Japan has no COVID cases. Why?

Why has Japan not had a pandemic…?

JAPAN: The world’s biggest population of elderly people has had only 1,000 Covid deaths.

The BBC are pretending that this is some kind of ‘mystery’.

It’s not a mystery.

Japan NEVER HAD A LOCKDOWN – so people were able to walk, jog, sunbathe, swim and expose themselves to UV light which kills all viruses.

INTERNAL NHS [National Health Service of Britain] MEMOS confirm that at the height of the so called ‘pandemic’ in April 2020, nearly HALF OF ALL NHS BEDS WERE EMPTY….

This would explain the thousands of TikTok dance videos performed by bored medical staff!
It would also explain why the government NEVER EVER SUPPLIED the billions of plastic face masks and gloves [instead the money for PPE was distributed to shell companies owned by Tories and friends of Tories].

This NHS industry blog reveals the TRUE situation in the UK – this is NOT a ‘pandemic’ – it is a SCAMDEMIC.


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