Lies, damned lies and virtual genocide

by Jon Davy

Words cannot express my disgust at the homicidal antics of this government.

The relentless deceit and bare-faced lying without conscience or remorse are bad enough but the lying is only the tip of the iceberg that is sinking the  nation.

For, behind the smokescreen of  fibs and spin there are very real, very serious crimes against the persons of British citizens committed by this government in its effort to deceive and subdue the nation.

Not least – and probably primary  – among these has been the suppression of known remedies for COVID19 that are proven safer, more effective and far less costly than the new, experimental vaccines and pseudo vaccines.

The cynical suppression of these remedies, necessary to maintain the myth of a “deadly killer virus” for which there is “no solution” except rushed experimental vaccines of uncertain immediate- medium- and long-term health consequences, has – if we are to believe the government’s made-up Covid fatality stats – cost more than a hundred thousand lives – people who could have been saved had their access to cheap, highly effective and safe remedies not been blocked by the government.

This is a crime against thousands of my fellow citizens and their families for which I will never forgive the gang of criminals who have hijacked our government. What sort of degenerates stand by and watch people suffer and die whilst they ignore, disparage or withhold  remedies that could have saved them?

One of these safe and proven remedies, producing results in the hands of competent caring doctors that can render the smoke-and-mirrors Covid terror null overnight, is Ivermectin.

But don’t take my word for it. What do medical professionals have to say? I’ve lost count of the number of doctors who have stuck their necks out to advocate it, and many pleading with their respective governments to deploy it on a broad scale because people are dying for want of it.

As the illnesses and fatalities occasioned by the experimental vaccines and fake vaccines kick in over the ensuing months and years, a great deal many more of our fellow citizens are going to suffer and die for want of those safe remedies.

The following video contains the testimony of some of these doctors.

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One Response to “Lies, damned lies and virtual genocide”

  1. ian says:

    It is indeed a crime against us all. The arseholes in charge should be burnt at the stake. I volunteer to light the fires and sell the individual videos on Ebay. It might repay some of the money deliberately squandered amongst their mates.