COVID is Communism in disguise

Speranza Resigns in Italy Admitting This is a Marxist Revolution Using Covid

Roberto Speranza is the Italian politician of the Chamber of Deputies who served as national secretary of Article One. He also served as the Minister of Health since 2019 under the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and was later confirmed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi. During his tenure, he was in charge of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has resigned saying:

 “I’m done in order to impose leftist culture”.

Speranza has said he is ashamed that the lockdowns have been akin to Stalinism. Mario Draghi, who took Europe to negative interest rates and destroyed the European Bond market, is trying to crush Italy into a leftist government where the EU is in total control. They have undermined the free markets and cannot repair the European economy. Raising rates would blow up the European Central Bank and unravel the EU framework.


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One Response to “COVID is Communism in disguise”

  1. User says:
    Watch closely. Here’s Matt Hancock wears his mask outside in the fresh air, walking alone. But as he enters a communal area of No10, which is an office full of people, he rips it off his face.