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Cowardly, Brain-Dead, Rancid Little Runts

We are all living in occupied countries. Most people don’t realise it but we are victims of a coup. What we are seeing is the beginning of a new world order, a global reset, which involves a world government.

The first real step was the recent call for what Johnson, Macron, Merkel, etc., call a pandemic treaty, a global plan to protect states in the wake of what they call covid-19 but what we know as the flu. Newspapers across the world carried a statement by 24 world leaders and the head of the World Health Organisation calling for an end to nationalism and to introduce mutual accountability, solidarity, peace, prosperity, health and security.

They – the people responsible for the coup – want zero covid which is an absolute impossibility, of course. It’s the flu rebranded to terrify and control. They want zero carbon emissions – another impossibility. And they want zero offence – a world in which no student is ever again upset by something they’ve been told. A third impossibility.

They know it’s all impossible, of course. You might as well wish for zero deaths or hope that Meghan and Mrs Meghan will stop whingeing and begin to take responsibility for their own lives.

And, as I pointed our early last year, they want to reduce the world population by 90 to 95%. They’ll do it any way they can – through starvation, closure of hospitals, refusing treatment to the elderly or pushing a deadly, experimental so-called vaccine. They’ll happily see the incidence of suicide soar. The people behind this evil have no mercy, no compassion, no feelings whatsoever.

When the furlough system ends in September there will be millions more facing long-term unemployment in the UK. When inflation soars, as it will, millions will be unable to pay their mortgages. How high will suicide levels rise then? People will be fighting for jobs as civil servants – with guaranteed pensions, no real responsibility and total security during the next lockdown.

Shopkeepers will struggle to survive, of course. The absurdity of allowing shops to open until 10 p.m. does not seem to have occurred to the decision makers who thought it up. How will this fit with the working hours directive which still seems valid in the UK. How many murders and rapes are there going to be as shop assistants go home in the dark?

There are two sorts of people involved in the coup.

First, there are the evil, rabid bastards who schemed and plotted and planned it all. This group includes the Agenda 21 communists at the United Nations and beyond, the global warming Green cultists who pretend to care about the environment but don’t and who have created a mountain out of a myth, the deranged fascist members of the Green Party, the insane Bilderbergers and the Dr Strangelove types who are in the Global Economic Forum. All political leaders, and their advisors fit into this category as do drug company bosses and the leaders of some of the world’s most toxic charities.

Second, there are the cowardly, brain dead, rancid little runts who have gone along with the fraud because it’s profitable or convenient or because, even though they know it’s all a fraud, they are too gutless and ambitious and selfish to do anything about it. Rank and file politicians, jobsworth civil servants, most members of the medical profession, the vast majority of mainstream journalists and all the pseudo-journalists working at the BBC fit very comfortably into this category. I rather suspect that if the BBC wants to check a story about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation they probably just ring the corporation’s partners, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Daily Telegraph recently described covid as a `highly contagious killer virus’. They talked of it raging across the globe. Oh please. Check the facts. The Government’s advisors say it’s no worse than the flu. Remember the flu? ITV news in the UK has warned that unless Ofcom takes action the public will soon exist on a diet of inaccurate news. I cried and I laughed at that one.

These are the cryptorchids; the thick as a brick collaborators. The Lord Haw Haws. And this category now includes the craven morons who have rolled up their sleeves and taken the vaccine; risking their present and their future health, freedom and humanity in the vain hope that they will be able to have two weeks in Benidorm or visit relatives who would probably rather be left alone. Naïve and susceptible but above all stupid they have believed the Big Lie. Take the jab and we’ll give you a passport to eternal travel and first pick of the sun loungers.

Why, oh why, are there so many cowards and collaborators? They are such a danger to us all.

I despise the schemes and planners with a deep and corrosive loathing. I look forward to the day when they are crowded into holding pens waiting to be ushered into the International Court at the Hague, tried for war crimes, found guilty and sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered with their bodies left hanging from hill top gibbets for all to see.

I despise the schemers and planners because they know that every time they open their mouths, they are lying. I despise them because they are too cowardly to debate or discuss their evil plans.

I despise them because they are an ever present insult to the memory of those who fought and died in two World Wars in the last century; fought and died to protect our freedom.

I despise them because they are cruel to the point of wickedness. They give psychopaths a bad name. They deliberately murdered thousands of old people. They allowed cancer patients to die untreated to help boost the alleged death rate from the covid-19 flu. They used CIA torture techniques on children and are still doing that. They introduced lockdown techniques to kill off the frail and the disabled. They forced the old, the disadvantaged to remain alone and frightened for more than a year – for absolutely no good reason. Murderers and terrorists in prison have more rights than the unfortunate souls in our care homes.

I despise them because they demonised and libelled the doctors and scientists who risked their lives, their careers and their health to stand up for the truth and for the people. The evil ones work for the world’s billionaires, and to help them grow ever richer they are determined to take every penny you own. They want to impoverish you and your family. They have deliberately created a dystopian world.

They are planning lockdowns and social distancing and masks and injections for ever. New variants, no surprise, will give them every excuse they need. They will taunt by offering freedoms which they will then take away. The mask wearers are, of course, damaging their own health, ruining their immune systems and endangering everyone – including the non-mask wearers. The powerful backward flow of the air current from mask wearers is a real hazard to those standing behind them – even six feet away.

