Fightback News update: justice closing in on UK gov’s criminal faction


by The Masked Writer

There’s no mention of it in the UK CMM (Corporate Media Matrix), naturally, as it is in deep collaboration with the perpetrators but justice is closing in on the criminal faction that has hijacked the British  government and orchestrated the Covid terror attack on The People.

We bring you news of three legal proceedings that are starting to get very interesting.

The first is described in the following press release from a solicitor and a Justice of the Peace regarding bringing the UK gov to trail in the International Criminal Court. If you want to follow this and allied efforts to bring the government under the law, we recommend this website and this one.

The second is a video of Jonathan Trapman of The People’s Union of Britain on the very real progress of the court case against the UK Gov and what may well result in Whitty, Hancock and their cronies appearing in court on serious charges.

The third is a private prosecution by Michael O’Bernicia who is Suing UK the Parliament for covid.-19 fraud, treason and genocide

We greatly admire these efforts to enforce international law and British Common Law through the justice system and the dream of the day when those in government cease to be above the law and are answerable like the rest of us for their crimes.

It is an ideal scene worth pursuing and worth the rest of us really getting behind because such a principle, if it were made reality, would form a powerful foundation stone for a new and better civilisation.

Meanwhile the tireless, persistent effort of true patriots to make this principle of accountability a reality continues. They should be recognised as true heroes of the evolution.



Wednesday 21st of April 2021

‘Request for Investigation’ of the UK Government and its advisers, for genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code, issued to the International Criminal Court at the Hague, on Tuesday 20th of April 2021.

On Tuesday 20th of April 2021 we, the undersigned, issued a 27 -page ‘Request for Investigation’ to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, with a view to asking that our allegations of genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code, by the UK Government and its advisors, be accepted by the ICC and investigated.

We believe that we have provided compelling reasons as to why our Government and its advisers are guilty of the above charges.  However, at this stage it is important to note that we are not required to provide all the evidence we have (which would run to several hundred pages) and are limited to a maximum of 30 pages, simply to make an outline case as part of our Request.

The ICC will review our ‘Request for Investigation’ and assess whether they believe there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation into a ‘Situation’, pursuant to the criteria established by the Rome Statute.

The ICC does not provide a timeline regarding acceptance, nor of course is there any guarantee that they will ultimately accept our ‘Request for Investigation’ due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are limited in their capacity to conduct investigations.

Updates will be provided as and when more information becomes available.

Melinda C. Mayne LPC LLM MBA GDL
Kaira S. McCallum JP BSc




The Corona Scandal – Michael O’Bernicia is Suing UK Parliament for covid-19 fraud, treason and genocide  – 12 November 2020. Read the full summary of the issue and the case against the government here.

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