I just can’t get my head around ’why’.

There is a deep psychological explanation in that people value and seek (perceived) safety/security over freedom. In other words we sacrifice freedom easily to anyone who offer safety to a perceived threat. This is being used now in a very elaborated manner where ’threats’ are being constructed and presented in a way where the solution (globalism, control, restrictions) is easy to buy in to. ”Problem-reaction-solution” Same old Roman tactics but more sophisticated.
I just can’t get my head around ’why’.
Are those people running the agenda just evil or do they believe they are doing something ’necessary’ (for some reason)?
Understanding this of course help in countering the agenda.
Fredrik from Sweden

Hi Fredrik,

Spot on.  The problem for the people who realise the herd is not a safe to be is to wonder who the perpetrators are!  That is a big question, and requires a lot of research.
Who created humanity is one place to look into.  I am more Lloyd Pye than Darwin – we were genetically created from species that were already here – and now hidden from us.
The story runs that we were intended to be a slave race of low intelligence, but the demonic forces that desired to achieve that, also used the females for sexual purposes and created offspring,
making us inherit their high intelligence and become far more intelligent that we were originally intended to be.
The other problem for the entities that created us is that the simple species we were copied from (genetically altered version) had deep spiritual awareness – Neanderthal, hominids or whichever source you can decide.  This spiritual force survives our physical death, so that humanity has started to tip the balance of the universe away from the demonic entities that consider themselves the top dogs.  Goodness originally created life, but evil easily moves in and takes it over, especially if the goodness is made unaware.  The earth is full of trapped souls, in distress, unable to go to rest, and that is what the demonic entities wish to keep creating – a sea of spiritual distress, both during life and after death.  This they can feed on and they are left in control if we are disempowered, and their supremacy is not then threatened.
Religions were created by demonic empires to hold down large populations without the need to continually resort to violence, and raise military force, but as humanity is intelligent, religions had to be created using a kernel of truth, or they would not wash, and much of the goodness of life had to be contained there, for the evil forces to hide inside, and to draw people in.  The problem is that the evil forces are tiring of the pretence of goodness, democracy, justice and things of that nature, and they believe they can use technology to control and suppress humanity from hereon, and pack up the pretence.  They want to run the world with far fewer humans around,  get rid of religions, use medical methods to reprogramme our DNA, reduce our level of intelligence, destroy our spiritual strength and create the slave race that was originally intended, finally after thousands of years getting all the pieces into place.
The name of Jesus Christ is hugely powerful in the spirit world, and those driving out demons from buildings or from people who are possessed can do so most effectively using his name.  That is in some ways surprising as the Christian religion was created by the Romans, just as Judaeism was created by the Egyptians (same family ran Egypt, Rome and all other empires up to the present day, rotating the location of power and keeping all the wealth).  But to realise who Jesus actually was you need to read Ralph Ellis, or head for the Dead Sea Scrolls, where it is clear the nature of his spiritual leadership was very different from the Christian version handed down to us by Rome.  He was able through the use of certain natural substances, to alter the human perception and telepathically communicate with the Godhead, the centre of goodness and creation in the universe.  His real strength – he drove out the money lenders, i.e. the bankers and the sacrificers of animals (and humans), that is the Satanists, who were an elite priesthood class created to suppress humanity and left in charge by the original genetic modifiers.
History is both a cock up and a conspiracy.  The reason the demonic forces want to destroy humanity is because we threaten them, both here and now and in the future spirit world we all enter next.  If only people could realise how powerful we are spiritually, and were able to create and outperform the demonic entities who depend totally on suppression and structure to operate, we would win this struggle.  The power of Jesus has been lost inside formal religion who hid away his true powers.  The churches don’t want all the trapped souls released and the demons driven out.  Ensuring a steady feed of distressed humans is the business of the churches – through sexual abuse, child removal from families, warfare, economic theft, media campaigns to undermine our goodness and strength.  In addition the churches and the entities that control the world want our lives shortened, and our numbers dramatically reduced.
Behind it all are demonic forces that want us brought down and back into their control.  The technology was released to us, not for our benefit but so that they can monitor and control us better.  1984 gives you the picture.  Yet the unstoppable creativity of humanity has brought about a huge improvement in living standards through the technology placed at our disposal.  They now want to instal 5G, cellphone addiction, medical poisons, psychological pressures, physical barriers, lockdowns, border controls and restrictions and so on to stop us from progressing any further.  We must call on Jesus Christ to drive out the demons that are besetting us, abandon the formal religions and power structures, especially the media which they use so successfully to confuse nearly everybody, and defeat the demons spiritually which we can do.  We must keep talking and expressing, re-establish and hold on to democracy, our intelligence, our rights, our property and economic structures and get rid of the medical dictatorship which is being imposed.
What’s your take?  I see you are forming a group of some kind.  In a way it doesn’t matter where the demonic forces come from.  We just need to be aware that they are here, have been suppressing humanity from the beginning and are actively seeking the elimination of the quality of our lives at this time.  Knowing where we came from doesn’t matter either, as long as we are aware that we have strong spiritual powers, which can be re-adapted and made use of to push back the demonic forces.  The final battle is spiritual.  The enemy understands that, which is why they use human sacrifice and sexual crimes to please the forces of evil that they depend on for their power.  As you read in my book.