Even Sainsburys now have a long message explaining that ‘many people cannot wear masks, and even though they look and seem healthy, not all health conditions are readily apparent..’.  They’ve realised they have to protect non-mask wearers from the numerous vigilantes.

Tell that to the moron who almost assaulted me in the cheese shop a couple of weeks ago. He called the Police accusing me of mask malingering. I was in the cheese shop again today and the shop owner told me that, when the Police came out, they just laughed. I had legged it down a side street before they arrived on her advice. Quite something running away from the Police at my age!! Haven’t had such a thrill since being asked to play for the town’s 4th cricket eleven a couple of summers ago.


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    • Gordon says:

      Good read: pay attention to pages 6 – 7 and 8.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Indeed very good read. Just a shame that no-one that matters will do anything about it or even read it at all. Like all other similar open letters, appeals, petitions and even court cases: totally ignored, or often criticised as ‘dangerous misinformation’ and those responsible for writing them: ostracized and besmirched as conspiracy theorists and/or dismissed from their careers.
        But no-one’s willing to stand up and fight back to defend them or even their own human rights.
        Most prefer to do or even say nothing, but just continue to proudly wear their shame muzzles and sit back and watch helplessly, as our whole society irreversibly collapses around them, while they continue to get off on the adrenaline they’re addicted to, derived from the relentless fear porn, they continuously see and hear on TV or radio news bulletins.
        I wonder if in the very near future, they’ll still obey the tyrants when they’re penniless & homeless because the govt stopped their UBI (for some serious offense like not social distancing, or not wearing a mask when they were alone in their bed asleep), they won’t have a TV anymore. But I guess they’ll still have smart phones (because they’ll be compelled to by draconian diktat, so the govt can keep tabs on them 24/7). They’d still get their hourly dose of covid terror news from those and stay obedient, masked and terrified, IOW: ‘normal’ thus happy.

  1. Mick says:

    I’ve decided to shop online with another company (same name as the country) instead of Sainsburys and Tesco, because at 60 I’m too breathless after leaving their stores having walked round in a mask. Enough!

  2. danceaway says:

    Mick, if you wear a sunshine lanyard no one will bother you in most instances. I have one; sometimes wear it and sometimes not, but don’t even own a mask, and certainly will not wear one. My family bought these lanyards on line at the outset; also I noticed recently that they are giving them away in Nationwide. There does seem to be some geographical difference in how one is harassed, as a disabled woman was not allowed in a Tesco in Wiltshire even with a lanyard, but it is worth a try. I live in a very Covid fearful community, but an adjacent town is known for being quite alternative, and no one bothers me there even without a lanyard. So it is worth experimenting. I think in some cases it comes down to one’s demeanour and confidence? I also notice that the fervent hand washing is diminishing to some degree.

  3. Tapestry says:

    My friend refuses sanitiser, now she’s had several nasty rashes, despite her getting both vaccines and wearing mask. How long untill such people reaiise they’re also injuring themselves with masks and vaccines.

  4. danceaway says:

    I think it will take a very very long time for people to connect cause and effect. It is almost as though this has been bred out of people by the onslaught of propaganda and brainwashing by the MSM over the past 70 odd years, perhaps even 100 years ( the two world wars ).

    People of all ages are absolutely delighted to get the injection. Having made this choice they refuse to face the possibility that perhaps this was not a good choice, or that the gov’t would mislead them. It is too painful to even contemplate for most. They would almost prefer to perish but do so firm in their belief in the lies. There are a few who are watching their spouse suffer who do manage to connect the dots, such as the woman interviewed by Brian G, but she is an exception I fear. It may have a connection to people’s soul contract; many may have already agreed to leave the earth plane at this time and in this way. If this should be so, there is nothing we can do to stop them. I myself have family in this category; I no longer even mention the topic; they have free will and view information which I present as proof that I am out of my mind, so I leave them to it.

    • User says:

      It’s not bred out of people. The controllers use an ancient technology which people have no defence against.

      They use magic
      Yup, I know this sounds bonkers but once you open your eyes to this, all sorts of things make sense. This is also why the bloodline families etc practise torture and human sacrifices on an industrial scale. The energy released by such activities provides the fuel which powers their magic spells. And not only that, they trap the souls of their sacificial victims and these unfortunate souls continue to be used to maintain the power of the spells. This is very dark, very dirty and we’re not suppposed to know that these ancient sacrificial rituals continue to this day.

