Investigation – UK Government model states the fully Vaccinated will dominate Deaths in 3rd wave and they will blame Children and Unvaccinated for it

A document produced for the UK Government entitled ‘Summary of further modelling of easing of restrictions – Roadmap Step 2’ advising them on the consequences of reopening the country has declared that a third wave is inevitable and that it will be the fault of children and those who refuse the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

It will also disappoint millions of naive members of the British Public who believe life will return to normal as of the 21st June 2021, that the document, prepared by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, confirms long term mitigations and guidance will remain in place beyond that date.

The document which will undoubtedly be followed to the letter by the UK Government due to their constant admission that they are being “guided by the science”, uses two models to predict the outcome of the easing of restrictions alongside the vaccination programme throughout the year. One of the models has been collated by the infamous Imperial College, whilst the other model has been collated by Warwick University.

Imperial College with the assistance of the notoriously wrong Professor Neil Ferguson were the ones who produced the extremely over exaggerated model used by the UK and the US to justify imposing draconian restrictions back in March 2020. However strangely this time their model is slightly more optimistic than the one produced by Warwick University.

But whilst the numbers and dates slightly differ everything else remains the same, and that’s where things get slightly strange.

Section 31 of the document states that both models are based on extremely high uptake of the Covid-19 vaccines and haven’t factored in any waning immunity or “escape variant” (this is a card not played enough and we can expect to see it played by the end of Summer 2021). But both models still predict a significantly damaging third wave despite using a best case scenario within the model, and guess who they’re going to blame? – Children and the Unvaccinated.

The document states that “The resurgence is a result of some people (mostly children) being ineligible for vaccination; others choosing not to receive the vaccine; and others being vaccinated but not perfectly protected.”

What can we take from this? Well let’s rewind back to the March 2020, this was when authorities told the British people they needed just “three weeks to flatten the curve”. Thirteen months later and counting the United Kingdom is still trying to “flatten the curve”, and the UK Government keep moving the goal posts. For instance let’s look at what the Heath Secretary Matt Hancock has been saying for the past few months – “The vaccine is our route back to normal”.

Now that the most vulnerable to the alleged Coronavirus Disease are fully vaccinated let’s take a look at what Matt Hancock is now saying – “Regular testing is our route back to normal”. Moving the goal posts.

The authorities have managed to con the public into falling for the Covid-19 facade for over a year, in which they have been given ultimate power over the British people, do you honestly think they’re going to give it up now?

The next question that should be on everybody’s lips is ‘why do the authorities so desperately want to vaccinate every man, woman, and child?’. The data shows that the alleged Covid-19 kills just 0.2% of those it infects. It also shows that the vast majority of deaths are in those who are aged over 85 and have underlying conditions. Even between the ages of 60 and 85 the risk of dying is not significant unless the person already has a serious underlying condition. But the data also shows that anyone under the age of 60 has such a small chance of suffering serious disease and dying that the number is negligible. So we’ll ask again, why are the authorities so desperate to vaccinate every man, woman and child?

Taking all of this into account and applying it to the statement made in the document that the predicted resurgence will be “a result of some people (mostly children) being ineligible for vaccination; others choosing not to receive the vaccine; and others being vaccinated but not perfectly protected“, can you not see that this is a ploy that will be used to justify vaccinating children? Even though there is almost zero risk of them even developing symptoms of Covid-19. It’s also a ploy to justify ostracizing those who refuse to take part in what is a mass human experiment due to phase three trials of the Covid-19 vaccines not ending until 2023 at the earliest. It is guaranteed this will be used to justify the roll-out of a “vaccine passport” system a.k.a freedom passes.

The next part of the document states in relation to the predicted third wave that “the resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60 – 70% of the wave respectively”.

What? That must be an error? Hospitilisations and death will be dominated by those who have received two doses of the vaccine?

As we read further into the document and skip to section 56 we can clearly see this was not an error. As the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling provide several illustrations on hospital admissions and deaths and groups them into the unvaccinated, those who have received one dose and those who have received two doses.

The illustrations clearly show that at the predicted peak of the third wave there will be around 300 deaths per day, with the fully vaccinated accounting for around 250 of them. They also show that the fully vaccinated will account for around 60-70% of hospital admissions due to the alleged Coronavirus Disease.

But how can this be? The document clearly states that the third wave will be the fault of mainly children and those who have refused the vaccine, so surely the majority of deaths should be seen in those who have refused the vaccine. For this to not be the case what we have here is an admittance that these experimental vaccines are essentially redundant and do not work. But this again leads us back to the question of why on earth the authorities are so desperate to vaccinate every man, woman, and child.

One of the possible reasons is their desperation to impose a digital identity disguised as a vaccine passport. Another is of course that the Government and its circle of scientific advisors all stand to make a fortune from the roll-out of the Covid vaccines due to having major shares in pharmaceutical companies.

A “vaccine passport” will ensure millions who would otherwise say no to the experimental Covid vaccines will now say yes because they believe it will give them back their freedom. The variants of concern card will also see a boost in the authorities earnings through their shares in pharmaceutical companies due to the inevitable requirement of yearly or even twice yearly vaccine top ups.

There are of course several other reasons that could explain why the authorities are so desperate to vaccinate every man, woman and child but we need solid evidence to back them up. (If you have it then please send it to But we do have solid evidence to support the introduction of a digital identity disguised as “vaccine passports” and to support our claim that the Government and its circle of scientific advisors have major shares in pharmaceutical companies (See here and here).

We’ll end with our final piece of evidence to support our claims this will not end on the 21st June 2021. Section 51 of the ‘Summary of further modelling of easing of restrictions – Roadmap Step 2’ document states the following – “It is possible that a summer of low prevalence could be followed by substantial increases in incidence over the following autumn and winter. Low prevalence in late summer should not be taken as an indication that SARS-CoV-2 has retreated or that the population has high enough levels of immunity to prevent another wave.”

It’s all their in black and white, seasonality will be used to create the illusion of a third wave of which children and those who’ve refused the vaccine will be blamed, in order to justify vaccinating children and imposing “vaccine passports” on society. But most deaths will occur in those who are fully vaccinated so a new “variant of concern” will be blamed in order to justify the introduction of annual or bi-annual Covid-19 vaccinations.

The question is why? It’s because this isn’t about a virus, it’s all about control – haven’t you worked that out yet?