2 Responses to “If you won’t carry a “Vaccine Passport”, do us all a favour, and stay at home.”

  1. Aldous says:

    “This dangerous threat to human rights and liberty, Sean O’Grady, must know what utter nonsense he’s talking. Like the rest of us he must have heard Chris Whitty telling us how mild covid19 is. Mr Whitty actually told us ; The majority of you won’t get it. Of those who do, the overwhelming majority, about 80% will have either very mild symptoms or none. So, he is pushing us toward an experimental medical procedure which he knows isn’t necessary, and potentially very damaging. In fact he thinks we should be forced to have a substance put into our bodies even if we don’t want it. Total lunacy in response to a virus with a massive recovery rate of 99.8%. The average age of death with covid19 is 82.4 years, a full year older than normal life expectancy. Why do we need a vaccine? Even more so, why do we need Sean O’Grady?”

    That was a comment posted on the source article earlier today at 10:22 am by Stevie57. I couldn’t have put it better myself which is just one reason for posting it.
    The other reason is that I went on the Independent(sic) online earlier after initially seeing O’Grady’s ‘masterpiece’ on http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/ after following the link from Tap News. I wanted to read the comments – half expecting that comments would be disabled for such a ridiculous, outrageous and contentious Independent article penned by the O’Grady creature and cretin.
    I was prevented from reading the many comments by
    I wasn’t surprised when I had to register to read the comments.

    The malevolent establishment elites and their traitorous puppets in high office, along with their equally complicit media presstitutes have made a very serious mistake and error of judgement in pushing the vaccine (mRNA gene editing shite in reality) part of their satanic agenda, where one’s body is sovereign and sacrosanct.

    Not to worry, let the inbred psychopaths carry on with their self destructive agenda because as Napoleon would say: “When the enemy is making a mistake, don’t (for God’s sake) interrupt them.”
    Amen to that.

  2. Aldous says:

    I think that should have read: “I was prevented from reading the many comments by being asked to first register/log in after clicking on the ‘read comments’ icon.
    I wasn’t surprised when I had to register to read the comments but was a tad surprised to see comments allowed at all.