      Here’s someone explaining this:

      • jobijou says:

        Honestly, I’ve hit the point where occult magic is probably the only plausible explanation for the fact that old-fashioned common sense and logic have deserted most people. At the end of last year I was in the park with a friend, and someone she knew came past and stopped (about 10 feet away) to chat. She said she was suffering from “long covid” – a rash and her sense of taste and smell still hadn’t returned after 4 months. I recommended ginger – ginger tea, ginger beer or crystallised (which helped a relative of ours – it stimulates the sense of taste and once that’s back the sense of smell follows). She looked at me as if she couldn’t make head or tail of what I’d said and said ‘my GP says there’s nothing they can do and for some people it’s permanent’. Then she showed us the rash on her hands. I asked if she was using a lot of hand sanitiser and antibacterial soap. She said ‘yes but you have to these days and it’s not that’. I told her that if I used hand sanitiser or antibacterial soap that’s exactly what my hands would look like. She said ‘well how do you sanitise your hands then.’ I said ‘ordinary bath soap – it’s all I can use’. She said ‘well you can’t take it to the shops with you and anyway I’ve been diagnosed with long covid’. It was like talking to a brick wall. I think I’d be quite relieved if I thought I had a chronic post-viral syndrome and someone suggested there could be some simple measures that might at least help me to know if I really did have it, but I guess hypochondria allows some people to feel like martyrs and to believe that all the sacrifice has been worthwhile.

    • emm jay says:

      I’m leaving them to it as well danceaway. Someone close to me who I thought I’d known for over forty years has done a u turn and taken the experiment. Others tell me that they have ‘had to’ because of their health issues. I can’t even manage a smirk at the irony anymore. Maybe the Stockholm Syndrome is going global.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      If this should be so, there is nothing we can do to stop them. I myself have family in this category; I no longer even mention the topic; they have free will and view information which I present as proof that I am out of my mind, so I leave them to it.

      My attitude exactly. Apart from forums such as this one, I go all out to avoid any discussion with anyone about the covid ruse.
      Seems everyone has been completely taken in by it all. I’m angry enough about it without their puerile level of willing ignorance and blatant stupidity, which I fear could tip me over the edge. Not to mention their infuriatingly childish defensiveness and pathetic, senseless non-arguments: all recited mantras their TVs have been incessantly hammering into their tiny, dumbed-down minds. GRRrrrrr!
      I have been ostracised by most people, including my family and friends, some of whom I’ve had since childhood.
      I’m truly alone now, only one friend left but he’s in another country (refusing to wear the shame muzzle, or comply with any of it, so I can trust him).
      So f**k ’em all.

      If anything: this treasonous, anti-humanity agenda has worked as an effective ‘barometer’ for determining who my friends are and it’s so far revealed that none of them are and probably never were.

  5. User says:

    There will be many, many deaths in the next few years. My healer has even mentioned that she has noticed many are leaving. I expect the pace and numbers to accelerate. There is no cause to be sad over these deaths for it’s in their soul contracts. Many have come to experience this world in the end days but few will remain until the end when the Samvartaka fire is unleashed and God’s Judgment is delivered.

    Being in this place is like undergoing a training program for the SAS. They accepted many applicants who are not suitable for the program because those souls would gain something from being here even though they have no chance of completing the course.

    Billions will die in a very short space of time just before the end. It will be totally chaotic so we’ve seen nothing yet. This is the calm before the storm.

    Tom Kenyon’s Hathors have lots of advice, such as this:
    Take care how you react to the chaotic situations you find yourself in. It is most important to stay above the madness which will be all around you. Try to stay calm, curious, even excited by the surrounding chaos, you may well unlock miracles. That’s the key to transcending this world. Your state of consciousness will determine what you experience.

    There’s a conference with information from the Australian aborigines about the end days, which I found useful.
    It doesn’t cost much to hire or buy #7 video (interview with Trent Lynwood) from vimeo.
    But it may not appeal to you so please don’t moan at me if you shell out your hard earned cash and then find it’s a load of bollocks.

  6. ian says:

    The brainwashing runs deep. For some reason, dogs tend to like me. I met a young woman with a large Doberman, and when I spoke, the dog jumped up on me with it’s paws on my shoulders. The woman dragged it off me but I laughed and petted the dog, and we, the woman and I that is, talked for a while about this and that and Covid and stuff. I thought she was very open to ideas, so I recommended the Tap site to her. I never saw her for a few weeks, then bumped into her with another woman, and again the dog was all over me. She then said that she’d mentioned me to the other woman, and she replied that her son was a conspiracy theorist like me, he’d sit for hours in his room watching videos about daft theories. I bit, and tried to enquire about the “daft” theories, but I could see that I had been dismissed as mad. The brainwashing runs deep, and incidentally is easier for most to live with. I sometimes wonder why I bother.