It is a lot worse than I thought

We are obviously in a war the media is not reporting, and the enemy is using many weapons.

Tainted vaccines
Nano fibers in masks (which I did not believe until I got a clear photo of one of them in the first brand new mask I tried out of a batch of my own masks,) which means the mask fiber story is real regardless of how it gets debunked, AND NOW THIS: I suspected the COVID virus might make mad cow and give it to you without you even needing a vax, and it seems today I discovered someone else who’s worried –


This guy is more qualified than I am and he’s saying the same thing. I don’t know what to say now, other than that I had better be continuously doped up with either hydroxychloroquine or Quina/quinine and I hope my readers can get that stuff too.


I’ll put it bluntly: It does not matter if you got minor symptoms and “it went away” if that disease littered your body with prions that are going to activate at some point. It can’t get simpler to explain than that, it is obviously a good idea to take precautions that are possible. It appears they were REALLY nasty about getting rid of us this time.


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