1. User says:

    This may be the most important mesage I have posted here. Please check out the links and if you agree the information is important, please tell as many people as possible.

    The MRNA is transmissible from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. Think of the warnings when HIV was at the forefront of people’s awareness. Well, it’s not just transmitted via bodily fluids and close contact (eg kissing) as this article states:
    “there is no need to vaccinate the entire population. The vaccinated people will quickly spread the weaponized prions to the unvaccinated through bodily fluids, from saliva to sexual intercourse.”

    Not, MRNA can be air borne. The unvaccinated can catch it by being in close proximity to the vaccinated. How? Probably by breathing the skin cells which people shed 24/7. Oh yeah? Prove it or piss off, you scaremonger.

    The jab impacts the female reproductive organs. Makes sense when you think of Bill Gates’ record of causing sterility in females via his vaccines. There’s reports of pregnant women miscarrying, menopausal women suddenly having menstrual periods, younger women having very unusual and painful periods after having been vaccinated. Now reports are emerging of unvaccinated women having these too.

    Finally, I urge you to watch this video:

    It looks like this is going to the summer which Clif High has predicted years ago, when all sorts of secrets will be revealed. Guys, we are looking at the extinction of the human race. I feel like Putin who asked these cabal guys, “Do you know what you have done?”

    There’s a real pandemic starting and the infectious agent is being spread by the vaccinated people. Now we truly need to keep our social distance and wear those face masks. It truly is TEOTWAWKI