The politicians and their advisors pretend to follow the science but they are always a million miles from the science. They change their feeble minds about masks and lockdowns and testing without worrying about the science. Indeed, they deliberately ignore the science. All they care about is their evil, corrupt purpose: the enslavement of the people and the glorification of themselves and their billionaire employers.

They know, or damned well should know, that covid-19 can be proved to be no more dangerous than the flu. On March 19th 2020, the UK Government was officially told that covid is no more dangerous than the flu. They know that everything they’ve said or done since then has been a damned lie. Send the link to everyone you can think of. (The link on my website is in the article, ‘Here is the PROOF that covid-19 was downgraded in March 2020’

This is, we must never forget, a war which we are fighting. It is not a game.

Their weapons are fear, built on lies and distortions and deceits. They are using social distancing, masks, experimental vaccines and health passports as weapons to control the electorate.

And, despite their hollow promises, as I have been saying for a long, long time, none of these things is ever going away. There were never necessary and they aren’t necessary now. But they are intended to be a permanent part of our lives. They are part of the evil structure designed to confine us within the boundaries of their `new normal’; they are the mechanisms with which the evil globalists will force their global reset upon us.

They’ve been planning for decades, of course but the agenda now wrecking our lives began in the early 1990s when it was deliberately, cold-bloodedly decided to weaponise the non-existent threat of global warming as an excuse for a left wing global takeover designed to reduce the world’s population, enslave the rest of us and enrich and empower the few who had chosen themselves as our rulers. Very few of them have been elected. Gates, Schwab and Prince Charles have annointed themselves. A few, such as Blair, Clinton, Obama are, in my view, plain and simple war criminals. The bankers and the billionaires and the bureaucrats and the scientists who have reinvented themselves as faux leftie environmentalists, in order to deceive and manipulate, are driven, as always, by the time honoured duo of power and money.

The lockdowns are doing the work they were intended to do. Millions have died and child poverty and malnutrition are soaring around the world. Even in what used to be called civilised societies such as the UK, the majority of children have been unable to access remote learning for the best part of a year. The elite now in control are creating generations of illiterate, innumerate neurotics.

Some health insurance companies have made it clear that they will not cover illnesses created by the experimental vaccines. Life insurance companies will doubtless follow suit. Many now refuse to go to hospital because they are terrified of how they may be parted from their families, isolated, forcibly tested and vaccinated. There are bizarre stories of patients who are admitted to covid-19 wards being taken off all their normal medication – presumably to expedite their demise. It’s impossible to find out whether such rumours are true. Debate and discussion are banned; critics and questioners are demonised and silenced. There is no science. Medicine has become part of the oppressive, corrupt totalitarian oligarchy.

Why have they lied so consistently about what they know to be an ordinary flu virus? Power and money.

Why destroy the world’s economy? Power and money.

Why lie about the figures? Why distort the truth? Power and money.

Follow the money and you’ll find the head of the snake; the multi-headed hydra; traditional, ancient symbol of sin and deceit, intimidation and power.

They’re planning the beginning of the end of life as we know it; a never-ending suppression of human freedom. We are moving inexorably towards George Orwell’s nightmare.

Nine months ago many laughed when I spoke about their plan to kill billions of us. I doubt if many are laughing now. They’ll starve us, they’ll kill us with experimental drugs foisted upon the weak-willed and simple-minded and they will kill us by denying even standard medical care.

The staggering thing is that so many people are standing by and saying nothing; thousands of doctors and nurses are too frightened of losing their jobs to speak out.

When I was a medical student I joined an association called the Medical Association for the Prevention of War.

It may sound rather optimistic but the idea behind it was sound.

The theory, in a nutshell, was that if all doctors and nurses refused to cooperate with military forces then no soldiers would want to fight and wars would be impossible.

Sadly, it didn’t work because not enough doctors would sign up to this simple principle.

Today, we face a not dissimilar dilemma.

We need doctors and nurses to stand up against our evil fascist leaders; the anti-scientific global warming cultists and the wicked agenda 21 communists who want to destroy everything fine and wonderful in our world.

We need journalists to speak out; sharing the truth and ignoring the lies.

At the moment these people, doctors, nurses and journalists, are silent because they have been told they will lose their jobs if they dare to speak the truth.

Don’t they realise that if they stay silent they will lose more than their jobs: they and their families will have no futures, no lives, nothing. Their silence makes them collaborators. They are saying their jobs are more important than the lives of their families and everyone else. Their approval of these experimental gene therapy injections is wicked beyond belief. Many doctors have, I fear, been bought – GPs are being paid twice the normal rate to give these injections. Many doctors will earn tens of thousands of pounds for very little work – much of it done by nurses and others paid for by the State.

The war we are fighting is infinitely more important than any job or mortgage.

`It’s all right for you,’ some will say. `You’re old and retired. It doesn’t matter. Well, I’ve done my share of speaking out and standing up for what I believe in. And I know that speaking out is no fun. I resigned as a GP because I refused to break patient confidentiality. I resigned as a national newspaper columnist for a paper that was paying me thousands of pounds a week when the editor refused to print a column I wrote questioning Britain’s entry into the Iraq War. So don’t tell me I don’t know what courage is required.

Now it is the turn of younger doctors and journalists to show some mettle; to display a little courage – to do what must surely be the right thing.

The world government, the end of nations, the beginning of global technocracy is very close. If we don’t move quickly it will be too late.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021

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