3 Responses to “Do Turkish media know the reason behind EverGiven #suezcanel crisis?? & its link to a covert operation to stop a weaponized climate change agenda involving Gates??”

  1. User says:

    I hate Fakebook.
    You can watch that video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z1eFrE66aM
    And the English subtitles are in the description:

    The True story from a different perspective!
    Globalists First Card Techno Weapon Corona Covid-19
    Why corona cases are going up?
    mavigazetem.com we will expose this further
    Suez Nationalist Powers i.e. Mossad carried out an Operation against Global Powers
    Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Qatar carried out an (Secret) operation
    The Evergreen Ever Given crisis is an Secret Operation against Globalists
    Covid 19 and Suez Canal events are related
    Container ship carried Very Important Contents
    30 year plan 30 years’ worth of investments
    This is Why Covid-19 Cases are on the Rise!
    Ever Given did not broke down due to a technical problem
    The deeper secret behind this?
    What should our interpretation of this Event be?
    This was a good Slap on Globalists face, by the Nationalist Powers!
    World Trade (Monopolies) aka Global Powers lost $10 billion a day FIRST SLAP
    No Media spoke about this apart from us (mavigazetem.com)
    Ever Given Evergreen containers carried the Second Technological Weapon!
    The Climate Change Weapon, Evergreen containers carried the substances that accelerate the Climate Change
    Mr Bill Gates have got his fingers in this pie
    Bill Gates for years has been working on vaccines.
    Crazy about buying land, he has just bought 56,000 in Turkey
    Bill Gates bought over 1 million decares in Arizona
    Plan was to move on to the 2nd Second Techno Weapon
    Climate Conference end of April
    Planned and produced over the last 30 years.
    Huge events, Historical Events are taking place!
    Main media
    All these events are Real, True
    Why do you think that ship was parked there for so long?
    No coincidence in What happened in China and Suez Canal
    Following these events Chinese Foreign Minister Turned up in Turkey,
    Dollar (and FIAT Currencies) were on the rise
    China visited Turkey 24-26 March
    Chinese Foreign Minister was in Turkey
    On 27th of March The Evergreen container blocks the Road in China
    These are Messages, Messages communicated in Inter Nations Language.
    People should regularly try to avoid Conspiracy Theories and focus on figuring out the Real Events Happening
    How the Global Capitals 2nd Card Project, the Climate Change Projects That has been Propagated for Years (was badly upset)…
    The World, Humanity is fighting with the Covid-19 in the Preliminary Round
    Huge Climate Change Opponent Impatiently waiting
    What you are dealing with here is Tiny compared to what is awaiting
    Classic Vegan “Project”, Faux (Fake) Meat Project
    Biochemical Content
    If you consume just 1 Type of Protein (in your food) the profiles of your Amino Acids become insufficient. No one (No Media) is talking (explaining) about this!
    Fake Meat Project Terrible things could be caused here, specialist have spoken about this.
    Specialist have actually explained this in very good way. People should research and listen carefully
    Mr Bill Gates plan was to own Food and Agriculture!
    Those Who Own the Food sources own the World, Ok?
    Containers in this ship carried special chemicals which use 5 G Transmitters’ radiation Beams that mix in with oxygen and in the process accelerate Climate Change. This situation was completely prevented; the material was seized and was destroyed!

    Covid 19 scam, the global capitalist powers’ plan was to put in motion the second scene of the movie and play the climate card.

    Upon hearing the bad news, all of a sudden European countries started reporting higher Covid 19 cases and imposed new lock downs.

    Ferda Yildirim

    Mr. Biden had previously declared Turkey as an enemy
    China was planning to vote to exclude Turkey from all conferences

    Following the Evergreen incident declared Turkey as an important country and got
    Re invited to the climate conference was personally invited by Mr. Biden

    Bill Gates’ Livestock gas and Artificial meat project cancelled

    Mr Gates billions are gone!
    (Kaan Sariaydin)
    Following this Incident Turkey was invited to the Climate Conference; They (Global Capitalists) got the Message!
    Inter Nations Communication methods, and here is the proof
    Egypt, Qatar, Israel and Turkey all working together
    Highly Technological Matter.
    END beef farming and completely destroy Animal farming in general
    President of the EU Commission and the President of the EU Council came to Turkey
    Meeting with our President Erdogan
    Biden invited Turkey to the Climate Conference!
    Servants of Global Capital
    EU countries paying allegiance to Biden Global Capitalists


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    Found this which has the video and the full transcript

    I hope it’s true. It’s be very disappointing if it’s just a variation on the Trump Q hopium. That lousy Trump didn’t do what he was supposed to do. Still, that was his choice to make and I understand that he’s not getting a 2nd chance to make good his error.

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    Thank you for posting those links they are very valuable information for everyone to look at.