Danish Vaccine Passport App “Will Cause Domino Effect” Across Europe

The Danish developers of a new Covid passport app say that its technology will cause a “domino effect” across Europe. The company is currently in talks with a number of European countries, possibly including the UK. Sky News has the story.

The company behind a Danish Covid passport app says its rollout will cause a “domino effect” across Europe.

Netcompany is developing an app which will be ready for use in Denmark by May.

It will show whether a person has been vaccinated against Covid as well as recent test results.

The firm’s chief executive Andre Rogaczewski said international interest in the technology is “very high”.

“We are talking to at least a dozen of countries, and most of them in Europe right now,” he told Sky News.

The UK could be among them, although no details have been confirmed. …

Denmark was the first country in Europe to confirm it will use digital passports.

Mr Rogaczewski said: “I think that’s going to start some sort of domino effect. We will see more countries in Europe following suit.”

There have been suggestions that the technology could be incorporated into the existing NHS Covid app.

Trials of vaccine passports are expected to begin in the UK next month at venues such as theatres and stadiums, despite growing opposition to the idea from MPs.

Sky News’ report is worth reading in full.

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