Danish Drug Director’s Collapse During AstraZeneca Vaccine Banning Announcement

Does this collapse look fake or genuine?
Danish Drug Director’s Collapse During AstraZeneca Announcement..

Thanks to User in comments.

Next video clearer and shows two camera angles.  It looks a bit fake IMHO.


Who benefits?  Distractions are always useful to cover over real stories like a vaccine being discontinued.


5 Responses to “Danish Drug Director’s Collapse During AstraZeneca Vaccine Banning Announcement”

  1. Tapestry says:

    One test as to genuineness is does it appear on main media?  I can’t see it.

    • User says:

      Someone once told me that he’ll believe me if I suddenly die. I said his condition is too onerous and he can eff off.

      My mentor and I suffer from the Cassandra syndrome. Few normies believe the things we say …..

      Recently I posted something about how the controllers can take possession of people’s bodies at will though I doubt anyone believes that. I am just listening right now to Rense radio where they are talking about this technology. They use satellites to target their victims. Holy moly! If you are quick you can catch this discussion too, otherwise it’s for paying members only.

    • User says:

      I think the normies are done for since these are the ones who have or will be accepting the vaccines. The cabal have horses for courses. There are those agents who are targeting the resistance.

      The alt media is littered with cabal agents. Just see how many have fallen under the influence of the Simon Parkes and Charlie Wards of this world. I strongly suspect that Robert David Steele guy is another one.

      Simon Parkes is particularly bad because of those global meditation sessions he holds. Never join in anything like such activities unless you are absolutely and completely comfident the meditation leader is ‘clean’. It’s about how black magic works. These Satanists want control and if a person gives a magician access to his personal space (eg when he joins in a meditation), that participant is a goner. Same applies when you accept a magician’s friendship. One of the guys you’ve mentioned as being worth following has such a minder. This BBF tactic is very effective and much favoured. Nothing bad may happen for a long time but when the need arises (as it will), the magician will reel the victim in. Once a person allows a sorceror into his space, nobody can help him because it goes against universal law.

      There’s also a lot of demons around. If you think demons are figments of an over-imaginative mind, go ask Jim Willie for his opinion. That guy has been living up to his handle of ‘The Golden Jackass’ and now suffers from a very bad case of demonitis. Whenever he does an interview, he begs for donations and has even wept while describing his never ending demonic experiences.

      It’s going to get very interesting as more secrets come out for public scrutiny

  2. danceaway says:

    I wonder that as well, User.

    And no, I don’t doubt what you have to say about demons; I think they are all around us!